Moooving right along Slabbed Profiles Beef Plant Prosecution Aftermath: Cheryl Moultrie Speaks Out

After one of our Georgia based readers stopped in and left a comment earlier this week on my last Beef Plant post from December 2008 I openly wondered if my predictions concerning bad times ahead for convicted felon Robert Moultrie’s company, The Facility Group, had come to fruition. In response Nonya provided this answer:

They are going broke, Robert’s in jail, Cheryl is trying to sell everything off, TFG is just a skeleton crew now. How the mighty have fallen. They are losing all their land leases at the end of the year, sold off a bunch of their cattle (and lost their butts on the sale, heheheh!). They are almost penniless. Cheryl is trying to sell a property right now the Robert put up with the Bank of North GA…..

My good friend Russell followed up as well and he emailed me a story from late last month that appeared in the Marietta Daily Journal where Cheryl Moultrie did some venting and attempts to put ye ol’ spin on the events that lead to her husband’s incarceration. The story represented a big wet kiss for the Moultries that few of the locals bought into as evidenced by the reader commentary.  I’ll add that despite the fact her husband was sold out to the feds by disgraced former Mississippi Governor, turned insurance defense lawyer, turned failed Senatorial Candidate Ronnie Musgrove, Cheryl Moultrie takes up for Mississippi’s most famous toe sucker in the process displaying classic denial which in turn most likely explains why our Georgia based readers still hold a great deal of enmity toward them. Jon Gillooly has the story:

Cobb socialite and philanthropist Cheryl Moultrie has had a rough two years.

Her husband, the prominent business leader Robert Moultrie, was hauled off to prison in January after pleading guilty in August 2008 to making an illegal campaign payment to a Mississippi governor.

And if that wasn’t enough, Moultrie’s construction management firm, which at one point employed about 430 people to manage projects valued at more than $700 million, is on the verge of collapse. Continue reading “Moooving right along Slabbed Profiles Beef Plant Prosecution Aftermath: Cheryl Moultrie Speaks Out”

Saturday Catch Up: Robert Moultrie Gets His Time, The Facility Group Implodes

It has been uncommonly busy here in my little corner of the construction market thus these Saturday catch up posts ahead of a day watching U12 soccer. Next up is an update on a case we covered gavel to gavel, the Beef Plant Saga which cost the Mississippi taxpayers at least 55 million dollars. I’ll start with this puff peice from June, 2007 on Robert Moultrie courtesy “Smart” Business magazine:

A few years ago, one of Robert L. Moultrie’s best construction project managers came to him with a request.

“I’d like to go into sales,” the employee said. “There’s no way,” Moultrie responded. “You’re too valuable to us in our construction division.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll leave,” he said.

Moultrie and the employee went on, and after much deliberation, Moultrie decided to let him try sales.

“The mistake I made was I should have put him in sales 10 years earlier,” he says. “He was awesome, and he knew what he wanted to do … and today the volume of business he brings to the organization is unbelievable.”

While that employee has brought great business to The Facility Group, it may never have happened if Moultrie, chairman and founder, had a different attitude. If he told the guy not to let the door hit him on the way out, or if he acted like he had 1,000 other things to do, his business may not be as successful as it is today, something he attributes to his employees, who grew the company to nearly $300 million in revenue last year, up from $10 million in 1986.

“My problem was simple,” Moultrie says. “I had so many weaknesses, I had to hire so many great people to take care of all my weaknesses, that it’s caused me to end up with a great organization.”

Of course what the article leaves out is the behind the scenes assistance Mr Moultrie gave his “salesmen” in terms of political contributions and the like that always seemed to follow large contract awards to The Facility Group. Spreading the wealth worked well as Mr Moultrie grew the Facility Group to a 300 million dollar company. But his luck ran out Thursday along with the “year and a day” concept when Mr Moultrie was sentenced to 16 months in the pokey. Continue reading “Saturday Catch Up: Robert Moultrie Gets His Time, The Facility Group Implodes”

Another Beef Plant Felon Gets an Appointment Date to the Greybar Hotel

This time it is Charles Morehead’s turn to face the camera and answer the age old question, “Where’s the beef?” Based on the fate of the others I’d judge Morehead’s chance of getting just probation somewhere between 0-5%.

Lessons learned?  Never trust a former ambulance chaser from Batesville.

The Sun Herald has the story:

A Georgia businessman ensnared in the Mississippi beef plant scandal Continue reading “Another Beef Plant Felon Gets an Appointment Date to the Greybar Hotel”

Another Beef Plant Crook Gets His Sentence

No not Ronnie Musgrove, just another one of his campaign finance “friends”, like the folks from Georgia our current Democratic Senatorial candidate shook down. If the last two Rasmunsen polls are right we won’t have to worry about this toe sucking, board appointment selling, beef plant profiting miscreant sullying the halls of the US Senate with the stench of modern day corruption.

The Clarion Ledger has the story:

A refrigeration salesman has been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for his role in a failed beef plant that cost Mississippi taxpayers millions.

The Mississippi Beef Processors plant in Oakland closed in 2004 just three months after it opened. Mississippi was stuck with $55 million in state-backed loans.

James A. Draper, from Mount Juliet, Tenn., was convicted of fraud and money laundering. Continue reading “Another Beef Plant Crook Gets His Sentence”

Grilled Musgrove and Toe Cheese Anyone? The Beefy Ironies are sooo Delicious. Alan Lange Plays the Chef

We’ve had a number of irons in the fire here at Slabbed and the now departed USA v Moultrie prosecution was one of our most popular subjects.  Our Georgia based readers still visit everyday and leave an occasional comment.  We are pleased some of y’all have decided to stick with us. We have been following the beef plant fallout from afar as other cases we cover have had activity. Today I have to chip in my two cents.

