Speaking of people that need to submit resignations…..

And here is today’s local news roundup.  We start with the legendary boozing constable, Tony Thomassie, who is harmless enough, except for the boozing while on tower and long rumored badge selling:

Embattled constable sues Jefferson Parish court for not using his services ~ Chad Calder

Next up things are not looking too good for the home team:

Bankruptcy trustee seeks sale of Brennan’s name, assets ~ Jaquetta White

Turns out that like Slabbed, Gordon Russell, John Simerman and company rake their muck the old fashioned way:

Reporters: FBI agents didn’t provide information of Telly Hankton’s probe ~ Manuel Torres

So this was, in reality, a fishing expedition for a reporter’s sources.  Gordon and John actually visited the FBI over on Leon C. Simon and signed into the official log documenting they were there, a truly cloak and dagger action if I ever saw one.   These guys do not need me to tell them how to best meet with the FBI but all the Hankton defense team did was reinforce a lesson with me on never meeting with the FBI at the FBI HQ on Leon C. Simon because you have to sign a log when you enter the building.  I’m glad to see the G men did not do anything stupid like two certain former US Attorneys.

Moving right along from the victory lap department, we have this on Team Ray Nagin: Continue reading “Speaking of people that need to submit resignations…..”

Metro New Orleans Miscellany

First up is the Jefferson Parish Hospital debacle. I have sources that are telling me that Chris Roberts was right about HCA’s numbers not adding up. As unlikely as that appears it’s a subject well worth exploring in greater detail, especially given the 4-3 votes of late on the Hospital privatization process.

Next up are a couple of links from Gordon Russell over at the Advocate as today’s word for the day is Prescient as Slabbed once again takes a few minor victory laps.

Nagin’s lawyer failed to impress, but lackluster defense unlikely grounds for appeal

Analysis: Why Key Figure in Nagin case was never charged

And we have this from Drew Broach over at NOLA.

Aaron Broussard moves to federal prison in Tallahassee, Fla

FCI Tallahassee lists itself as a female prison thus it is not likely Broussard would end up there permanently.  I did notice there is a detention center at this facility as well. I continue to hear the former Goatherder in Chief is headed for Pensacola. We’ll see.

American Zombie: Nagin Trial (start the Jeopardy theme music)

Once again the bold predictions of the select group of seasoned lawyers that share such things with Slabbed are born out in spades.

I just left the courtroom after hearing the closing arguments. I’m honestly dumbfounded at the defense’s efforts. I thought maybe they would tie together everything they’ve done in the past week, or even lack of what they’ve done….but no dice. It was honestly painful for me to watch. I wanted to take over myself. How bad can it be if I want to help defend Ray Nagin?

Continue reading at American Zombie…….


The comments I’m receiving via email about Ray Nagin’s lawyer Robert Jenkins entering Federal court to try a major criminal case tomorrow are pretty amusing, especially since Jenkins, when he isn’t doing the legal pundit thing for WDSU is known mainly for his practice in New Orleans state courts. The consensus of the emails is the guy is in over his head but that Judge Berrigan will cut him some slack to compensate.

It is against that backdrop of private thoughts being shared with Slabbed about tomorrow’s criminal trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin that I viewed the media stories building up to the trial. One, by NOLA.com’s Rich Rainey and Juliet Linderman relied on interviews with ol’ reliables like the BGR’s Janet Howard along with legal pundits Dane Ciolino and Grey Sexton, who both ran on at the mouth spouting tired legal cliches that bore absolutely no resemblance to what the highly accomplished, successful lawyers that I speak with were sharing with me.

Meantime over at the Advocate Gordon Russell, who covered and helped expose major facets of the public corruption at the heart of the Nagin Indictment, wrote a great piece on the topic. Gordon didn’t have to rely on any interviews since he literally lived the events from a front row seat so there are no interviews or tired cliches in his piece no sir, just Joe Friday which is exactly how old school guys like me appreciate it.

All that said there is something tangentially related to the two stories that I was immediately drawn to in the number of people commenting to each. As I write this Gordon’s piece, at the Facebook only Advocate, has one Facebook comment while Rainey and Linderman’s piece has sixty, including mainstays like Muspench and company who are folks that I term ‘high quality’ commenters. This situation is part traffic but is is also undeniably part commenting platform. Large swaths of the media runs in herds folks which is why business statisticians have the bottom 2 quartiles (or 3 quintiles) when quantifying business sector financial analysis. The following video explains:

In any event like everyone else we’ll be following the Nagin trial. Besides Gordon I’ll be looking to Jason over at AZ for context. This week ought to fun for the muckraking community down here.

