Policyholder rights – a movement in our midst

I doubt there will be a comparable day of national day of celebration – or even a date that would have related significance – but I do believe there will come a time when policyholders are treated fairly without a post-event legal battle – and, in that regard, we in Mississippi, once again, have a movement in our midst.

Like all movements, this fight for policyholder rights has had its defining moments, its heroes and its victims Рmany  unrecognized and even more to come, no doubt, before victory is won.

One of those unrecognized moments may prove to be the recent Louisiana court decision reported by Rebecca Mowbray: Appeals court finds that it was legal for homeowner to file suit after deadline.

A state appeals court opinion issued Jan. 7 says that it was legal for New Orleans homeowner Brenda Pitts to have filed a lawsuit against Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. months after the deadline for initiating litigation because a class action lawsuit had stopped the clock from running out. Continue reading “Policyholder rights – a movement in our midst”