Even Chris Roberts most ardent political haters…….

Admit that putting up Elton LaGasse for Parish President was a savvy political move. It not only clears the way for Cynthia Lee Sheng to slide over to the vacated At Large council seat it sets up a bruising battle between LaGasse and Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni, who is also rumored to be in the race to succeed John Young as Parish President. Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson is backing LaGasse with his West Bank political base along with Roberts and his base there in Terrytown.

Meantime over at Louisiana Lite Gov this could be Nunny’s year.

Judge Ginger layeth the smacketh down while Nunny remains the 500 pound gorilla

Seeing as how today is Wrestlemania Sunday and we’ve been Thompsonless here at Slabbed for a while:

Federal judge denies WWE’s bid to seize counterfeit goods ~ Richard Thompson

I think I saw Richard on Errol and the Noisemakers a month or two or three ago if memory serves.

Next up folks is a strange investigation as I have never heard Lee Zurik work so hard to not drop the name which inspired the report:

Lee Zurik Investigation: Plaquemines Parish woman demands federal probe

FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

The beast has no appetite for Nunny IMHO.

I thought Halloween was last week…..

Just when you thought the news cycle had gotten too quiet:

Perricone turns the page, pens New Orleans novel ~ WDSU via Editilla

Nowdy sends the following with a note that ol’ Doug knew something very few other folks in MIssissippi did but I’m invoking Rule 301. ūüėČ

School Board member: Hank Bounds can ‘sell you the sweat off his balls’ ~ Amy McCullough

I will say Hank never tried selling me his wares but his meteoric rise to the top of the Mississippi Education pyramid does not surprise me in the least. ¬†My bold prediction is he’ll end up being president of a major college before he’s done.

Next up is Mississippi’s version of whack a mole:

Federal subpoena of DMR records thwarts Sun Herald’s court-ordered access ~ Anita Lee

To amplify what I am thinking a comment bump from Biloxi Blues is in order:

The DMR investigation is said to be in the final stages with a grand jury in place or to be impaneled in Harrison County. I have been told by a very reliable source that the Feds and State have reached an agreement that allows for some to be indicted on federal charges and some to be indicted on state charges. It appears the Feds will take those involved in anything that used federal dollars like CIAP monies. The state will concentrate on say for example employees that committed payroll fraud or converted state assets for their own personal use. These minor crimes are said to be many. Should happen soon.The politicians are getting very nervous about the negative impact that dragging it out is causing in particular the Republicans all the way to the highest offices in Jackson.

Seen through that prism the fact the US Attorney’s Office obviously colluded with the State Auditor and Attorney General to deprive the Sun Herald access to the DMR public records indicates things are close to a climax, either that or a massive whitewash is in progress because one can’t reasonably infer anything but those two possibilities. I can’t imagine Judge Schloegel is very happy a state agency flipped her the bird so I’m very interested to see what she’ll do today. ¬†All eyes should be on Anita Lee’s Twitter Timeline today. Continue reading “I thought Halloween was last week…..”

Let’s recap a thing or two and tie a few loose ends together on the criminal demise of Aaron Broussard

And the discussion has to start here with this post and more specifically this reader comment. It took a few months plus a year’s worth of gumshoe journalism to snag an unredacted example¬†of the document I posted way back in April 2011 that¬†unequivocally¬†demonstrated Broussard’s intimate involvement with business ventures partially owned and managed by Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Danny Abel. ¬†All three of those guys are currently involved in litigation with me over my documenting their close connection Broussard and what federal prosecutors¬†would¬†later term evidence of other crimes in the Broussard prosecution. Back to that reader comment I linked above, it is the first of several made by V on that post that are topical to this day. I personally hope Broussard gets his prison¬†reprieve¬†so he too can share the joy of the recap along with the rest of us.

I mention this because V’s first comment on that post also hits on a story out of Plaquemines Parish before it was a story. ¬† Here is the salient part:

Now there is an a lot of Nova Scotia reference on the LA SOS and NS Province corporate database, there is:


NOVA SCOTIA ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. ‚Äď Broussard‚Äôs work address

NOVA SCOTIA, L.L.C. ‚Äď oddly enough this involves a guy who sold a ton of land to LIFT the movie company that got busted for the LA film credit scandal, but none of the folks mentioned here

TRIDENT HOLDINGS INC. OF NOVA SCOTIA ‚Äď who knows what this is, again none of the folks mentioned here




Trident Holdings of Nova Scotia? I can report it is owned by politically connected Canadians but where else does it show up?

Plaquemines contractor benefits from deal he helped negotiate ~ Mike Perlstein

A company from a foreign country with very limited inland port experience all cuddled up with Nunny? I wonder what has happened with Trident and Plaquemines Parish since Perlstein filed that story back in late September 2011?

V aka Telemachus was one of the Slabbed commenters deprived of due process by Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge in Canada when he swore false affidavits before Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise in late April 2011 in their SLAPP suit against Louisiana Media Company aka Fox 8.

Chaos theoria adhiberetur: Vehuntur Ursus

“Primus homo per parietem semper est cruentatus … semper”

The above is a rough translation of the subject header on a congratulatory email I received on December 19, 2012 from a successful, highly respected trial lawyer. I think most everyone reading this recalls the events of that day. For the lawyer that wrote me, making US legal history prevailing in the first decision of its kind in the Nation was meaningful. The decision under the US Speech Act even made the news on several new media outlets in two countries along with a Canadian newspaper but nary was heard any word from the local main stream media.

But this trial lawyer was talking about more than just my court victory because the guy is a¬†consummate¬†thinker/technology visionary. By harnessing the power of this medium called the internet I’ve lost track of how many high¬†achieving high quality individuals I’ve met, first on the Yahoo Fiance Boards and later through my 5 years plus doing Slabbed. ¬†Occasionally, we’re even blessed such people stop in¬†with us and comment, sharing their rich life experiences with the community. ¬†There is a magic here that is undeniable, in large part due to a diverse community of sincere commenters that are mostly what Sly termed “everyday people” back in the day. ¬†Somehow, in today’s day and age when media outlets are branded as conservative or liberal, Slabbed manages to attract (and occasionally piss off) both demographics but since we’re equal opportunity muckrakers no one seems to hold it against us for long.

I mention all this because my post yesterday discussing attribution got a response from Gordon Russell. ¬†We agreed that it was worth sharing since some of ya’ll may make like The boy named Sue¬†and come away with a different point of view since we were hard on NOLA Media Group yesterday. ¬†It also gives me a chance to remind everyone commenting here that people are paying attention and by people I mean the high end demographic that forms the majority of the readership, along with various and sundry Goatherders. ¬†As I told Nowdy back in 2007 the key to difference making wasn’t the quantity of readers, rather their quality. Yesterday’s email chat with Gordon, in light of a few links that were left on the post I did make it a good time to tackle the general subject of the secular change¬†occurring in the media industry, which has been an occasional topic here since since the advent of the “Sometimes Picayune”.

Yesterday Steve and Whitmergate nailed it in comments and understood the connection I was making involving what most people would consider obscure¬†applied mathematics. Let’s start with ‘Gate:

Power, sex, politics, money, corruption, death ‚Ķ fractals all‚Äď complex, universal and chaotic

And what do fractals have to do with Chaos Theory? The link ‘Gate left explains it far better than Wiki:

Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected. While most traditional science deals with supposedly predictable phenomena like gravity, electricity, or chemical reactions, Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control, like turbulence, weather, the stock market, our brain states, and so on. These phenomena are often described by fractal mathematics, which captures the infinite complexity of nature. Many natural objects exhibit fractal properties, including landscapes, clouds, trees, organs, rivers etc, and many of the systems in which we live exhibit complex, chaotic behavior. Recognizing the chaotic, fractal nature of our world can give us new insight, power, and wisdom. For example, by understanding the complex, chaotic dynamics of the atmosphere, a balloon pilot can ‚Äústeer‚ÄĚ a balloon to a desired location. By understanding that our ecosystems, our social systems, and our economic systems are interconnected, we can hope to avoid actions which may end up being detrimental to our long-term well-being.

Do these concepts apply to Slabbed? How about other blogs and forums? Do they apply to the media as a whole? Absolutely. In fact during our days covering the post Katrina wind-water insurance litigation we applied those and other concepts to organizations like insurance companies, which in turn attracted a group of high quality nationally known trial lawyers along with the creme of the local bar both here on the coast and Louisiana to this blog. There is a method to the madness¬†publishing Slabbed. So with all this in mind here is the story behind the story: Continue reading “Chaos theoria adhiberetur: Vehuntur Ursus”

Yes Virginia, these new age Coastie politicians are rotten to the core.

Gulf Live file photo of politician Michael Janus

If memory serves Michael Janus and our fluffer Congressman are lifelong associates:

Michael Janus, a man who Congressman Steven Palazzo described as a “close friend of my family for years” was formally named Palazzo’s chief of staff on Thursday.

The families that politic together thieve together as well:

‘Oversights’ disclosed in $3M BP grant ~ Mary Perez

“The six council members knew nothing of the agreement until after the grant was received,” said city attorney W. Fred Hornsby III. The council could have chosen not to pay Maxwell-Walker, he said, but agreed to give the firm the standard 6 percent finder’s fee of $180,000 for the grant.

The payment to Maxwell-Walker was not discussed in an open council meeting, only in executive session, Janus said.

Rather than putting a resolution for payment on the budget, it was added to the Dec. 20, 2011, docket of claims with the city’s other bills.

And then there are the obvious conflicts of interest. D’Iberville Mayor Quave works at DMR and is paying his former boss’ son. Janus, the City Manager is in business with Scott Walker via JaWa Investments LLC, a name I thought funny considering the jabberwalk BS involved in terming all this a mere “oversight”. Continue reading “Yes Virginia, these new age Coastie politicians are rotten to the core.”

When it comes to a certain subject neither of us are usually at a loss for words…….

And that subject would be Plaquemines¬†Parish President Billy Nungesser¬†aka Nunny¬†aka Anderson Cooper’s “Bubba”.¬† While it is too early from an official standpoint to start taking victory laps¬†as Slabbed, among a few other media outlets has consistently called this disgusting person out, especially since the oil spill and bermdoggle.¬† Lifers will recall it was none other than Jeanette Maier aka Gidget¬†aka¬†The Canal Street Madam who was kind enough¬†to put Nunny on our radar screen as his tastes in “women” runs to the exotic (and that is very nice way of putting it).

Why do I mention Nunny?¬† ‘Cause on Friday Rich Rainey¬†broke the story that Team Fed has subpoenaed records from Nungesser’s administration¬†as the persistent rumors of Katrina related corruption in his administration heat up immensely.¬† During the process we’re gonna get a peeksie¬†at the process of putting an investigative¬†report on the TeeVee IMHO as I’ve been consistently told WVUE’s¬†Lee Zurik¬†had the goods on ol’ Nunny¬†but left all that on the cutting room floor in favor of a partial expose on former Plaquemines¬†Parish Sheriff Jiff¬†Hingle.¬† As a general rule media coverage in metro New Orleans of Nungesser¬†has been just a tad less disgraceful than Anderson Cooper’s lionization¬†of the systemically corrupt and morally bankrupt Plaquemines Parish Prez.

I for one will enjoy seeing this scandal unfold.