From the Wingnuts gone wild file I offer Rand Paul

The fool’s remarks aren’t playing very well in ol’ Kentucky either according to my peeps there. Of course what should we expect from a myopic, paranoid crypto-corporate boot licker that yearns for a return to the days of a segregated lunch counter? Here is a news flash for you Rand, BP opening their checkbook in no way shape or form absolves them from culpability nor does it act as a magic shield against criticising them. Only one word fits this guy folks: Dipshit.

I’d recommend the Daniel Boone Parkway as part of a scenic driving vacation in the mountains, (especially for bluegrass lovers) but another dipshit changed the name of the road to honor a sitting politician. If they try to rename Jenny Wiley State Park after Jim Dumb Bunning there will be an armed revolt.

Pass the Pappy ’cause the silly season is just beginning.