Slabbed puts the cherry on top: Broussard, Senator John Alario and his stake in the River Birch Landfill

The landfill fix was in from way far back folks, and in going through the last massive PDF file I snagged last Fall on the terrible reign of corruption and filth that was the administration of former Parish President Aaron Broussard, I forgot the true extent of the historical goodies that I nabbed.

To catch everyone up back in February, 2010 I was like a kid in a candy store finding River Birch Inc. v Robin & Associates, Inc et al and this post provides vital background into how the River Birch Landfill gained the clout it carries today with the state and local political establishments.  It was not a cheap or voluntary endeavor by any means.

Senator Alario was then a democrat and the state GOP took advantage of the Robin lawsuit and ran campaign ads against him. What I found in Aaron Broussard’s Parish Prez files is thus highly enlightening.  Let’s start at the end:

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 1

This is considered official business in the Broussard administration and there was no separation between Aaron Broussard the politician, Aaron Broussard Inc and Aaron Broussard Parish Prez. Notice who signed DA Paul Connick’s check? I sure did:

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 2

Gegenheimer signs his own checks anyway. Continue reading “Slabbed puts the cherry on top: Broussard, Senator John Alario and his stake in the River Birch Landfill”

The Hayride goes postal on John Alario. A corruption makes for strange bedfellows update. :-)

Well folks what can I say except Slabbed is  loved both by conservatives and progressives. Of late it has been the GOP that has reached out to Slabbed finding common ground with us on the subject of certain crooks such as newly minted Republican John Alario and SPEECH.  So along those lines Scott McKay at the Hayride, a hard-line republican resource that is listed in our blogroll, has done a couple of posts on why Alario is dangerous to Louisiana that are worth linking here on Slabbed:

RINO’s And Democrats Seem Intent On Making Alario Senate President

The Anti-Alario Effort Moves To Facebook

I’m not much on partisan politics folks but in Alario’s case, Scott makes the case IMHO. Both links are well worth reading. To add to the general discussion has anyone seen Alario’s protegé Steve TheRiot lately?


We have a Butch Ward sighting and it isn’t good for Gulfport or the coast.

I have a few observations to make concerning Anita Lee’s front page story for the Sun Herald today. One observation is that Councilwoman Cara L. Pucheu of Ward 7 whose district is proposed to expand into a commercial area with few voters can only mean a few things none of which are complimentary to Pucheu, who is evidently either a stooge to Mayor George Schloegel or sold out to the Ward family a la former Gretna City Councilman Jonathan Bolar, now a resident of the Grey Bar Hotel at Club Fed.

The folks in Gulfport City government must certainly be ignorant of the massive federal corruption probe which is happening one state over in Louisiana with Team Ward at its epicenter or they would never be toting water for this notorious family. I’ll add that Holmes-Hines does no one, especially her constituents, any favors by serially playing the race card as this is not a matter of black and white. The color here is $olid green folks.

We’ll have more on this as Slabbed answers the question recently posed to me by a Jefferson Parish politician “What’s it to you”? If only the corruption in Jefferson Parish would stay in Jefferson Parish that’s what.


Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri. Part 1, important background information.

Folks, if there has been one piece of information disclosed to us that has survived the test of time to this point, it is that multiple Jefferson Parish politicians have personal stakes in seeing River Birch succeed.  This factoid was disclosed to Nowdy and I very early on in this unfolding saga and was reinforced by the John Alario / Dan Robin litigation with River Birch that we ran across and reported on in March 2010.  To make a further connection, one straight into Jim Letten’s office, we must first begin with Telemachus’ comment left yesterday on my last major post on Waste Management which placed the Dutchie Connick memo into context.

To further set things up I think we all need to understand the Dutchie Connick Memo is evidence that has come to light because of the Parish’s suit against Waste Management and comes straight from the “Dutchie file” kept by Waste Management.  What’s new is that coupled with the depositions we recently published, we can now see the River Birch scheme was hatched way back in 2004. If I were a betting man, I’d lay money that Jennifer Sneed Heebe knew when she ran for re-election in 2007 she would not finish the term. She wasn’t the only one either IMHO and that is where Telemachus hits pay dirt for us by bringing in the name of the now interim tax assessor, Ron Maestri. Before we get to Ron let’s start with Telemachus:

Have we thought about this memo enough?

