We have several items of interest floating about….

I’m literally going to be from one end of South Mississippi to the other today so I have little to no time for blogging but here is a post for everyone so moved to comment. Here are a couple of items I know are floating about:

Dominick Fazzio’s lawyer has a serious conflict of interest and all the BS about River Birch not paying for Fazzio’s legal team has been exposed as just that, bullshit.

Garlandfill Robinette being a payola fueled whore on Entercom Communications remains in the news as we receive word he gave Fred Heebe the lot he claims secured the nonexistent $250,000 loan he got from Heebe in exchange for shilling for River Birch after Katrina.  We know from the wiretap transcripts Fazzio never issued a 1099 to tax report the payments to Henry Mouton and I bet Garlandfill was both written off as an expense on the River Birch side and also not tax reported.  Predictably when it smells extra bad and there is publicity to be had, legal apologist Dane Ciolino will be about like a fly on shit pretending to be an ethics expert. The self serving rationalization he posits on Robinette’s role in the River Birch saga are stunningly dishonest folks as I’ll note Ciolino was one of Tim Whitmer’s early legal shills.  I think Dane and Garland must certainly get on well.

Jason over at American Zombie has rolled out an excellent post on the Camsoft suit in Baton Rouge.  Sometimes you have to travel to another state to find out what is going on in your own but Chip Reno over at the Jackson Mississippi based Talon Group has come up a time or two dating back to Mark St Pierre’s trial.  I’m going to have something on the same pleading with some luck but I’ll note for now that Reno and our own Gov elect Phildo Bryant are joined at the hip.  I understand Reno is a former Jackson City Councilman but what interest me the most is the cross-pollination he has going with Phildo.  Make no mistake the role Reno played in the techno fleecing of the City of New Orleans is major deal.  Here is a snippet from the Zombie:

How…for the love of Dambala…..how….the fuck…..is Ed Burns not in jail? How did Ciber completely skate out of this bullshit? They hired Reno and The Talon Group to pimp their private services but instead of paying for it…they bundled the cost of the Talon Group’s services into the City of New Orleans tab….the 56 million dollar tab. Continue reading “We have several items of interest floating about….”

Phildo predicts “Personhood” will come back up in Mississippi’s legislature and introduce more government into the daily lives of Mississippians.

Folks we get the best of both worlds today as new AP reporter Jeff Amy has a story in today’s Sun Herald about Mississippi Gov elect Phildo Bryant, the defeated personhood amendment and how he is backtracking off calling 58% of Mississippi’s voters Satan. Here is a snippet:

Some lawmakers already are looking at further ways to regulate or restrict abortion, said state Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula.

“I think it’s going to be something that a lot of senators talk about because of the amendment,” Watson said Friday, adding that some abortion opponents were surprised by the defeat.

Bryant backed away from comments he made at a rally Monday in Tupelo. Standing next to the Rev. Donald Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association on election eve, Bryant said the defeat of Initiative 26 would mean “Satan wins.”

I was frankly surprised at the attention paid this issue by the nation.  Boss Hogg, as always, had the right talking from the jump:

“If it had gone to the Legislature, the wrinkles in it would have been worked out, the ambiguities would have been understood and eliminated. Instead, these were some people from Colorado who had an initiative they tried twice to pass in Colorado and they couldn’t,” Barbour said. “And they thought, ‘What’s the most pro-life state in the country?’ Well it’s Mississippi. So they came to Mississippi with a half-baked initiative.”

I’ve ripped Governor Hogg a few times here on Slabbed but I’m going to miss him come January because with him you knew this type of crap, brought to Mississippi from out of state religious fanatics would have never seen the light of day.  The incoming Phildo cuddles up with these folks and the charlatan preachers that prey upon weak-minded souls aka the proverbial true believer.  Editorially my personal opinion is that I love Freedom of Religion as much as I love our constitution. It would be nice if the true believers concentrated all their efforts on gaining entrace into Heaven for themselves instead of worrying about everyone else.  After all Freedom of Religion means the government stays out of matters of faith, not help weak minds impose their beliefs on everyone else.


Let’s go completely politically incorrect and examine the Sun Herald’s endorsement of Johnny DuPree for Gov.

Folks I’ve mentioned this privately to a few folks including one of the Anna Maria’s of the Slabbed that Mississippi could well elect its first post reconstruction African-American to statewide office in Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree.  I’ve personally met the man and his daughters on a few occasions dating back over the last 20 years and the man exudes gravitas. He and his family are class acts truly committed to making their community a better place. Left out of the Sun Herald endorsement is the fact that when he was first elected Mayor of Hattiesburg the city had a white majority electorate and is still almost evenly spilt racially and he has been re-elected twice.  He simply gets the job done as mayor.

DuPree has refused to sling mud at his opponent, affectionately known here on Slabbed as Phildo.  By all accounts the campaign has been remarkably clean as Mayor DuPree has stuck to his message of economic development for small business, support for public education and honoring the state’s promise made to its retirees, who often worked for less pay than the private sector offers specifically for the retirement benefit.

Now while DuPree has refused to sling mud Slabbed has often had something to say about Phildo, especially last year during the oil spill when he acted as Tony Hayward’s briefcase boy constantly downplaying the environmental impacts of the spill.  People down here on the coast in particular still remember Bryant’s jackassery when he dismissed the gasoline like fumes that had invaded the coast as local residents smelling “lawn mower fumes“. After his display last year the best I can say about him is he is a simple ignorant redneck asshole.

But Phil has another side folks that includes a nice vindictive streak to go along with the assholery as the aftermath from his 2007 Lite Gov campaign well revealed in his treatment of fellow republican Charlie Ross after the primary election. There are lots of such skeletons in Phildo’s past and next month they could well come back to bite the man. I say that because of a conversation about the election I had with an elderly lady recently, who actually brought the subject up to me while making small talk.  To set up the gist of that conversation we need to turn to Mel Brooks via Youtube: Continue reading “Let’s go completely politically incorrect and examine the Sun Herald’s endorsement of Johnny DuPree for Gov.”

Luckily for everyone while I’ve been out Dambala has been on fire over at American Zombie

While I’ve been away for a few days Jason over at American Zombie has been on fire with the latest news that Aaron Bennett is helping Team Fed. Also of great interest is his work on the oil spill’s impacts here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that qualifies as a must read.  Our politicians here in Mississippi have been in bed with BP since the beginning, especially current gubernatorial candidate Phil “Phildo” Bryant, who has consistently downplayed the deleterious environmental impacts of the spill beginning with his now infamous lawn mower fumes remark last summer that was beyond ignorant.

Finally Jason’s post on John Georges property tax assessment in Kenner is the part of a story line that has not yet been fully developed. The general subject of Lawrence Chehardy era sweetheart property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish for the politically connected is a rich topic IMHO. Let’s take things a step further as I think industrial zoned properties, especially along the Mississippi River, would be where the big money is.

One naturally wonders how much lower taxation would be in Jefferson Parish if everyone paid their fair share.


Hot Tuna: Lawn Mower Fumes Phil Bryant wants to move Miss America to the coast

Folks many years ago I worked as an official tabulator at one of the feeder contests to the Miss Mississippi pageant. Remembering I am a coastal Catholic type kinda of guy the pageant, held well north of the coast, was a cultural type of learning experience of the type that would serve me well in life’s later days.

There will be a set before the pageants over with that has all the girls. Get your scores in and leave before the number is done. Last year, the accountants were confronted before they could leave…..

The “wrong” girl won the year before and certain elements of the crowd evidently took umbrage against the score tabulators.  I certainly wasn’t taking the pageant or pro bono assignment seriously enough I quickly surmised……I mean heck these folks didn’t even drink like they did at the little league games in Chalmette for Christ’s sake! But after seeing all the nice young Baptist women’s camel toes during the swim suit contest, I understood what motived a typical off coast Mississippi Baptist sort of guy was simply a much tamer version of what I had seen as a young man over at the Memorial Day All Harley Blowout years before.

Now for the uninitiated Baptists in Mississippi, the most Baptist state in the union, are like Baskin Robbins as  there are over 100 different flavors of them. Please make no mistake I come not to run down the fractious religion but to celebrate its uniqueness in America’s cultural landscape. You see most of the true believers don’t drink, dance or gamble so if you take all that away that just leaves sex and there is this stereotype floating about in local pop culture that Baptists have a very healthy libeto to compensate. I say all this because as a young catholic guy what I had witnessed during the swim suit competition reminded me of the far more tawdry swim suit competition at the Blowout save for the fact that the contestant’s parents were not at the blowout cheering their daughters along as far as I could tell.

I say all this because Gov candidate Phil “Phildo” “Lawn Mower Fumes” Byrant is pushing moving the Miss America pageant from Vegas to the coast using BP money do so.  Nope folks it wasn’t enough that old Phil denied the severity of the Macondo well blowout until the bitter end. Idiots are a dime a dozen including the Baptist variety. Phil is a special kind of idiot, you know the kind that wants to shove his faith down everyone elses throats. Continue reading “Hot Tuna: Lawn Mower Fumes Phil Bryant wants to move Miss America to the coast”

We have more dead baby Dolphins washing up on the beach.

And this is why I’d be very careful about swimming in the sound and completely steer clear of locally caught oysters.  I think right now it pays to be very selective about locally caught seafood as there is so much we still do not know about the damage being done by the submerged oil from the BP/Transocean blowout, oil that would have been skimmed in other locales but some buttheads at Teams Obama and BP made the decision to mix the oil with Corexit at the well head so it would sink to the sea bottom, effectively concealing the true extent of the oil released.

Meantime Karen Nelson at the Sun Herald checks in with 4 more dead baby dolphins on Horn Island plus another in Alabama. In advance of Lawn Mower Fumes Bryant and Boss Hogg along with their stooge Bill Walker at DMR downplaying the deaths, Nelson puts things in perspective:

Four baby dolphins lay dead in the sand on the south side of Horn Island and one on Ono Island off Orange Beach, Ala., Tuesday.

That’s more dolphins dead in one day than all the dolphins, of any age, found dead in Alabama in 2008.

My mind is open to the possibility Teams Obama and BP have endangered the lives of the public by trying to conceal how much oil spilled from the blowout so the fines BP will pay under the Oil Pollution Act are minimized. To the extent Boss Hogg and Lawn Mower Fumes Bryant have constantly downplayed the impacts of the oil they too are complicit in this IMHO.


Welcome to the party George. Did you make sure Phil Bryant got a copy of your letter?

For some time now, devious undercurrents of hate and anger have been festering in our country.

In recent months, as rhetoric grew red-hot over healthcare reform and immigration, the wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had been the target of numerous death threats. Her local office in Tucson had been vandalized and the corner across the street had become a central location for protests. Most recently, a Sarah Palin graphic depicted her district in the crosshairs of a gun.

Politicians in Arizona used the immigration debate to spread falsehoods about mass killings in the desert near the border, sparking hysteria in the streets, portraying a state under siege by immigrants.

The discourse quickly turned venomous. The dangerous rumors were being perpetuated on Internet blogs and by the noisy back-and-forth bickering on cable news networks that covered the congressional campaigns.

As we see now, this practice of feeding on fear and spreading hate is dangerously irresponsible and potentially deadly, and yet, in today’s America it seems there is no escaping it.

To the extent politicians, generally in the GOP these days,  fan the flames of hate to further their own personal goals, it seems to me the political class has brought this upon themselves. While I applaud Mayor Schloegel for penning this letter, I’d also be remiss if I did not remind him Continue reading “Welcome to the party George. Did you make sure Phil Bryant got a copy of your letter?”

