Let’s re-visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction: Clarifications and corrections

Yesterday I ran For those that think Team Fed’s performance in the DMR Scandal was abysmal linking a post I did back in April 2013 about Sean Anthony’s tax assessment on a house on the Bay in Pass Christian. Yesterday evening I was contacted by Harrison County Board of Supervisors Attorney Tim Holleman, who wished to set the record straight regarding the role of Tax Collector LaRosa had in the sequence of events:

The truth is the tax receipt posted on your website is for 2012. The date for determining when improvements are to be added to property assessment is January 1 of each year. Improvements are not added until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. I am advised that a certificate of occupancy was issued on the Anthony home on January 9, 2012, therefore the home could not added to the tax rolls until January 1, 2013. It was added in 2013 and should not have been on the rolls for 2012 as was alleged in your blog.

The county gets a printout of COs/permits from Cities/code offices each year, from that newly constructed homes are picked up and added to tax rolls.  So if Anthony CO not issued until 1/9/12 it would not be picked up till 2013 tax roll.  It’s up to Cities whether someone moves in before a CO is issued as county has no knowledge of such and no way of knowing if someone did so.  There are over 100,000 parcels in Har Co. impossible to ck everyone each year, county relies on Cities to give info within Cities on new construction primarily COs and permits.

To the extent the Tax Collector is dependant on the Certificate of Occupancy which in this case is Municipal building department function, the insinuation in my original post that Tax Collector Larosa was involved in the inside of a bad tax assessment was incorrect and Slabbed New Media apologizes for making it.

That said and to the extent my sourcing on the issue of the date of occupancy of the Anthony homestead is rock solid, Slabbed stands by the larger point made in the original post regarding problems with how the newly constructed home was valued for the 2012 property tax rolls.

“A clean, good opinion”!? Which one???

I always get a charge from local press coverage of GAGAS / SIngle Audit presentations because what are seemingly simple concepts are actually mind numbingly arcane.  Luckily for the reader, my mind has previously been numbed with this bit of arcanity so along those lines I got a chuckle at Mary Perez’s rendition of the D’Iberville City Council meeting where their FYE September 30, 2012 SIngle Audit report was presented.

First things first folks as the audit submission is late (it was due on June 30, 2013) and that gives a clue as to the state of the finance department at the City.  Good, clean records are easy to audit and those entities with good, clean records typically are not late with audit submissions. In fact, my experience has been that auditees with good, clean records typically have their audits wrapped up 3 to 4 months after the fiscal year end.  In the private sector 3 months after Fiscal year end is typically considered timely for audit completion by way of comparison.

The second thing is Mary’s report quotes the CPA firm representative as saying the firm’s opinion was unqualified which in turn is a “clean, good opinion”.  My question is which opinion because there are something like 4 or 5 auditor opinion letters contained in a single audit and from the sound of things the City of D’Iberville’s operations are anything but “clean” and “good” as there is double dealing galore there beginning with DMR but not ending there as internal controls over grants and contracts appear nonexistent along with gaping holes in the cash disbursement processes.  That much was clear from Mary’s report and there is nothing good or clean about that.

And then of course there is that pesky FBI investigation into the Utility Authority, SH Anthony Construction Company along with Maxwell Walker Consulting and their curious contract with the City.  And while my experience has been that FBI agents are meticulous in their grooming, there is nothing good and clean about having the FBI about investigating government corruption. Continue reading ““A clean, good opinion”!? Which one???”

So the assemblage is calling for Mugshots…..

After covering a couple three of these criminal investigation thingys my best advice is patience as there is certainly lots happening in the background. For instance political favors are certainly being called etc etc as these things are undeniably intertwined with the criminal justice process. These are reasons that folks like Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy in New Orleans are literally indicted on the eve of the expiration of the statute of limitations.  These things are largely outside the control of the unwashed masses.

But for those that may have forgotten Slabbed, along with the Sun Herald were early innovators on the topic of mugshots and the Walker clan.  In fairness to Slabbed, the Sun Herald didn’t use Scott Walker’s Mug Shot from his DUI arrest as their only Walker photo as we did here at Slabbed, but we operate on a shoestring budget,

There has been stuff happening though and but it takes some ciphern’ and deciphering to make sense of but luckily for everyone Cousin Cooter from Jackson has lent some assistance.  He tells me the authorities are evidently looking at far more than just DMR corruption and it is hard to tell if the various data points intersect.  I do not have all the answers but we cracked the Dampier Fishing trip and the connection to Hemphill as the community came through for RFP knows his chit.

This is what I can say as the following data points do correlate.  The investigative community is closely examining S. H. Anthony Construction (‘Gate take a bow) and when I think about that topic I think Harrison County Utility Authority. The Sun Herald has done some great work in exposing the insider perks Anthony showered on the previous executive director but the name I heard linked to Anthony had nothing to do with that, at least on the surface. That name is Continue reading “So the assemblage is calling for Mugshots…..”

And the question Alex is who is “Engineering Firm A”

For those of you that have not been reading the commentary on the post on curious Harrison County property tax assessments, I highly recommend it as the community ties in the Utility Authority and the dreaded A word “Auditing”, something our own State Auditor no longer does much of.

Speaking of this I hope the lesson being offered here is not lost as the voodoo we do at Slabbed New Media is replicated across a myriad of topics, be it corruption at the highest levels of Jefferson Parish Government, here on the coast or a certain case involving a majorly well hung Tranny in Orange County Florida.  Lest I digress.  😉

These Utility Authority deals cut across the entire expanse of the coast and may prove fertile ground for prosecution as the reasons the FBI have been visiting the local courthouses and annexes comes into much sharper focus.

Let’s visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction (Updated)

Everybody on the the west end of the Mississippi Coast understands places like the Timber Ridge subdivision in Pass Christian are highly popular with Louisiana expats. Below is an example of a higher end home just off the Bay of St Louis.

View Larger Map

This house happens to belong to Sean Anthony, owner of S.H. Anthony Construction which is embroiled in controversy with the Harrison County Utility Authority for showing perks on the former executive director.  I associate Anthony with Jefferson Parish and the reason is because he was a big contributor to the election campaign of current Parish Prez John Young while several of the Harrison County chapter of the greater Slabbed Nation were witnessing his company seemingly laying infrastructure such as waterlines and repaving the street only to tear the same area back up a few months later for more work.  Perception or reality this is what first landed Anthony on Slabbed’s radar screen.

So why in the “blue hell” am I yammering on about this? If there is something Slabbed has made a living on is online searchable databases, the SEC”s Database EDGAR is a classic example of a place that contains a literal treasure trove information.  Another is the local tax assessor and Slabbed has pioneered the “zero assessment” in our extensive coverage of the Goatherder Nation. In any event let’s visit with David Larosa in Harrison County Mississippi and get the low down on Mr Anthony’s property tax assessment: Continue reading “Let’s visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction (Updated)”

Monday Links

I was floored to the response to my vague post on DMR’s Phil Bass and I’m gratified I have so many readers here in Mississippi that took time to introduce themselves over the weekend.  Time is short for me so here are a boatload of links:

Expert: State Farm failed to follow fair claims practices for Biloxi home ~ Anita Lee

What can I say folks but ‘Gate had S.H. Anthony called back in 2011.

Jefferson Parish contracting overhaul proposals delayed for six months ~ Manuel Torres

Watching all the contortions involved with the Jefferson Parish council trying to wish this issue away is amusing.  Now supposedly it is the Black Chamber of Commerce who is worried that instituting professional procurement practices in Louisiana second largest Parish and the end of pay to play style procurement will somehow hurt them. Chris Robert’s briefcase boy Mark Spears has point on this one folks.

Biloxi’s own Russell Moore will be Southern Baptists’ voice. ~ Tammy Smith

Russell is both a Tweep and a member of the Slabbed Nation.  I could not be more delighted that a homie has done well.

Four lawyers vie to fill judicial seat at Jefferson Parish state court ~ Paul Purpura

Paul covers the 24th JDC Division D race in depth.

DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein resigns in wake of federal investigation ~ Lauren McGaughy

Piyush’s second term is unraveling quickly it appears. Jeffrey over at Yellow Blog has been all over this story.

Mark Titus’ son asking court to allow claim on property targeted by River Birch probe ~ Manuel Torres

Hearing will be next week for Miller’s confirmation as DMR chief ~ Michael Newsom

In horsemen’s association case, the legislative auditor is the one still smiling ~ James Gill

Legion: Stop-work order planned on Bay St. Louis comfort station ~ Donna Harris

So it turns out the lease on the Legion property was not expired as previously claimed by American Legion post Commander Clayton Thompson. Something tells me the bathrooms are gonna be built lawsuit or not. And in a blast from the past for that particular intersection I conclude with the following:

Carrigee quits as DH building chief, claims ‘lies and politics running wild’ ~ Dwayne Bremer


Harrison County Utility Authority fires executive director ~ Melissa Scallan

“These are hard decisions,” said Long Beach Mayor Billy Skellie, president of the board. “I know most all of us have worked with Kamran, but these are issues that transpired that we just can’t have. It had to happen.”

Pahlavan has worked for the Utility Authority for nearly 16 years. His salary was $122,000 per year.

Mayor Skellie clearly gets it. Props, kudos and more props for doing what is right.  It is a shame other local boards embroiled in scandals such as the CMR, the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain and the Bay-Waveland School Board chose another route and circled the wagons defending the indefensible.   In fairness to the CMR they did finally do the right thing when their own jobs were put on the line by Gov Phil.

The contractor in question has also contributed heavily to certain Jefferson Parish officials. If I were on the Utility Authority board I’d be very, very wary.

Gee, did anything happen while I was away?

Whewwwww doggie were things happening! I’m not sure where to start and that does not count a new development here on Slabbed.  Both chapters of the Slabbed Nation are lumped into one post for the sake of expediency so we gotta start with Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard’s REJECTION by Judge Head:

Aaron Broussard won’t get hearing to explore alleged prosecutorial misconduct, judge rules ~ Manuel Torres

Even worse for the others trying to make hay outta Sal, Jan and allegedly others playing on the Internet:

Aaron Broussard’s failed try for new hearing is a bad sign for others alleging prosecutorial misconduct. ~ Manuel Torres

We gotta get Manuel a nickname. Lest I digress as Judge Head, on loan from Corpus Christi Texas is known as a seasoned jurist that does not tolerate fools or tomfoolery as these Robing Room reviews illustrates:

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 1852
Brilliant but ill-tempered. Equal opportunity ass chewer though-no one is exempt from his wrath.

and this one which nails it: Continue reading “Gee, did anything happen while I was away?”