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New Orleans Traffic Court Judge Ronald Sholes to step down ~ John Simerman

Sholes himself was found to have interceded in dozens of cases on behalf of traffic scofflaws in 1999 and 2000, although there was no evidence that he took anything for doing it. Sholes defended the practice, saying traffic law violators often have a hard time gaining access to the prosecutors who have the authority to dismiss their tickets.

Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes ~ Slabbed circa June 2008

And that ended up on the front page of the Sunday Times Picayune where Gordon Russell gave Slabbed its major first cross over hat tip.

Lets catch up with some judicial news. President Obama rejects Landrieu nominee for Federal Judge on the LAED.

As our readers may expect from the premiere legal affairs blog in the gulf south we were the early innovators in the topic of  New Orleans Civil District Court Judge Michgael Bagneris being nominated to a spot on the Louisiana Eastern District with a post Nowdy did back in April 2009 on his nomination to the federal bench at the same time Jim Letten was retained as US Attorney for the LAED. We were also the blog which broke Bagneris’ order delaying a trial until after the Superbowl back on late January, a topic which went viral and landed on the front page of the Picayune later on that day (where we were not credited). However, we won’t take credit for breaking the news Bagneris was rejected as unfit to serve by Team Obama as Bruce Alpert at the Times Picayune did that but unlike Mr. Alpert and his employer that prefer to protect these type of characters, Slabbed add some color as to why Mr Bagneris is unfit to serve as a federal judge. Let’s begin with Bruce Alpert and his recent report on the rejection:

In a surprise move, Barack Obama’s administration has rejected Sen. Mary Landrieu’s recommendation to fill a federal judgeship in New Orleans, asking her to offer another candidate to replace her choice of Parish Civil Court Judge Michael Bagneris.

Landrieu had recommended Bagneris, 60, a 17-year veteran of the parish court, in April 2009, at the same she suggested that President Obama retain Jim Letten as U.S. attorney. Obama accepted that recommendation.

Landrieu expressed disappointment with the White House rejection, which came this week. Continue reading “Lets catch up with some judicial news. President Obama rejects Landrieu nominee for Federal Judge on the LAED.”

The Times Picayune Weighs on Sholes and Ex Parte Communication. Slabbed Gets a Front Page Hat Tip.

Gorden Russell at the Times Picayune filed a lengthy story today on insurance defense firm Adams and Reese traffic ticket fixing division headed up by A&R Partner and New Orleans traffic court judge Ronald Sholes. The allegations and related evidence in support of are old hat for our regular readers on this topic that come visit us in great number on occasion. We welcome you guys back with us today.

To catch our new readers up Jamie Perdigao was a partner at Adams and Reese who had a client by the name of Robert Guidry. He claims Guidry bribed US Representative Dollar Bill Jefferson to intercede on his behalf with Eddie Jordan to save his Treasure Chest Casino from the feds in the Edwin Edwards prosecution. As T-P columnist James Gill well sums up in his column found here, Guidry ended up with a very sweet deal.

Mr Perdigao is sharing these allegations publicly because he is currently now under federal indictment for allegedly bilking Adams and Reese out of 30 million dollars. He worked with and cooperated for a time with current US Attorney and former Eddie Jordan #2 Jim Letten after he was indicted but the relationship fell apart over the Guidry allegations according to Mr Perdigao. Mr Letten, of course would have detailed knowledge of the Edwards prosecution.

And back to the 30 million dollars Mr Perdigao allegedly stole from Adams and Reese for a minute. It seems they do not want it back instead allowing Letten and Company to hang on to it. Frankly the more we found out the more this entire affair reminded us slabbers of the smell of a rotting garfish. In any event Mr Perdigao has maintained all along he has proof of his many allegations including those featured in today’s front page T-P story and IMHO he has delivered on Ronald Sholes.

Interest of justice Jim Letten needs to step aside in USA v Perdigao. Continue reading “The Times Picayune Weighs on Sholes and Ex Parte Communication. Slabbed Gets a Front Page Hat Tip.”

Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes

We have a Jamie Perdigao update. Before we link a large pdf of his detailed complaint to the Metropolitan Crime Comission we’ll step back a few days to a Times Picayune story I missed while traveling.

In a status conference held Friday, U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon, who had been weighing Perdigao’s request for an evidentiary hearing on his claims, ruled that no hearing was necessary. Fallon also denied the request to recuse Letten’s office at the status conference.

Fallon has yet to issue a written ruling, although he intends to, according to a minute entry in the court file.

Perdigao’s attorney, Bill Wessel, said he has not decided what his next step will be. Continue reading “Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes”