Monday Finance and Economy: “Something strange is going on with Nonfarm Payrolls”

Presidents change but the public being BS’d by officialdom is a rock solid constant:

Something Strange Is Going On With Nonfarm Payrolls ~ Tyler Durden, Zerohedge

To me this was one of the most important media entries of last week. To set things up earlier this month the DOL released the employment report for February and once again, the DOL claims the economy added another 295,000 jobs to the labor market. The stock market went wild setting new highs but……

So a pattern emerges: we have an economy in which jobs and only jobs are acting as if there is a strong recovery, while everything else is sliding, disappointing economists, and in fact hinting at another contraction (whatever you do, don’t look at the Fed’s internal model of Q1 GDP).

To be sure, economists these days are better known as weathermen, and so they are quick to blame every economic disappointment on the weather. Because, you see, they were unaware it was snowing outside when they provided their forecasts about the future, a future which should be impacted by the snowfall that day, and which they promptly scapegoat as the reason for their cluelessness. Yet one wonders: why didn’t the harsh snow (in the winter) pound February jobs as well? Recall last year’s payroll disappointments were immediately blamed on the weather which was just as “harsh” as this year. Why the difference?

And yet, today this rising “anomaly” between Nonfarm Payolls “data” and everything else, hit a crescendo, and some – such as Jim Bianco – have had it with the lies anomalies, which prompted him to ask the following:

Why Are Construction Jobs and Housing Starts Telling Different Stories? Is The Problem Non-Farm Payrolls

Zero Hedge Graph, Housing Starts – Housing Starts Plunge by the Most in Four Years

Housing starts slumped in February by the most in four years as bad winter weather in parts of the U.S. prevented builders from initiating new projects. Work began on 897,000 houses at an annualized rate, down 17 percent from January and the fewest in a year, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday in Washington. The median estimate of 80 economists surveyed by Bloomberg called for 1.04 million. “It was just the weather, basically,” said Richard Moody, chief economist at Regions Financial Corp. in Birmingham, Alabama. Still, “my view of the recovery in single-family housing is that it’s coming more gradually than others think.”

So while housing starts plunged in February per the Commerce Department what is DOL saying is happening with residential construction jobs? Another graph is in order: Continue reading “Monday Finance and Economy: “Something strange is going on with Nonfarm Payrolls””

About all this yammering about Greece……..

I have yet to find much honest coverage of the events surrounding the Greek elections in the US media, which paint a superficial portrayal of state v state politics that is somehow symptomatic of a deep social divide in Europe. What this is really about is the big investment banks trying to make good on ill advised loans by beating the crap out of ordinary Greek citizens by impoverishing huge numbers of them via forced austerity.

If you want to understand what is going on in Greece, Zerohedge is a great place to start:

In depth coverage can be found here.

When its comes to reporting on economic news…..

I remember back during the bad old days of evil empires, the US media would never fail to point out that Pravda was a propaganda mouthpiece for the Soviet government whenever they quoted material in news reports from that media outlet.  Along those lines I’d be remiss if I did not point out that publishing government economic data uncritically or hosting self servicing shills and blowhards as Fox 8 did Thursday night is essentially the same folks.

Mr CLS on  Yahoo All bumped up an old post titled The Fiduciary Principle: “No Man Can Serve Two Masters. Somewhere in that post title is why the media should never host a stock broker opining on the economy.  It is also the reason the brokerage industry is fatally flawed IMHO as the stock salesman at your local Edward Jones office that masquerades as a financial expert is in reality incentivized to sell you investments that makes them the highest commission.

I cut my blogging teeth on subjects such as these in the many years I blogged on financial issues on Yahoo and such is also the reason you see me posting as Sop to this day on Slabbed as the Sop franchise has gravitas in certain high finance circles world wide and I wanted those folks to find this project called Slabbed.  And I’m likely to point other media outlets peddling propaganda as news such as Fox 8’s did in their Thursday Night lead story in the coming days.

And a final ps to Analystwoman on Yahoo All.  Glad to see you caught on ma’am.  😉


It’s Official, Anderson Cooper joins Bobby Bermdoggle Jindal as an oil spill idiot. Snookered again: How the National Media let us down after the Oil Spill

Is it news or is what we see on the TeeVee all show biz? The answer folks, is show biz aka self-interest driven propaganda, as Jonathan Tilove at the Times Picayune explains:

About of a third of the way through the National Oil Spill Commission’s 400-page report, there is a 43-page chapter on the oil spill response and containment efforts that suggests that berms and boom were pretty much a bust, collecting more headlines than oil.

Along the way, the report also casts a rather unflattering light on Louisiana officialdom, singling out Gov. Bobby Jindal and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.

And while Nungesser was cashing in with BP along with St Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stevens, the media was running to him for the self serving sound bite de jour, making the media in general and Anderson Cooper in particular mighty useful idiots for this corrupt local politician as we continue:

According to the commission’s narrative, the festering animosity in Louisiana’s relationship with Washington was nurtured by a news media that thrives on conflict. Continue reading “It’s Official, Anderson Cooper joins Bobby Bermdoggle Jindal as an oil spill idiot. Snookered again: How the National Media let us down after the Oil Spill”