Why is Dutchie important?

He had been a campaign manager for DA Connick and had faced off vs Chehardy – no love lost there.

October 2004 – the first putsch to install River Birch, from the 10.13.04 TP: Continue reading “Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri. Part 1, important background information.”

Is Big Dawg trying to learn a new trick?

Scott McKay over at the Hayride is reporting none other than John Alario is thinking about swapping over to Team GOP. The stench that accompanies him is the smell of the River Birch Landfill, the subject of a federal investigation and recent FBI raid.  Slabbed readers know that Alario muscled his way into Team Ward’s wallets during the regulatory fight to permit the landfill.

Election time comes again next year and Alario is evidently trying to position himself at the trough for the next term. IMHO discriminating Republicans should join McKay and tell Alario to take his crap someplace else.


Waste Management drops the nuke, makes explosive allegations against unnamed Parish employees in suit involving Jefferson Parish and River Birch

Time is short for me this morning but on the general topic of the Parish v Waste Management, we previously chronicled certain events here with a couple of background posts here and here. Yesterday, Paul Rioux at the Times Picayune broke a story on a recent legal pleading filed in the NOLA federal courts on the suit which IMHO also represents the latest bit of blowback from the very recent FBI raid of the offices of the River Birch landfill and reportedly River Birch President Fred Heebe’s home on St Charles Avenue.  Here is an excerpt of Paul’s story:

Unidentified Jefferson Parish officials allegedly had secret deals in recent years to divert trash bound for the parish dump in Waggaman to the private River Birch landfill next door, according to the firm that operates the parish dump.

Waste Management made the explosive accusation in its response to a parish lawsuit seeking to sever the company’s contract so the parish can close its dump and enact a 25-year, $160 million contract to send garbage to River Birch, a deal being investigated by federal authorities who recently raided River Birch’s headquarters.

Secret deals? You betcha there are. The question is which deals do Waste Management know about and how does that relate to the ones the Feds are digging into? This is where it gets good as I can now properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to Deano Bonano, a young man who shaves every morning with Hanlon’s Razor and whose professional existence inside Jefferson Parish Government personifies the Peter Principle. Continue reading “Waste Management drops the nuke, makes explosive allegations against unnamed Parish employees in suit involving Jefferson Parish and River Birch”

That Eau de Landfill has me in a spell. Slabbed ties a few things together on the River Birch landfill as we add an Alario to the woodpile.

A quick note on this series:

Slabbed is the end result an internet community sharing a wealth of information. This post and others in the upcoming series were made possible by the efforts of two people, primarily BayRat4Life and secondarily a reader that we’ll call Alex Trebek who gave us the answer which, in turn, helped us define the question, “Why did the Jefferson Parish Council install Steve Theriot as interim Parish President.” This series of posts deals with the history of River Birch Landfill, as we highlight the various players involved in securing the exclusive arrangement it now enjoys with the Parish. We begin today in the middle of the River Birch timeline back in 1995.

1995 was the pivotal year for River Birch Inc, a company founded in 1968 by Albert “Butch” “Jim” Ward. 1995 would also mark a turning point for the company in its quest to become a permitted landfill as Mr Ward cut a deal that would bring new ownership to the company. So we begin at the end of 1995 and set the stage for 1996 as I quote from the narrative of an opinion which ultimately resulted from a hearing before Administrative Law Judge Michelle Finnegan:

On December 18. 1995, the permit application was deemed technically complete by the Solid Waste Division. On January 8, 1996, the then Secretary of the Department, William A. Kucharski, rendered a decision denying River Birch’s permit application. On or about January 16, 1996, Continue reading “That Eau de Landfill has me in a spell. Slabbed ties a few things together on the River Birch landfill as we add an Alario to the woodpile.”