Receptionist or Washington Avenue Madam?

The men that frequented the alleged house of ill repute???

FBI agent: Cabbie acting as informant shuttled money, prostitutes for St. Martin spa ~ Margaret Baker

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“My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference. I, for one, believe the piano player job to be much more honorable than current politicians.” ~ Harry S. Truman Plain Speaking

UPDATED: Former Trustee Strickland’s Tenant Raided in Human Trafficking Sweep ~ SRHS Watch

Book: Don’t Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs: She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whorehouse

Ohio Couple Swears to Owning, Profiting from 777 Spa ~ SRHS Watch

From the LSU porno scene to the Tiger Sugar Daddies……

Ashley, a 20-year-old LSU student from Lafayette, has a secret.

Not any more she doesn’t.

Website links co-eds with ‘sugar daddies’ ~ Koran Addo

Over the past few days internally here at Slabbed we’ve been talking the ye ol’ call girl network, which a discriminating muckraker will tell you is often a very valuable source of muck. The themes involving the human condition that makes sex + pillow talk + another “catalyst” are as old as humankind itself as the more historically recent example of Mata Hari illustrates. That informational network is a tricky thing to navigate as the gang all are keenly aware that hookers that know too much and talk often have a habit of ending up dead. As a group the women are brutally self honest about what they are in “whores”, such self honesty I respect greatly.

With that set up my opinion is most common folks look at prostitution from a big picture standpoint rather than a legalistic one.  Any sex act in exchange for a quid pro quo / accommodation is gonna be viewed through that lens by all but the lawyerly types. It shows in the comments to Addo’s story such as this one:

She said her “sugar daddy” pays her a $1,200 “allowance” for every weekend they spend together. She said there is intimacy between them but it hasn’t progressed to sex. And she sometime goes a couple of times a month. Yeah, right. Just to be eye candy hanging on his arm. Either she’s a liar or he’s impotent. Continue reading “From the LSU porno scene to the Tiger Sugar Daddies……”

Billy Nungesser's name surfaces in the Canal Street Madam's black book.

We were leaked Nungesser’s name over the weekend after we reignited the conversation about the contents of the infamous Canal Street Madam black book.  I am very happy to see Miss Maier speak out publicly on this. Jay Vice at WWL 870 has the story. (H/T Whitmergate):

Jeanette Maier, the so-called “canal street madam,” says that her brothel serviced Billy Nungesser Jr., president of Plaquemines Parish before he was a political figure.

Maier claimed today in an interview with WWL that Nungesser visited her establishment in the 1980s, and that his father, a long-time political figure, had to pay Nungesser’s $10,000 tab at the brothel. Continue reading “Billy Nungesser's name surfaces in the Canal Street Madam's black book.”

Slabbed goes under the covers and plunges into USA v Maier: Judge Lemelle declares open season on the Canal Street Madam's "black book". Is the speculation about Diaper David Vitter being a bad shot premature?

Initially I thought this post would be of the wham, bam, thank you ma’am variety where I could upload a few PACER docs and call it a day.  Instead, reading one court filing lead to another and then the googling commenced in earnest and this despite the fact I followed the Canal Street Madam case real time including the post Katrina introduction of Louisiana’s most famous whore hopper, Diaper David Vitter into the saga by Mark Moseley aka Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief, a blog which graced our original blogroll until Mark scored a gig at The Lens, an investigative blog which we now feature on our list of links.

Complicating matters is the introduction of new players to the saga and they had to be checked as well.  Throw in the fact a movie featuring Miss Maier’s story is being released as we speak and while I’ve had a consistent interest in this case we’re not interested in being an unwitting part of a viral marketing campaign in support of other people’s for profit endeavors, no matter how compelling the story. I satisfied myself such was not the case with the tips given us.

With that bit of background in place I’ll go ahead and put in a plug for the movie so our readers that are not so familiar with the Canal Street Madam case can catch up.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.950806&w=425&h=350&fv=]

The CBS investigative news magazine 48 hours also covered the case in depth in a 3 part report which can be found here. Continue reading “Slabbed goes under the covers and plunges into USA v Maier: Judge Lemelle declares open season on the Canal Street Madam's "black book". Is the speculation about Diaper David Vitter being a bad shot premature?”

I’m normally not one to look forward to the “silly season”…

But with the Republicans standing by their man, hypocrite and whore hopper “Daiper” David Vitter, this election ought to be good.

From the forgotten crimes files. ~ sop