Judge Walker sorta sanctions State Farm – issues parking ticket in Bossier v State

At least Magistrate Judge Walker acknowledged State Farm failed to comply with the Court’s September 3rd Order with the Order for Sanctions he issued today in Bossier v State Farm.

Before the Court isĀ  Plaintiff’s motion for sanctions for Defendant’s failure to comply with court order of September 3, 2009, which was an agreed order prepared by counsel for the parties and submitted to the Court following a telephonic hearing on discovery matters held that same date. The order required production, “within 14 days from September 3, 2009,” of claims files from a specified area depicted on a map, also prepared and submitted by counsel as an exhibit to the agreed order entered by the Court. Plaintiff complains Defendant neither produced the documents nor communicated with his counsel regarding the files ordered produced by September 17, 2009.

Restating this text in terms that reflect reality, it should have read, “The order suggested production ‘within 14 days from September 3, 2009’ but gave Defendant State Farm leave to get it done whenever.”

Defendant does not deny it was late in producing claim files as required by the agreed order, but points out that it timely complied with that part of the order requiring production of unredacted copies of previously produced files. Continue reading “Judge Walker sorta sanctions State Farm – issues parking ticket in Bossier v State”