Monday Links: The implosion at Jim Letten’s hastens

Lots of good stuff this afternoon from NOLA’s JP beat team.  First up is Manuel Torres and his piece on the problems with Jefferson Parish procurement that features the Citizens for Good Government.  Next, Drew Broach gave us a hat tip in his piece on Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts being sued for a business loan on his Quizno’s. I thought that was nice.

Next up is the ghost of Ronald Bodenheimer continues to haunt the court system as Paul Purpura covers a case of outrageous prosecutorial misconduct by Bodenheimer when he was still a prosecutor in Mamou’s office involving a capital murder that landed Manuel Ortiz on Angola’s death row.

Jim Letten is the news gift that keeps on giving as the crash and burn of his office has attracted the attention of the New York Times Editorial Board, who are calling for an independent counsel to investigate the prosecutorial misconduct in his office. This editorial comes exactly one day before Letten admits in a letter to Judge Hayden Head that Jan Mann fibbed earlier in USA v Broussard regarding the online activity in his office and manned up that Jan was indeed “eweman”.  Next up, who is Martyfed?

Play it again Sam: Why legal ethics have important public policy implications as the depths of Ronald Bodenheimer’s depravity is again on display.

All our readers in greater New Orleans well know state judge turned convicted felon Ronald Bodenheimer.  Like so many judges on the bench in Jefferson Parish, Bodenheimer traces his roots to the DA’s office though in the case of Bodenheimer it was former DA John Mamoulides, who’s links to local organized crime are well docuemnted on these pages.  Paul Purpura over at the Times Picayune has an incredible story of a man on death row for murdering his wife with some of the proof being the life insurance policy he took out on her.  After Bodenheimer prosecuted the man for murder for the DA’s office he represented the family on a civil suit against the insurance company in the process arguing diametrically opposing legal arguments from the ones he used to put the murderer, Manuel Ortiz on death row at Angola.  It is a legal conflict of interest that is simply stunning and Paul’s story is well worth the read.

The fact employees of current DA Paul Connick are still allowed to moonlight is stunning IMHO.


The closer the kin the deeper in. A quick look back at Wrinkled Robe, Tim Coulon, Montz, Tom Wilkinson and corrupt 24th Judicial District judges. UPDATED

We’re sitting on several tips here at Slabbed some of which resulted from the visit Nowdy and I paid Saturday to the hive in Jefferson Parish.  One tip that stands out is how one or more pedophiles skated in criminal court due to the connections they enjoyed in Parish government. What I don’t know is whether the Montz case is related to Tim Coulon being caught on FBI surveillance tape begging crooked Judge Bodenheimer’s for leniency for his perverted kin. I’m hoping the Slabbed Nation can tell me if parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson’s representation of Montz, a  sexual offender that skated, is related to Coulon’s tape recorded conversation with Judge Bodenheimer. In a way the unfolding political corruption scandal is the child of Operation Wrinkled robe which exposed corruption of epic proportions in the 24th Judicial District Courts. Let’s review by visiting the Wiki entry on disgraced former Judge Ronald Bodenheimer:

Ronald Bodenheimer was a judge in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, convicted of various federal charges resulting, in part, from an FBI probe called Operation Wrinkled Robe. Bodenheimer spent more than three years in federal prison, additional time in a half-way house, and was released on September 21, 2007, to serve the remainder of his term under probation under house confinement.

Bodenheimer began his legal career with the state as a prosecutor with the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office. In 1999, Bodenheimer won an election to become judge by defeating Jim Donelon , an established politician with overwhelming support by Jefferson Parish elected officials. Bodenheimer had the reputation of being a “law and order” judge and had been criticized by social activists for his heavy-handed conviction statistics. During his short term on the bench, Bodenheimer set the Jefferson Parish record for the longest prison sentence, 881 years for a remorseless armed robber….. Continue reading “The closer the kin the deeper in. A quick look back at Wrinkled Robe, Tim Coulon, Montz, Tom Wilkinson and corrupt 24th Judicial District judges. UPDATED”