BREAKING: The Louisiana Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee has issued a public statement on the Division D race

This is devastating to the Landry campaign. Click the pic to get the 2 page pdf.

Public Statement Judicial Oversight

FUD: Around the hole and down the bowl………

FUD is generally a strategic attempt to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information. An individual firm, for example, might use FUD to invite unfavorable opinions and speculation about a competitor’s product; to increase the general estimation of switching costs among current customers; or to maintain leverage over a current business partner who could potentially become a rival.

My experience is that FUD has limitations. More after the election.

The 24th JDC Division D race enters the home stretch

And Paul Purpura was there at the final weigh in.

Landry, Schlegel spar one last time before Saturday’s judicial race in Jefferson Parish ~ Paul Purpura

Paul gets to the bottom of all the recent campaign skullduggery including the use of the Dantin molestation case in an anti Schlegel mailer, a topic both I and Paul have covered in detail.  Paul received a statement from the victims family in Dantin and the contents of the statement do not surprise me in light of the fact I edited a post at the request of the victims family that was hard on the DA’s office.  I’m not gonna go into the particulars here in respect for the family’s privacy and besides Paul said it nicely anyway:

The ad led the boy’s mother to release a statement Monday to | The Times-Picayune, and to Schlegel’s campaign. The woman, who is not being identified to protect her son’s identity, said she does not fault Schlegel and says he and the district attorney’s office “has done a fine job in representing my family in this case.”

“The case is still pending and I find it reprehensible that someone running for judge would exploit this horrible tragedy involving my son for their own political gain,” she said in the statement. Schlegel, who assisted in the prosecution as “second chair,” read her statement to the audience.

OTOH Landry has finally honed in on Schlegel’s lack of civil trial experience, something that should have been rolled out in the beginning of the campaign IMHO.

Questions appearing to favor Landry provided her with the platform on which to highlight her experience in civil law and, in particular, child custody matters – experience Schlegel concedes he lacks but which she said is required.

I’ve been pleased with the response to Slabbed’s coverage of this judicial race as everyone has presented some good points in support of the candidate of their choice.  Landry is endorsed by the JP Alliance for Good Government, Schlegel the Times Picayune.  Slabbed’s endorsement in this race is to go vote for the candidate of your choice and be sure to pester at least one of the 85% or so of the electorate that has tuned out the race.

Now that early voting has begun Division D, 24th JDC is on my mind….

Especially the communication I received yesterday in response to the post I did on the donnybrook Division D judicial race between Hilary Landry and Scott Schlegel via the Telefunken U47 which said:

The victim that is speaking on the commercial for Hilary Landry also made a commercial for Debbie Villio in her 2006 race against Donnie Rowan – same victim, same case, almost the same exact script. Buisson was also Villio’s manager.

This person is speaking of the TeeVee commercial and mailer disseminated by Team Landry featuring Cathy Sheppard Jacob, whom evidently surfaces in every Greg Buisson run judicial campaign to trash one or the two remaining candidates, invariably associated with the District Attorney’s office by local political custom. Ms Jacobs appears to be a paid shill monetizing a messy divorce beginning with the first Debbie Villio campaign for Judge.

That’s well and good, Landry was a distant second in the primary election and taking the low road works or else political candidates wouldn’t do it. That said, while Scott Schlegel plays the part of squeaky clean assistant prosecutor I hear this from a lawyer that whose opinion I trust:

I think Schlegel will be a bad judge for plaintiffs

He may be – there is a Landry Ad running saying how the overwhelming majority of the cases heard in the 24th JDC are civil cases, an area of the law an assistant criminal prosecutor would have little experience. More often than not these criminal type lawyer cats tend to default to some simple minded Heartland Institute talking point and use it as a major part of the heuristics process involved with adjudicating a civil case.  What you end up on the other end is something like Versai Management v Clarendon America Insurance Company et al and that is not justice folks.

Regardless Team Landry is pulling out all the stops as the campaign heads into the final stretch. The food fight should be fun to watch.


As predicted, the 24th JDC Division D race heads into the sewer (Updated)

I tell you folks there is nothing quite like a down and dirty campaign for public office, Louisiana style.

I searched Youtube for the latest Hilary Landry commercial featuring an older woman that was in an abusive relationship that was not happy with the job Scott Schlegel did protecting her from her former hubby but could not find it.  Let’s see if it pops up online later.

Update: Scott Schlegel has responded to the ad via his Facebook page:

Politics. As expected, the false, negative campaign has ramped up. The mailer that is hitting mailboxes today is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. And the liberties that were taken are shameful for any candidate, especially a judicial candidate. Please take a look at the actual email and the mailer to see what is missing before the word “Had.” There will be more to come on this issue. Integrity is the most important quality in a judge.


Division D runoff election soon, please park responsibly when voting

A reader asked for a 24th JDC Division D runoff election post sending this cautionary note regarding parking at the various polling places which I quote:

PLEASE be reminded to always park legally, even while waiting for carpool. Be aware of your distance from driveways, fire hydrants, and intersections. Our neighbors have vowed to have us towed. Please be respectful of our neighbors’ requests and do not park on their grass or block their driveways. Reminder: Be Kind, Courteous, Respectful, and Responsible toward our neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Consider it done. Remember to go vote.

It’s election day in Metry: Slabbed makes a Division D prediction

I personally thought Greg Buison was the top coms guy in this area but after the Hiliary Landry financial disclosure misstep I’m left wondering.

Jefferson Parish judicial candidate Hilary Landry reverses course, discloses finances to state Supreme Court ~ Paul Purpura

My email inbox has been flooded with behind the scenes commentary from the legal community and here is the consensus prediction.

Hilary Landry will be in a runoff with Scott Schlegel in what promises to be a nasty race.

Early voting has begun for the Division D Judicial race in the 24th JDC

And the local CFGG has sent out an email blast urging people to go vote which is good advice.  This race has 4 candidates though editorially Slabbed has eliminated John Sudderth from consideration leaving 3 qualified candidates for the voters to choose from.

That said the post I did on Sudderth’s connection to the Judge Green prosecution had a good bit of banter about candidate Hillary Landry, who was endorsed by the local Alliance for Good Government.  As a group the Slabbed Nation is not much on establishment endorsements but I will add that my lawyer Bobby Truitt has laid money down in support of Hillary Landry and that is meaningful to me.

With that set up I need to correct the record because there was a good bit of talk about Landry’s sister being married to Chris Coulon in that prior post, such information not being up to date as “marriage” is past tense in this case. To that extent Sis is a private citizen whose private life is not salient to this race. I’d also like to point out that Mrs Landry’s hubby is a very successful trial lawyer in his own right as both Mickey and Hillary have made their own way on the local bar. That is not an endorsement but I do think a fair portrayal of the situation at Team Landry.

What does interest me is it appears only two of the candidates, Sudderth and Landry have money for TeeVee.  I liked the second Landry commercial better than the first.  If I’ve missed any political advertisements for Lorraine Perkins McInnis and Scott Schlegel help me fill in the blanks in comments.

Now back to that TeeVee thing as I sense there is a Connick in the woodpile.  Remember this race once included Julie Quinn and her ghost may be playing a role in the campaign. If I divine any juicy muck I’ll pass it along.