Politics is not my strong suit, and I don’t have much use for political bickering. I’m fair about it though. It was politics when the Scruggs lynch mob was going after Jim Hood for not prosecuting Scruggs only to find out later investigatory techniques used by the feds such as the wiretap were not available to Hood.  Additionally it was later revealed federal investigatory conduct in judicial bribery would be considered entrapment under state law here in Mississippi. It was a good straw man while it lasted though as Hood has the PR skills of a caveman and was in parts his own worst enemy.

I mention politics because now some of the former Dickie Scruggs lynch mob is making excuses for current Senatorial candidate, confirmed toe sucker and the always for sale Ronnie Musgrove and the ironies are very delicious. To give our Georgia based readers some context we need to jump in the wayback machine and travel back a month to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Moultrie pleaded guilty Monday in Oxford, Miss., to giving an illegal gratuity to the re-election campaign of then-Miss. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove in 2003……… Continue reading “Grilled Musgrove and Toe Cheese Anyone? The Beefy Ironies are sooo Delicious. Alan Lange Plays the Chef”

Breaking – Moultrie Pleads Guilty to Illegal Gratituity to Musgrove (Updated)

H/T to Yallpolitiics. Here is the plea and here are the facts. Alan Lange is 100% right, Musgrove is in the crosshairs. Check this out excerpt from the factual basis:

Between May and July, 2003, Robert Moultrie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Facility Group, began planning a fund raiser for the public official, then Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove, at his residence in Atlanta, Georgia, in order to obtain his good will. Moultrie and Nick Cawood, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Facility Group, invited several FCMI employees to attend the fund raiser and donate $1,000 each. Cawood told the employees that they would be reimbursed for these contributions through bonuses to their salaries. The fund raiser was held on July 23, 2003 and raised approximately $50,000 for Musgrove’s campaign. Subsequently, the company reimbursed their employees. Continue reading “Breaking – Moultrie Pleads Guilty to Illegal Gratituity to Musgrove (Updated)”

Slabbed Gets a Mention in a Moultrie Motion to Strike (Updated)

We started the week on the front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune and a mention on Jim Brown’s radio show. We end the week with our name appearing in this Team Moultrie defense motion to strike along side our friend Alan Lange’s site Yall Politics (H/T to Yall for the Motion). Team Moultrie is concerned the Government’s PACER appitizers are spoiling the upcoming steak dinner, especially the part about what Robin Williams told the grand jury:

Not surprisingly, one of the blogs following this case already has picked up and broadcast for anyone to read “more about which TFG employee will be singing on the stand and what he already told the grand jury. . . .” See (“Give Us This Day Our Daily” Beef, posted 8/6/08). Similarly, another blog notes that “Things [are] looking much murkier for Ronnie Musgrove in the Beef Plant case” and proceeds to recite the grand jury testimony as well. See (posted 8/7/08). Continue reading “Slabbed Gets a Mention in a Moultrie Motion to Strike (Updated)”

Now This Baby is the Entire Slab of Beef

Today Greenlee’s office filed this whopper of a legal pleading with the court, 322 pages-11 MB’s worth of lip smacking palate pleasing Mississippi beef. Greenlee doesn’t start off the feed with a stinking frue-frilly appetizer either. Check out this sizzle on page 1 in the footnotes:

(1) Employees of The Facility Group have admitted The Facility Group overbilled the number of hours the employees worked; (2) False time sheets were discovered, which evidenced The Facility Group cooked the books to back up the false hours; (3) The Facility Group, Continue reading “Now This Baby is the Entire Slab of Beef”

"Give Us This Day Our Daily" Beef….

We have still more Beef Plant legal filings for you and these are some of the most informative documents to date concerning what we should expect from the prosecutors when the Moultrie trial starts. In the Government’s response to the defense motion to dismiss we find out a good bit more about which TFG employee will be singing on the stand and what he already told the grand jury:

The United States is not required to allege or prove a quid pro quo to convict Moultrie, Cawood or The Facility Group. But even if it was, Moultrie’s former employee Robin WIlliams’ Grand Jury testimony eviscerates Moultrie’s entire argument about the lack of any quid pro quo.

Robin Williams was a member of the Georgia Legislature while employed as a “consultant” for Robert Moultrie and The Facility Group. Williams attended an April 2, 2003 dinner with the public official, one of the public official’s campaign employees and Robert Moultrie. The dinner took place in Jackson, Mississippi just days before The Facility Group was announced as Project Manager of Mississippi Beef Processors, LLC. After dining with the public official, Moultrie and The Facility Group billed the costs of the dinner with the public official as well as Moultrie’s travel to the dinner back to the State of Mississippi as a business expense. Continue reading “"Give Us This Day Our Daily" Beef….”

Superseding Beef Plant Indictment: Too Many Words for Grazing?

In my short time reading legal filings, especially in criminal cases I’ve found a few whacky things but nothing quite like the latest legal filing from Team Moultrie and Greenlee’s answer. In essence team Moultrie claimed the proscecutors gave way too much information in the indictment and the “surplus” words simply must go. In another beefy example of how lawyers can play well together in the interest of fair administration of justice, Mr Greenlee considered team Moultrie’s motion to strike “Surplusage” from the indictment and agreed to remove certain passages from it:

While we do not believe that the Superseding Indictment contains surplus language, in an effort to reduce the length of the indictment, enhance clarity and perhaps reduce the length of the trial, the United States is not opposed Continue reading “Superseding Beef Plant Indictment: Too Many Words for Grazing?”