Bring out the condemned…….

I have my own initial thoughts on the Sheriff Mike Byrd indictment but I’m interested in what the community thinks so I’ll save my thoughts for later.  Since my interpretation is that the community on this topic is of the hanging variety let’s start off with some lovely hanging music.

Next up is the mugshot because everyone loves mugshots. Continue reading “Bring out the condemned…….”

South Coast Today issues a retraction on the Broussard saga: Slabbed compares and contrasts (Updated)

Retraction & apology

February 26, 2013 – 09:01 — Timothy Gillespie

In a story published on February 25, 2013, SCT stated that New Orleans lawyer Danny Abel was once a law partner of former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard. Court records forwarded to SCT show that Mr. Abel has stated under oath in an affidavit filed in a Mississippi Court that he has never been a law partner of Aaron Broussard. We regret the error and apologize to both Mr. Abel and Mr. Broussard for any embarassment caused by the error..

This fact I will verify, Danny Abel has submitted a very curious affidavit in my SPEECH Act case that says exactly that. Now what does the official court record in Louisiana say? Continue reading “South Coast Today issues a retraction on the Broussard saga: Slabbed compares and contrasts (Updated)”

Slabbed sends an open letter to Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise

Via facsimile (902) 742-0678

February 6, 2013

Justice Leon Muise
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
164 Main Street
Yarmouth, NS B5A 1C2

RE: Yarmouth Action #328248
Trout Point Lodge et al v Louisiana Media Company LLC

Dear Justice Muise:

On Friday January 18, 2013 I was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding a security breach and/or hacking of my widely read legal affairs blog at by persons connected to or acting on behalf of targets of an ongoing Federal Investigation in post Hurricane Katrina political corruption on the Gulf Coast, specifically metro New Orleans. The above action is one of several defamation suits filed by Aaron Broussard’s American expatriate business managers in Canada1, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret over minute details of their self-admitted business relationships and management of an entity that United States prosecutors would later describe as an elaborate bribery scheme.2  The United States District Court for Southern District of Mississippi would later describe these Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation lawsuits filed by Broussard’s Canadian based business agents as the practice of “libel tourism”.3

The purpose of this letter is to address the use of perjured affidavits by Charles Leary in the above captioned defamation suit filed before your court to invade the privacy of US Internet commenters commenting on a US political corruption scandal. Attached to this letter is a motion made by Charles Leary under your local rule 14 filed on April 26, 2011 seeking a court order to obtain the IP address of 4 commenters on my blog including myself. Mr. Leary claimed in the court filing and at a later hearing before your court in May, 2011 that I was an anonymous blogger, that he did not know my identity and needed a court order to determine such in order to file suit against me and 3 other Americans for defamation in Canada.

Also attached to this letter is an affidavit sworn in United States District Court by Mr. Leary in Yarmouth Nova Scotia dated July 25, 2012 submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi in which Mr Leary swore:4

“On May 6, 2011, a process server named Chris Yount served a Notice of Intended Action directed to Doug Handshoe on Doug Handshoe’s wife at his residence in Bay St Louis, Mississippi.”

Less than two weeks later he was in your courtroom testifying he did not know the identity of the publisher of Slabbed. The effect of this was that I and 3 others were denied due process to contest Mr Leary’s wild accusations. Continue reading “Slabbed sends an open letter to Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise”

Oh the weather outside is frightful but at the Ethics Board its so delightful…

I seem to remember a certain Goatherder swore a certain affidavit in a certain court case on this matter. Lying in sworn affidavits in Federal Court sounds serious to me but what do I know? I know I saw a subpoena duces tecum from the Ethics Board which indicates ol’ AB was in a world of shit not counting using his property in Nova Scotia as a conduit to accept bribes. Click the pic to get the 46 pages on Aaron Broussard’s corrupt monetization of the Christmas holidays amongst other jackassery.