Me Too! Because she obviously does not love Sal as much as Slabbed loves Sal

The she being well known local publicity hound Sandy Rosenthal whom evidently still has a case of hurt fee fees after government employees dared to disagree with her assertion Hurricane Katrina was somehow a “man made disaster”.  I don’t even try to figure out the logic because there is none but while Hammerman was chasing Buddy Caldwell, Lee Zurik was publishing an email sent to Sandy by Sal Perricone. Such is the sad state of the investigative department at Fox 8 these days.

It appears has morphed into a crusade against Silence Dogood instead of its former equally silly mission of trying to hornswoggle journalists into saying Hurricane Katrina was somehow made by man. Should she and her dangerous ilk have their way community sourced topics that appear on Slabbed like the DMR Scandal would not occur and as such she is dangerous to the first amendment.

Now Slabbed is at a disadvantage here because our man love for Sal Perricone is largely unrequited due to certain, unfortunate circumstances but I get the faintest of bat signals that Sal has not destroyed his membership card in the greater Slabbed Nation so there is hope. Sal just know we love you dude despite the fact it looks as if you are soon to be run over by a freight train.

With that off my chest check out Jason Berry’s post on the same topic as he was so moved by the inanity of it all that he unloaded shortly after last night’s 10:00 pm news.

Blogging and Commenting: US Army Corp of Engineers Takes it on the Chin Courtesy of Blogger Sandy Rosenthal (Updated)

Many moons ago Editilla at the Ladder turned us on to Ms Rosenthal and her website Those that follow the Ladder and also know there are several problem areas at the intersection of the NOLA Levees and USACE that Ms Rosenthal and Editilla have expressed  genuine citizen concern. Evidently some of the people at USACE headquarters took exception that Ms Rosenthal took exception and the end result was this story which ran on WWL last night in New Orleans.

You can get more details from Editilla here and Ms Rosenthal here.

Nowdy, we’ve been flamed so many times by people in the insurance industry and certain governmental agencies that our fannies are charred, black and very crisp. That said I have mixed emotions regarding going public with the info. One thing that can not be denied Continue reading “Blogging and Commenting: US Army Corp of Engineers Takes it on the Chin Courtesy of Blogger Sandy Rosenthal (Updated)”