Welp, prison life is evidently not agreeing with the former Goatherder in Chief

After reading the 53 pages of motion, memorandum and exhibits I wondered if I wasn’t caught in some sort of bizarre spaghetti western movie time warp.  Guilty pleas are extraordinarily hard to undo, even in cases where clear miscarriages of justice have occurred.  Even Perry Mason can’t help things that require divine intervention.

USA v Broussard Doc 250 USA v Broussard Doc 250

That said if there is someone I’d love to see inside a courtroom having to answer to what he’s done it would be the former Goatherder in Chief, who I thought I heard in person taking responsibility for the crimes to which he plead before Judge Head almost one year ago to the day.

Finally I’d be remiss if I did not point out that every time his dealings with the gang at Trout Point Lodge came up, Mr. Broussard would run away like a scared grade schoolgirl, first the day after Val Bracy interviewed him in January 2010 where she nailed him on the subject and he immediately resigned his post as Parish President.

Later in September 2012, after the Government filed a motion to Introduce Intrinsic Evidence of Other crimes involving Nova Scotia EnterprisesContinue reading “Welp, prison life is evidently not agreeing with the former Goatherder in Chief”

How about some Trip Advice on Trout Point Lodge: A mostly guest post from comments by Finisterre.

“Sounds to me like Trout Point is beating TripAdvisor at their own game” ~ ChronicleHerald reporter Bill Powers after he picked up the Trout Point Lodge Privacy policy press release and ran it as a news story.

“Sold out and clueless does not begin to describe the media here.” ~ Nova Scotia resident on the Nova Scotia main stream media and the ChronicleHerald in particular.

“Since this post initially went up, I have gotten numerous emails, ranging from apologetic to threatening, from Charles Leary. He alleges bad behavior on my part. He also says the long-running lawsuit filed against Trout Point and him by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has been settled. In addition, he says the man I talked to who was identified by his staff as Charles Leary was not, in fact, Charles Leary. But he will not produce the document showing the lawsuit was settled and he will not identify the man he claims I spoke to. Finally, he reaffirms his belief in his policy of attempting to own all his guests’ thoughts, observations and opinions about Trout Point.

(image)” ~ Story Worldwide CEO Kirk Cheyfitz, would be Trout Point Lodge guest, on his horrible experience trying to check into the Lodge. The link to Leary’s picture was broken by Charles Leary after Cheyfitz pointed out via the link that Leary lied to him about the person that treated him and his wife so badly was not Leary himself.

“The girls are doing a great job putting themselves out of business :-)” ~ Sop to an outraged reader in Nova Scotia regarding the glowing Canadian Main Stream Media reviews published in exchange for free visits to the Lodge.

From my post Thursday Music: This is why the girls are still trying to sell that bogus “privacy policy” Finisterre made some great observations:

From the “policy”: “In exchange and consideration for TPL protecting the privacy of TPL guests from unwanted publicity while on the property…”
Ok, what steps do they actually take to? If the person registering neither seeks nor needs nor, especially, receives such protections, isn’t the policy then null and void, without effect, unenforceable? Or, what do these protections consist of? Apparently this was not an issue when Millie Ball was on the property, then they were more than happy to advertise who was there. Continue reading “How about some Trip Advice on Trout Point Lodge: A mostly guest post from comments by Finisterre.”