Aaron Broussard is “getting nuttier and nuttier”, files a defamation suit against NOLA.com commenter CampStBlue

Slabbed has said all sorts of uncomplimentary things about the disgraced former Parish Prez yet we do not get sued by the Goatherder in Chief….well actually we did through his property managers at the Trout Point Development near East Kempt Nova Scotia, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary.

What can I say folks except someone writing Aaron Broussard is getting nuttier and nuttier is speaking the truth as far as I can tell but opinions like that one are not generally not actionable defamation here in the US but then again no one accused Broussard attorney Robert Jenkins of being anywhere near Perry Mason’s zipcode in terms of legal talent so the jackassery continues.  Gordon Russell at NOLA has all the skinny on the latest SLAPP suit to be filed by Team Goatherder in this saga, as Broussard a Jefferson Parish resident, choose the NOLA CDC as his venue for the suit, which won’t last long IMHO.

Catching up Team Broussard has been busy, filing a change of venue motion with Judge Head back on the 31st.  This comes on the heels of an attempt to have the charges against him dismissed, a move which Team USA ridiculed in its reply briefs to Judge Head.  If I may be so bold as to suggest Gulfport as a great place to hold Broussard and Wilkinson’s trial with Hattiesburg as a strong alternate.  I personally don’t give a shit where they have it because I will enjoy seeing Broussard twist in agony when the guilty verdicts are read, no matter the locale of the venue.

Tick tock, tick tock.


All signs indicate a Ray Ray indictment is at hand

If Maurice “Hippo” Katz had lived, he would have given Team Fed both Morial and Harry Lee. I mention this because Sir James wrote a column for yesterday’s Times Picayune about the fact former HSOA CEO Frank Fradella strongly looks as if he copped a plea and is working with Greg Meffert to insure former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is sent to the Graybar Hotel for a very long time.  Jason over at AZ was on to this tidbit a few weeks ago and has been all over Nagin era post-Katrina corruption since this became a story.

For his part Nagin appears to be firmly in denial hiring Aaron Broussard lawyer Robert Jenkins as this Channel 6 story illustrates. Jenkins has an “in” with WDSU, which passed him off as as a simple “legal analyst” in their reporting on the Sal Perricone saga before Jenkins filed motions in the Broussard case over Perricone’s online activities.  Dane Ciolino was the king of such backdoor commentary on his cases but Jenkins clearly knows that media trick too.  What he does not know is how to practice law in Federal Court according to the fabled Slabbed legal team.

Finally, speaking of NOLA political hacks, Jason over at AZ and David over at CoD continue exploring new District B NOLA City Council representative Diana Bajoie’s connections to a Con Profit that derived its state revenue from gaming taxes.  Half Moon promised change folks but hopping in bed with retreads like Bajoie clearly illustrates NOLA City Hall is both open for business and sale.


The legendary Slabbed legal team spot on again. Team Broussard beclowns themselves before Judge Head.

Folks remember well over a year ago in March 2011 when I wrote this:

As for AB’s new lawyer Robert Jenkins, he was described this way by a member of the Slabbed legal team:

somewhat inarticulate lawyer who does most of his work in Orleans Criminal District Court. Not a white collar defense guy and not one of the guys who comes to mind for a defense in Fed. Ct. This is a stunning turn of events.

We also have this recent you tube embed from the normally Jefferson Parish newsless WDSU channel 6 that shows Mr Jenkins in action.

It isn’t bragging if you’re doing it and frankly I think the lawyers that share information with me are the proverbial cream of the crop in their respective specialties and that does not count high quality folks like Secret Agent 99 or the composite source The Wino that are nicely plugged in.  I mention this not to brag but to illustrate why Broussard’s legal Team is in wayyyyy over their heads before a seasoned, no nonsense federal judge in Judge Hayden Head of Texas and the legal team was calling it before there was even a Judge Head in this story. Let’s visit with the T-P’s Rich Rainey to illustrate the point: Continue reading “The legendary Slabbed legal team spot on again. Team Broussard beclowns themselves before Judge Head.”