One thought on last weeks news that Judge Zainey helped the NOLA Archdiocese massage the message

If I were one of the Plaintiff victims of the sexual abuse it would sure seem to me like the entire power structure was stacked against any of the victims getting justice after being buggered by Catholic clergy. Just a thought but the Boston Globe broke this story back in 2002 and here we are 18 years later still unraveling the official cover-up. Maybe instead of helping a male dominated organization that spent decades protecting pedophiles spin what they did Judge Zainey and the Bensons would have engaged in more productive pursuits insisting changes be made to make the Church relevant in the 21st century which today it is not.

United States District Judge Susie Morgan’s law clerk charged with attempted rape and solicitation of sex from a child

The arrest of Thomas J. Jackson IV aka T. Haller Jackson IV on charges of attempted rape and computer-aided solicitation of a minor (an 11 year old boy) has electrified the legal community in New Orleans due to inherent implications of having a predatory pedophile pass Federal background checks and the like. I’ve received a boatload of tips and done some of my own internet sleuthing and I think I can add some additional color and explain to the many non lawyerly types that read us the reasons the legal community is electrified.

First in the interest of fair journalism I must disclose that Jackson was the law clerk for Judge Morgan when Daniel Abel’s first SLAPP suit was filed in US District Court in New Orleans against myself and Anne Marie Vandenweghe. That suit was voluntarily dismissed on May 14, 2013 by Abel one day before a hearing to strike his suit under Louisiana’s anti SLAPP law.

Next up is the fact set as reported by both The Advocate and the Times Picayune. First this snippet from Juliet Linderman’s piece:

According to a police report, Jackson made contact in December with a man through GRINDR, a gay social networking smartphone application, and offered him $500 for a sexual encounter with a boy younger than 11. The other GRINDR user, whose name is not listed in the court records, sent screenshots of the conversation to the FBI.

In the following weeks, a federal agent identified in court documents as M. Allison assumed the online alias of Jackson’s GRINDR correspondent and on Dec. 30 struck up a conversation, telling Jackson that he’d found a 10-year-old boy. “Hook it up!! :)” Jackson replied.

And we have this from John Simerman at the Advocate: Continue reading “United States District Judge Susie Morgan’s law clerk charged with attempted rape and solicitation of sex from a child”

Tater Nuts problems just keep getting worser and worser. A periodic report on Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan and his mounting legal problems.

Well folks, in the past month Hagan has been arrested for getting fresh with a 15 year old girl and having child porn on his city owned notebook computer that he previously had claimed was lost.  Today the Sun Herald’s Margaret Baker checks in with a civil suit filed against Hagan by the Ameristar Casino Hotel. It seems Hagan overflowed his hotel room bathtub in a major way causing extensive damage to 6 hotel rooms. This snippet from Margaret’s story gives a flavor of the tort:

According to Ameristar Casino’s complaint, a security official was responding to a report of water seeping under the door of Hagan’s sixth-floor room when he found Hagan asleep in the bathtub with the water still running.

“… The water was overflowing onto the floor and into the hallway of the sixth floor and into several rooms (4) … causing wet carpet …” with additional water damage suspected in three other fifth-floor rooms. The officer, the report said, repeatedly tried to wake up Hagan. Finally, the report said, Hagan responded, using his foot to turn off the faucet before falling back to sleep.

Folks Tater Nut’s legal problems just seem to get worser and worser as another of Scott Walker’s Ocean Springs GOP running buddies self implodes.


NAMBLA opens a chapter in Ocean Springs: Tater Nut’s legal troubles getting worse.

Well folks we have Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis breaking into the Slabbed news cycle of late, so why not Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan too?  Seems poor James, fresh off his arrest for getting fresh with a 15-year-old girl, has been arrested again for having child porn on his city issued notebook computer that he supposedly had lost thus James has a consistency problem to go with his inability to control his little head, which evidently does most of the thinking for him.

I wonder if he is buds with Scott Walker?


Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..

Folks I have some stuff in the pipeline on the subject of Grand Isle Government but there is one problem on the island that reminded me of a famous South Park episode from season 2, Chicken Lover. Now that particular episode had a little something for everyone in the Slabbed Nation from Ayn Rand to certain unspeakable sex crimes. So while I develop the material here is a teaser in a video post of certain of the problems in State v Dantin. First is the simulated crime:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.998797&w=425&h=350&fv=]

and now one of the problems Continue reading “Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..”

Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update

In Paul Purpura’s latest update to the saga of David Carmadelle’s stepdad Molestin’ Jerry Dantin we have a new player enter the field in the Nielsen Law Firm, which is evidently representing the town of Grand Isle in the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit. Let’s circle Gerald Nielsen’s folks for now.  I’ve had a front row seat on this for some time now so for our newer readers such as our new friend Noladishu here is a quick recap of what we know:

Last year not long before the oil spill Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle’s stepdad molested a 6 year old boy. We know this because despite the best efforts of police chief Euris Dubois to gum up the works, Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of the child’s mother, who will remain nameless to protect the identity of the minor child. Since then Dantin’s lawyers have been trying to get the confession excluded but he has lost each step of the way including to the LA Supremes which refused to grant writs.

Because of the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit against Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle, my mind is open to the possibility there was indeed an official attempted coverup involving Dubois and Carmadelle.  There are other politicians rumored to be involved in that general aspect of this case but I won’t name them at this time. Continue reading “Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update”

Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..

Folks the mental picture I’m forming of Grand Isle is straight from the movie Deliverance and like Mayor David Carmadelle’s child molesting step dad, Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin we have another case with coverup, the commonality being Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois as I quote:

Elizabeth M. further testified that she spoke to V.D.H. on the porch of the Grand Isle Police building on the day that V.D.H. reported the abuse. She said that V.D.H. told her, “My dad’s been doing things to me that shouldn’t have been done,” but V.D.H. seemed relaxed and was smiling.

Defendant’s friends and neighbors, Joycelyn Horton, Robert Rosiere, Stephanie Odom, Carrie Mallahan, and Harold Cheramie, testified that in the community V.D.H. had a reputation for being untruthful and that the defendant had a good reputation. Euris Dubois, a Grand Isle alderman, also testified that the defendant had a good reputation in the community. Finally, the State stipulated that the remaining defense witnesses, if called, would testify that they “have personal knowledge of both defendant and the victim, that the defendant is a pillar of the community and has a good reputation for truthfulness and the victim is a liar…

Blaming the molestation victim is a popular tactic down Grand Isle way. This is the way the court of appeals saw it: Continue reading “Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..”

The Grand Isle Child Molestation Scandal receives more media coverage: A David Carmadelle/Jerry Dantin pedophile update.

We have 2 more news reports on the suit filed by Jane Doe against David Carmadelle, his molesting step dad “Captain Jay” Jerry Dantin and Euris Dubois. Before I get to the those I’d like to toss props to Judge Steve Wndhorst over in the 24th Judicial District Courts for putting the kibosh on Paul Connick’s office giving Dantin a sweetheart plea deal. Given the sad history in the 24th judicial district where Judge Bodenheimer of wrinkled robe infamy gave a child molesting relative of former Parish President Tim Coulon an easy ride the shit house precedent was set. Windhorst did what was right and to the extent the long arm of the Slabbed was watching this case unfold in the criminal system real-time, it is only right we recognize Judge Windhorst for keeping the light of justice burning over at the Gretna courthouse.

For Dantin, Carmadelle and Dubois the news isn’t so good as we begin with Paul Purpura’s extensive report for the Times Picayune that is well worth the read.  I’ll add that my mind is open to the possibility that it wasn’t the oil coming ashore that caused Mayor Carmadelle to cry on camera for the national news folks just a few weeks later. Continue reading “The Grand Isle Child Molestation Scandal receives more media coverage: A David Carmadelle/Jerry Dantin pedophile update.”

BREAKING: Anatomy of a sex crime coverup Part Deux: Jane Doe, on behalf of her son sues Grand Isle, Mayor Carmadelle, Police Chief Dubois and self confessed pedophile Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin.

Team Jane Doe, lead by the mother of the molested child is suing Grand Isle, the police chief and Mayor along with the molestin’ Jerry Dantin  for the deprivation of her son’s civil rights related to the attempted coverup of her son’s molestation by police chief Euris Dubois, at the behest of Mayor Carmadelle, on behalf of Carmadelle’s step dad Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin. This part of the complaint for damages had several very good nuggets including:

While all of this was happening, Mr. Cannadelle was crying hysterically and uncontrollably, at times lying on the floor. At one point during this traumatic event, Mr. Cannadelle thought he was having a heart attack and EMS was called to the police station to check out Mr. Carmadelle. He was not having a heart attack.

Panic attack sounds more like it. Is Captain Jay a repeat offender? According to the boy’s maternal grandmother: Continue reading “BREAKING: Anatomy of a sex crime coverup Part Deux: Jane Doe, on behalf of her son sues Grand Isle, Mayor Carmadelle, Police Chief Dubois and self confessed pedophile Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin.”