Updated and Featured: South Coast Today adds to their continuing coverage of the unfolding scandal at the resort at Trout Point

New Orleans politician Aaron Broussard’s federal prosecution for fraud took another big step forward in New Orleans last week, when the disgraced Jefferson Parish president pleaded guilty to a number of charges, which he and his lawyers had previously denied.

One of the allegations made against Broussard by his ex-wife and others is that he used his ownership in Nova Scotia vacation properties and property firms to “shake down” individuals and businesses wanting to do business with the most populous parish in New Orleans. Broussard’s connection to Trout Point Lodge and to the Trout Point region in trhe Kempt Wilderness has been a frequent issue in various lawsuits and media reports surrounding Broussard over the past two years or more.

The Lodge was built ten years ago by well-connected New Orleans lawyer Danny Abel, former New Orleans Lawyer Vaughn Perrett and wild mushroom expert Charles Leary. The lodge and neighboring properties have been a home away from home for ther creme-de-la-creme of New Orleans political royalty and has been the frequent subject of travel and food magazines the world over. Media stories describe Abel, Leary and Perret as “friends for decades”. Abel reportedly “infused” the project with funds from his successful law practice, while the couple managed Trout Point Lodge, then the Cerro Coyote property in Costa Rica and a small hotel and cooking school in Granada, Spain.

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South Coast Today Nova Scotia on the Broussard Arraignment: Trout Point figure pleads not guilty in New Orleans fraud scandal

Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services Registered Agent Martin Pink

Let’s circle the following Canadian Barrister’s name folks: Martin Pink. Southern Nova Scotia is a tiny place from a population standpoint so it in inevitable certain names from the libel tourism cesspool begin to repeat themselves. With that said Timothy Gillespie has a must read up on the South Coast Today about Aaron Broussard, the Fox 8 case and Martin Pink, for whom Justice Pierre Muise once worked and who also has represented the Goatherders in the past.

Pink is also the registered agent for Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services, one of Broussard’s Canadian companies connected to the corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish. IMHO the SCT is small town journalism at its finest, especially given the archaic system of defamation laws under which the media in Canada must navigate.



The media in Nova Scotia pick up on the Broussard indictment and State Ethics Board Investigation.

I love local lore and history folks so the story in today’s SouthCoast Today on Aaron Broussard’s legal troubles and connections to Nova Scotia is right up my alley and ranks as a must read folks.  Here is a snippet:

On Februray 28, 1765, less than a month after being chased by the British government in Nova Scotia out of the colony for his murder, mutilation and scalping of hundreds of British subjects, famed Acadian firebrand Joseph Beausoliel Broussard stepped off a ship in New Orleans, where his progeny have multiplied and still reside. One of the most famous of those today is Aaron Broussard, alledgedly one of the most corrupt officials in a notably corrupt region…..

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I’d like to thank the academy, my wonderful wife and Nowdy. But I’d especially like to thank Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge for being so predictable…..

Folks this may go down as one of the craziest days of my life. The information I am getting out of Nova Scotia is simply dynamite and it will electrify seasoned observers of Jefferson Parish as we have a lot more dots to connect.  One more phone call to our friends in Canada and then I’ll spill.