The Sun Herald excoriates Boss Hogg on their editorial page for putting politics over his people

I pegged the problems with both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour and Phil “lawnmower fumes” Bryant yesterday on this post. Today, the Sun Herald takes their turn in an excellent piece that well sums up the problems including Barbour hiding the fact that Petit Bois Island has been slicked for 2 weeks now as Boss Hogg and his side kicks Deputies Enos and Cletus evidently tried hushing it up in a last gasp attempt to salvage what little credibility they had left on the coast. Here is an excerpt:

What happened offshore at the 30-mile and 10-mile lines of defense? What happened to the assurances that oil would be spotted and stopped long before it threatened either the Sound or the sand?

And why, with more than two months to gear-up for this possibility, were officials still scrambling for gear at the last minute?

Why did it take such a crude awakening to shatter the daydreams of Gov. Haley Barbour and others entrusted with the safety of South Mississippi? Continue reading “The Sun Herald excoriates Boss Hogg on their editorial page for putting politics over his people”

Chris Vignes, member of the Slabbed Nation, is on a blackhawk with Representative Taylor and Senator Wicker over the Mississippi sound.

Chris and I landed on each others radar screens as we both were at Senator Wicker’s insurance roundtable this past April.  We’ve been following each other via twitter since and we’ve noted Chris has retweeted a few of our posts.

Today he is on twitter posting pictures from the chopper and giving short observations for his twitter followers which includes the Slabbed Nation.

As the oil begins coming ashore it is clear both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour andPhil “Lawnmower Fumes” Bryant are the early losers. Simply put I’ve talked to folks that are die hard Republicans on and off the coast that tell me they’ll never vote for Bryant after his idiotic remarks. Meantime Haley is getting killed in the court of public opinion on the flat out stupid remarks he made in opposition to the BP escrow which will be used to pay impacted locals. This could not happen to 2 more deserving career politicians in Bryant and Barbour.


Boss Hogg comes out against the BP escrow. Phil Bryant still in hiding after previously beclowning himself.

Folks, there is nothing like a disaster to bring the corporate shoeshine boys into the light of day and that has certainly been the case with our Governor Haley Barbour and his sidekick Lite Gov Phil Bryant. In this installment of Boss Hogg is in it for himself, Barbour comes out against his own people and those similarly situated on the Gulf Coast in favor a huge multi national corporation that has polluted the Gulf of Mexico to the verge of extinction. It has become clear the majority of voters here in Mississippi voted against their own welfare and best interests by elevating these two BP waterboys to the pinnacle of State Government. Let’s begin with a WTOK report (H/T Yallpolitics) where Barbour says the escrow is a bad idea and he uses logic that Captain Queeg would certainly appreciate to explain why:

Gov. Haley Barbour said Wednesday he believes making BP put money in an escrow account makes it less likely for victims to be paid.

“We expect them to pay. But if you take $10 to $20 billion out of their operational funds and make them give it to the government in an escrow account, how are they going to generate the revenue to pay what the people of Mississippi are rightfully owed?” asked Barbour.

Worth noting is the $20 billion is to be paid over 4 years in $5 billion dollar installments. To the extent it will reduce any amount BPs pays in litigation I don’t see Barbour’s point, especially since the victims of this disaster will be the beneficiaries of the escrow. Is he saying that paying the innocent victims of this mess is a bad idea or should we just let BP decide when to compensate the victims at a time when it benefits them the most?

Boss Hogg wasn’t done carrying water for BP on this subject though as he spoke with AP reporter Emily Wagster Pettus as well:

Mississippi’s governor said Wednesday he’s not sure the federal government should have made BP put $20 billion into escrow to compensate victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill because the company needs it to drill more wells and make money so it can pay up.

I guarantee if BP had offered Boss Hogg’s kin folk big fat no-bid contracts he’d be singing a different tune. Ol’ Haley didn’t make the list the Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington’s list of the nations most ethically challenged governors for nothing. Continue reading “Boss Hogg comes out against the BP escrow. Phil Bryant still in hiding after previously beclowning himself.”