The long awaited public hearing on the River Birch contract evaluation is at hand. Be there tomorrow at 10AM sharp

Word is that Chris Roberts will be demonstrating early morning potty training techniques for those that show early at 9:00.

Seriously folks we’ve written about this topic ad nauseum and then some as the Postlethwaite & Netterville report prepared for the Parish was disseminated publically while the far more shadowy report for River Birch, which has thus far not seen the light of day, that was prepared by Baton Rouge Economist Loren C Scott trumpets big cost savings by closing the JPL but provides little detail. In a sense this is the ol’ dog and pony show at its worst as I suspect the Loren Scott report somehow fails to mention the Dutchie Connick file or how Team River Birch intended to charge off the almost half million in ca$h they paid Henry Mouton to shill for closing other area landfills. If is OK we’ll save the suspense for tomorrow as we eagerly await the report on the meeting from the Citizens for Good Government.

If there is one thing we’re good at here at Slabbed it is the art of thinking dirty and I mean that in the finest tradition of the auditing profession as we’re good at making connections and ferreting out conflicts of interest. It is part of the reason the good guys like reading us. I mention this because Paul Rioux at the T-P made what at first blush would appear to be a small error in the first sentence of his latest story on the topic of tomorrow’s meeting. The error is not small though as appearances are often deceiving as I now shamelessly use it to segue to one big distinction between an economist and a member of the Certified Public Accounting profession: Continue reading “The long awaited public hearing on the River Birch contract evaluation is at hand. Be there tomorrow at 10AM sharp”

Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)

Team Young leaked the news yesterday that the Parish is already studying ways to get out from the fraudulent and expensive contract with River Birch and naturally the T-P’s Paul Rioux garnered reaction from the other side, in this case River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith and discredited economist/River Birch hired gun Loren C Scott, who is sticking to his silly assertion that the thin air above JPL is worth a fortune.  Leaving aside for a second that in Scott’s world, his methodology could very well yield the absurd result that River Birch is better off not taking any additional trash due to the diminution of value of its air space, we also have Glenn Smith spouting nonsense that it is somehow better for River Birch take out of Parish trash next door to JPL than it is for JPL to accept the same. The sophistry and self serving gyrations are stunning. Here are a few snippets from Rioux’s report:

Roll me over and scratch my belly cause I’m elected to the JP Council, ignorant and aim to stay that way:

Councilman Elton Lagasse said he is still reviewing the 64-page report released Friday evening.

“I’m going to lean heavily on the administration and the Parish Attorney’s office for their recommendations,” he said. “It’s all kind of up in the air right now.” Continue reading “Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)”

Its Official! The River Birch Deal with Jefferson Parish is a bad deal for Jefferson Parish. A 1 plus 1 equals 2 update.

Folks, whether it’s insurance or a landfill deal, when you strip away the bullshit and (itinerate stench) and follow the money 1 plus 1 indeed still does equal 2.  That said, with the eyes of the Slabbed Nation upon them, the folks at Providence Engineering and Postlethwaite & Netterville have stripped away Fred Heebe, Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer’s bullshit and indeed found that River Birch will cost the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish more money instead of delivering promised savings.  I suspect newly minted GOPer John Alario and his band of West Bank criminal idiots is not taking this news well.

Paul Rioux delivered the late Friday evening scoop for the Times Piacyune.

And while Mr Young is busy preparing to release the evaluation of the River Birch contract……..

Slabbaleaks is preparing to release proof Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee has more than a passing interest in the financial success of the River Birch landfill.  I’ll add we’ve consistently been told several elected parish officials feed from the River Birch trough which would explain the Parish government’s fondness for the landfill, which was recently subjected to an old-fashioned FBI raid.  To further whet our readers appetites I’ll add the info I have on Lee is not “shit storm” I promised to roll out.  🙂

Meantime today our readers can watch John Young try to spin “the fix” via this story from the T-P’s Paul Rioux, whereby paying a dollar more per ton for trash disposal somehow results in savings, at least according to River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith, who must be subbing for the DA’s brother, Dutchie Connick in that role.  Smith and the River Birch people have evidently seen the report, despite the fact the Parish Attorney’s office initially said no to the T-P’s request for same citing pending litigation against Waste Management.

And the beat goes on…..


Let’s spend a second visiting with the River Birch evaluation and end an ongoing mystery

Slabbed commenter Nolakat recently left us a comment which asked:

I recently heard that the engineering consultant that was hired as a sub to the Baton Rouge accounting firm that was hired by the JP Council to examine the financial feasibility of the River Birch Landfill deal has resinged from the project. Any insight?

Nolakat has great sources because I was finally able to verify that MSW was replaced as the engineering firm in the River Birch contract evaluation. (Our previous posts on MSW can be found here and here.)  I’ll add this was not easy information to obtain as there is a substantial veil of secrecy surrounding this endeavor. Continue reading “Let’s spend a second visiting with the River Birch evaluation and end an ongoing mystery”

Meet good government citizen/activist and Jefferson Parish Resident Margie Seeman

Every community needs several Margies to keep everything above-board and transparent in the local government.  In this clip from yesterday’s Parish Council meeting Ms Seeman proves herself an early innovator with regard to Mr Theriot’s landfill audit team, a subject we profiled around the same general time Ms Margie was addressing the parish council.  She certainly knows a pig in the poke when she reads one.


Putting in the fix for River Birch and the landfill's diverse ownership: Theriot's long awaited contract evaluation scheme now staffed.

I had to laugh when I read Rich Rainey’s latest installment in as the landfill turns as he chronicles the completion of the scheme Theriot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council have hatched to put the fix in for River Birch via a controlled evaluation of a flawed contracting process.  Before we get to the latest on Theriot’s dog and pony show we should do a quick review of the River Birch saga to gain clarity on what the team will be reviewing.

The River Birch landfill, majority owned by the Ward family, almost had one of their own, Fred Heebe, installed as NOLA US Attorney by George Bush back in 2002. Heebe, Jim Ward’s step-son is a member of the ownership group of the landfill and is married to Jennifer Sneed, who left the Parish Council literally months before the Parish opened negotiations with the River Birch landfill to become the parish’s sole source for waste disposal.

These negotiations resulted from a request for proposals for the disposal of tree limbs and such by disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard. Broussard’s contract evaluation team included a number of former parish employees now under an active federal investigation and included former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson and former Parish CAO Tim Whitmer. That contract evaluation team expanded the scope of their charge to include proposals for all waste disposal, such services being provided the Parish by Waste Management under a long term contract using the Parish’s landfill. It turned out Whitmer was moonlighting as an insurance agent and besides selling insurance to the Parish itself he was also selling River Birch along with a multitude of other Parish venders.

Interim Parish President Steve Theriot cancelled several Parish contracts with companies that did the “pay to play” thang with Whitmer to great fanfare but left River Birch and their curious contract with the Parish alone despite the under handed way it was let. We later found out that Theriot was a protege of former Louisiana House Speaker turned Senator John Alario. Alario had some very curious connections to the landfill as a staffer of his garnered a 4% stake in the landfill in return for Alario killing his own bill to deprive River Birch of a needed state environmental permit back in the mid 90s. Continue reading “Putting in the fix for River Birch and the landfill's diverse ownership: Theriot's long awaited contract evaluation scheme now staffed.”