Even a pedophile doesn’t enjoy this kind of ball squeeze: A molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin update.

Grand Isle’s favorite perverted geezer has problems beyond his upcoming criminal retrial for molesting a 5-year-old boy because the problems associated with the inside fix Euris Dubois at the Grand Isle PD tried to put in on Dantin’s behalf is coming into much sharper focus. You see folks Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of Dubois and step son David Carmadelle last year but Dubois’ story that the department’s tape recorder did not work and that his secretary is functionally illiterate thus unable to take notes keeps getting curiousier and curiousier. I personally can’t wait to hear why Mayor Carmadelle fell out that day requiring an ambulance but that factoid will come another day while we visit with Paul Purpura’s Times Picayune story on Judge Zainey allowing the suit to continue as Team Dantin’s lost a big round of procedural motions in the related civil suit against Dantin, Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle.

Our own Patricia has been questioning the wisdom of parents taking children to Grand Isle in light of the events that have thus far unfolded in the Dantin saga and the one involving Dantin’s buddy Patrick Walsh who also appears to like his sex very young.  If it was me I’d keep my kids close on Grand Isle because it is also clear you can’t trust law enforcement on Grand Isle to do anything other than botch the investigation, as it strongly appears they purposely did in the case of Mayor Caramdelle’s step dad.

Caveat Emptor.


Hung Jury: Molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin gets a mistrial.

Folks the bottom line here is all Jerry Dantin’s lawyer Robert Toale  had to defend his client was to attack the victim and his Momma because despite Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois’ best efforts to fuck this case up from the start, the jury still came within one vote of sending the perv up to Angola for the rest of his life.  Even the prosecution acknowledged the obvious per Paul Purpura’s story on the topic straight from the Gretna courthouse:

Assistant District Attorney Jerry Smith did not sugarcoat what appeared to happen in Dubois’ office, saying in closing argument that Dubois and Camardelle believed Dantin over the boy’s mother, and that by gathering in the chief’s office, “they knew they could smooth this over.”

“What happens on the island stays on the island,” Smith said.

In previous posts on this topic I wrote that Slabbed was keeping its editorial mind open to the fact that DA Paul Connick’s office was half-assing the prosecution of Dantin, who is politically connected through Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle and his long standing friendship with police chief Euris Dubois.  I think Paul’s report makes it clear ADA Jerry Smith pursued this case, purposely flawed at the investigative stage IMHO, as aggressively as he could given what he had to work with. Paul Connick and his office gets lots of well deserved criticism here on Slabbed but in this instance they get props for prosecuting this case despite the political heat applied to Connick by a certain west bank crooked politico whose initials are John Alario.

I have a fair amount of material accumulated that is tangentially related to the Dantin case that will be rollled out while we await a new trial date.


Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update

In Paul Purpura’s latest update to the saga of David Carmadelle’s stepdad Molestin’ Jerry Dantin we have a new player enter the field in the Nielsen Law Firm, which is evidently representing the town of Grand Isle in the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit. Let’s circle Gerald Nielsen’s folks for now.  I’ve had a front row seat on this for some time now so for our newer readers such as our new friend Noladishu here is a quick recap of what we know:

Last year not long before the oil spill Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle’s stepdad molested a 6 year old boy. We know this because despite the best efforts of police chief Euris Dubois to gum up the works, Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of the child’s mother, who will remain nameless to protect the identity of the minor child. Since then Dantin’s lawyers have been trying to get the confession excluded but he has lost each step of the way including to the LA Supremes which refused to grant writs.

Because of the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit against Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle, my mind is open to the possibility there was indeed an official attempted coverup involving Dubois and Carmadelle.  There are other politicians rumored to be involved in that general aspect of this case but I won’t name them at this time. Continue reading “Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update”