So here I am, sitting at a major crossroads in Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish…..

Vaughn Perret, Daniel G. “Danny” Abel and Charles Leary posing for the business media in Nova Scotia at Trout Point Lodge

And guys I’m agonizing because I’ve had a comprehensive post in drafts since August detailing the retaliation against anyone who has covered or spoken out on the massive political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish by Aaron Broussard and his band of Goatherders.  The original plan, based upon the advice of my lawyer Bobby Truitt was to roll it out after I won my SPEECH Act case against Broussard’s business agents/co-conspirators in Canada, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret.  For reasons I can’t go into at this time (and frankly I may never be able to go into) I’m still holding said post, which documents the events in detail.  It will roll folks, that I promise.

But there is more because of Mark Moseley’s recent Lens column on internet commenter Jack, whom most everyone that is paying attention has deduced is Sal Perricone myself included.  It is no secret I want to visit with Sal and to the extent he honors his ethical obligations as an attorney, he has the same rights as everyone else to express his opinions as he sees fit.  But alas there is an investigation ongoing into the commenting scandal at the US Attorney’s office thus this Manuel Torres story for NOLA yesterday puts the stakes for everyone involved in that fight in perspective as the defamation suit Heebe v Perricone has been stayed by mutual request of the litigants.

Speaking of that investigation I can confirm the Department of Justice is crawling every square inch of Slabbed looking for evidence of grand jury leaks with particular emphasis on my composite source, the Legendary Wino of Lafayette Square.  I think this diligence is a good thing because DoJ DC is taking the investigation very seriously and they should.  I’d like to add that I do not expect to be subpoenaed by Team Horn. I absolutely love the fact officialdom thinks enough of Slabbed’s comprehensive post archives on the corruption scandal in Metro New Orleans to read it in detail.

But Jack is still on my mind because Jack, post employment of course, had other handles that he used on Slabbed and what the guy had to say, I thought was highly enlightening.  So I have a conundrum, do I out Jack’s other alias to make a very important, albeit self serving point or do I leave it be and file it under the sanctity of commenting on Slabbed.  I mean Perricone was way on the inside of the investigation back in the day Continue reading “So here I am, sitting at a major crossroads in Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish…..”

The American Zombie Unmasks Randall Cajun of Real Malice: “U AN OVIOUS”

Some would call Randall Cajun at the new Real Malice Blog an anonymous coward and be well within their rights to do so. I certainly could because I post using my real name here on Slabbed and it was no secret my early handle Sop81_1 was me.  I won’t though because people sometimes need to be anonymous on the internet.  However jackassery is not a good reason to be anonymous.  Jason Berry at American Zombie explains:

So this comment just came in on my last post:

Randall Cajun has left a new comment on your post “A pet peeve“:

I’m not sure about your pet peeve being valid. Writing on “comments” sections might truly be properly labelled as blogging. Don’t want Maselli Mann and Perricone to give you a bad name? You can’t really blame the MSM or others for calling them bloggers. Think Blogger, GoDaddy, and Google are somehow different from Advance?

And what’s up with the people you would call bloggers? Is blogging supposed to be about personal agendas and vendettas vented online and hidden behind “blogging” as though it was some MSM journalistic enterprise? Take Vandenweghe, for example. It seems like she may have had longstanding personal agendas she vented as a “blogger,” like I suggest at Also, what about Maselli-Mann and Vandenweghe? What’s up with that? What about Vandenweghe’s recent lunch with Broussard? Kinda hypocritical, no?

Soooooo… is his IP and location from my stats:

OK folks, after you go see Randall Cajun posts from Yarmouth Nova Scotia (especially read Jason’s comment) come back and finish reading this post because we gotta do some speculating. Continue reading “The American Zombie Unmasks Randall Cajun of Real Malice: “U AN OVIOUS””

Must read: “U AN OVIOUS”

This is exactly what one of the legendary Davichy brothers told me way back in the day on Yahoo Finance when I tried my hand at the dark arts of Sockpupperty. I’ve since become accomplished at said Dark Art but it is magic I do not use on Slabbed and rarely use anymore anyplace on the internet.

Why do I mention this? Mark Moseley over at the Lens has a new column out on Sal Perricone, new blogger “Randall Cajun”, Slabbed, American Zombie and NOLA that is very good. It appears a secret regarding Slabbed is now out.

Sal, drop me a line.