Sometimes you simply shake your head and wonder what could have been……

Team Letten stopping so short in their investigation of Broussard era corruption is still a head scratcher IMHO:

Former Chicago official booked with bribery in connection with Redflex red-light camera contract ~ Andrea Shaw

Those wanting a trip down memory lane should click here.

These documents from the TheRiot Era are well worth examining….

Fed investigation and PRR Fed investigation and PRR

But this doc has the most potential IMHO as Dutchy Connick gets around. Continue reading “These documents from the TheRiot Era are well worth examining….”

From the reader mailbag: Nova Scotia, Paulsen v State Farm and Redflex

Question: What is going on in Nova Scotia?

Answer: Much of nothing good as business fell off drastically at chez girlz in 2010 when Aaron Br0ussard was forced from office in disgrace. In fact our friends over at The Jefferson Report recently profiled Aaron Broussard’s last financial disclosure and it appears he is selling out of the Canadian foodie concept, no doubt trying to position his finances for his legal defense.

Broussard IMHO was the key to making the 3 boutique travel lodge ventures work. The girls were the idea mongers in this equation but beyond Danny Abel in his heyday with Wendell Gauthier they evidently had champaign tastes on a beer budget.  Broussard was the hypester for the 3 ventures and he raised money from select members of the general public to turn these ideas into bricks and mortar reality.  The plans were in reality hatched not born of any sense of practicality as the market has passed judgement on the girl’s plan and execution of it and the verdict is not good. Continue reading “From the reader mailbag: Nova Scotia, Paulsen v State Farm and Redflex”

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum’s Magnanimous Ministrant for Murphy the Mooch.

The connection to Magnum would be the fax number folks. You’d think with all the loot Murphy’s wife Julie got in secret commissions from Redflex, Murphy would not need to mooch from anyone.  This bunch in Jefferson Parish takes the word brazen to an entirely new level.

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Slabb O’Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek: A shameless attempt to set a monthly traffic record

I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together
See how they run like pigs from a gun
See how they fly, I’m crying

Sitting on a cornflake
Waiting for the van to come
Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man you’ve been a naughty boy
You let your face grow long

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the walrus
Goo goo g’ joob Continue reading “Slabb O’Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek: A shameless attempt to set a monthly traffic record”

Its a fine day for a Slabb O’Leak Sunday special as we welcome Aaron Broussard to the Slabbination (and he’s not cryin’…..yet)

I figured a special treat was in order for today so I present our first Aaron Broussard email sampler. Nothing explosive folks but I’m certain there are plenty of good nuggets in them emails too.  🙂


Slabbed news miscellany: The news gods smile upon us.

So I got the music post up and was headed out the door to Buzzard’s Roost for a late Friday afternoon appointment when the phone rang and my appointment cancelled. Then Sock emailed me the link to a breaking story involving newly elected 24th Judicial District Judge Ray Steib, by all accounts a conservative guy, who nonetheless garnered the Slabbed Seal of Approval because we thought he was honest. In fact we still do think he is honest and impartial and we hope he will maintain a distance from the corrupting influences of Magnum JD.

Lest I digress further I’ll add the Louisiana Judicial Commission also evidently thinks Steib the honest sort as they absolved him of the complaints filed by his two former opponents for Joan Benge’s old seat on the court as reported today by Paul Purpura. This is rich because these guys who filed the complaints, Times Picayune endorsed Ungarino & Eckert partner Don Klotz and a former occupant of the “Warren Suite” at the Do Slabb Inn, Debbie Villio have all sorts of skeletons, especially Villio who popped back up on the Slab just this morning in connection with potential payroll fraud in Parish Government. Ungarino & Eckert, well let’s just say those guys don’t enjoy a very good rep among their peers at the present time.

Next up is a guest post by SupaSleuth in comments involving good old-fashioned kickbacks on various crime camera programs across the state of Louisiana.  Today the Tech Chief for Baton Rouge hit the exits as this scandal, with origins in the Nagin Administration, has spread like wildfire.

Finally the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals bitch slapped Judge Ivan Lemelle and his screwed up, pro defense pretrial ruling in the criminal case involving Dollar Bill Jefferson’s brother Moses Jefferson and his squeeze, former NOLA City Councilwoman Renee Gill Pratt.  Judge Lemelle has a record of some very dubious rulings in the insurance litigation though he remains Ashton’s favorite judge in all of the LAED.  😉 Continue reading “Slabbed news miscellany: The news gods smile upon us.”

James Gill again takes soon to be former Judge Tom Porteous to the woodshed.

Folks once again James Gill shows why he is one of the best opinion columnist in the south. Here is a snippet from today’s piece on the continuing Porteous saga:

With a convicted felon on one hand, and Jefferson Parish judges on the other, there’s no way of figuring out who is telling the truth.

Truer words have never been spoken. Redflex will take more of ’em out IMHO.

Gill expertly points out how Tom Porteous’ brand of spread the wealth will not help him in the Senate.  I continue to hear his family continues to be mortified at the spectacle that is Tom as he remains a defiant piggy.

Pigs get slaughtered.


Lights Camera Action!: A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update

OK folks time is short today but we had additional coverage of yesterday’s resignation of disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson that included a new revelation by Fox 8 reporter Val Bracy that I want to make certain is not overlooked. Before we get to that lets begin with the WWL TV story on Wilkinson’s resignation:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.926511&w=425&h=350&fv=]
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We also have a copy of Wilkinson’s resignation letter courtesy of WWLTV and Scribd: Continue reading “Lights Camera Action!: A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update”

Slabbed updates the Jefferson Parish front: Redflex reveals more under the table payments. Wilkinson “Broke the Parish’s law”

I’m reworking the post that was scheduled for publication yesterday in response to some new information so while the Slabbed nation waits we have a pair of stories from Fox 8 that directly touch on topics we’ve blogged on: The red light contract and Parish Attorney Tom Wilkerson’s double-dealing. Let’s start with Redflex:

Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot says he’s started getting answers about the red light camera program.

In particular, he’s focused on the names of all subcontractors who will make money off the deal.

Theriot asked Redflex Traffic Systems two weeks ago for information on who would get money from the contract.

He finally got that information today.

Already mentioned was local insurance agent Bryan Wagner and Julie Murphy, who is the wife of Jefferson Parish judge Bob Murphy. Continue reading “Slabbed updates the Jefferson Parish front: Redflex reveals more under the table payments. Wilkinson “Broke the Parish’s law””