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Houma towing magnate charged with illegal campaign payments to U.S. senators ~ John Simerman

“When Uncle Sam wants someone, they don’t stop until they get him.” ~ Banking professional circa 1999

Fazzio seeks a stay in his straw man campaign cash case. Takes a page out of the Calhoun playbook.

The Slabbed community has been all over Team River Birch’s use of straw man political campaign contributions to exceed the statutory limits since literally since day 1 when we broke it.  Yesterday evening, Paul Rioux filed a story for the T-P updating this portion of the sprawling political corruption saga as Big D wants a stay in the Louisiana Ethics Board case against him since he would have to take the 5th amendment, the theory being he can’t ‘splain without admitting to what the campaign cash money trail clearly says he did.

Fazzio’s lawyer for the Ethics investigation, the River Birch paid Stephen London surfaces again as Big D evidently is trying to make use of that agreement he signed in River Birch’s best interest to score free legal help.  If this is indeed the case London is as conflicted as he was trying to defend Fazzio before Judge Ginger, who tossed him after the US Attorney’s office sought his DQ because of that agreement which I again mention today.

In any event today Rioux again spells out for his audience something we already knew: Bobby Jindal and Aaron Broussard were the biggest beneficiaries of the Fazzio campaign money train.

The suit, filed a year later on May 18, does not list who received the allegedly illegal contributions or the amounts. But a Times-Picayune review of campaign finance reports indicates that 24 candidates have received donations totaling $90,500 from the seven firms named in the suit since 2009, the cutoff date for the three-year statute of limitations.

Since 2003, the seven firms doled out more than $300,000 to about 60 candidates. Continue reading “Fazzio seeks a stay in his straw man campaign cash case. Takes a page out of the Calhoun playbook.”

BREAKING: Louisiana Ethics Board files charges against Fred Heebe, Dominick Fazzio and a host of Heebe companies

Last Friday the Louisiana Board of Ethics filed formal ethics charges against Fred Heebe, Dominick Fazzio and a host of companies under their control.  The basis of the allegations can be found on this post beginning with this comment on Slabbed circa February 2011 and the subsequent comments by former Slabbed commenter Telemachus and the indefatigable Whitmergate

Telemachus is a former Slabbed commenter due to an invasion of privacy that resulted from Aaron Broussard business associate Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge swearing perjured affidavits to a Nova Scotia court to obtain posting information on Telemachus and Whitmergate, subsequently intimidating Telemachus into silence.  Sadly, Louisiana Media Company LLC aka Fox 8 was complicit in the deception of Justice Muise of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and resulting invasion of privacy as they too knew full well who I was having appeared on Fox 8 a year earlier.

That said the legacy of Telemachus and Whitmergate’s sleuthing is apparent in the 9 page pdf, which can be found below the fold as ordinary folks make a big difference to the betterment of their community ~ sop Continue reading “BREAKING: Louisiana Ethics Board files charges against Fred Heebe, Dominick Fazzio and a host of Heebe companies”

“CLUE” – the River Birch version

It was NAAS, and not Colonel Mustard, who launched the River Birch version of CLUE® with this question posted to  Judge Berrigan orders River Birch to file a floor plan with the Court:

Which “team” is it that reviews seized documents and records to cull out the truly privileged, confidential or unrelated documents not covered by the warrant?

Pull a card from the Government’  Opposition to Return of Seized Property and Incorporated Memorandum (scribd format below) and the game begins with this “clue”:

Special Agent Bezet and other agents made every lawful effort to separate what was believed to be attorney-client privileged material for a late inspection by a taint team. As noted in Petitioner’s Memorandum, a “clean team” was on scene to collect items from Peter Butler, Sr.’s office at 2000 Belle Chasse Hwy. 

The Government rolled the dice and submitted clues about “who done it” in  Attachment B to the Warrant authorizing the search of the River Birch office building AKA Exhibit H in the Opposition (text-only Exhibits incorporated with brief in scribd format below): Continue reading ““CLUE” – the River Birch version”