Michael, are your ears burning brother?

I received some interesting emails this weekend but the one that caught my fancy was the one that called New Orleans assistant US Attorney Michael Magner a “degenerate cockroach”. I am well familiar with Magner from back in the day and I feel on safe ground by terming the man a great natural basher along the lines of your mostly humble correspondent.

Locally, there was cause for concern in certain Jefferson Parish circles when it became known that Mr Magner had temporarily departed the area for a bit of home office duty. I say temporary because my unofficial sources indicated such was the case.


Do not touch the children

That would be the theme these days in Bay St Louis but I will not tell stories on Brother William or Mr Verlander. Instead, since I’m not talking, we’ll let the Sun Herald say a few things on the topic here and here.

Bub remains gay…..


Nowdy sent me an email saying I needed to post……

And I was thinking another week toiling away here in the salt mine should just about catch me up. I don’t blog about the day job much and I won’t start today beyond saying that I see more of my friends from the surety arena this time of year more than any other. I enjoy those visits.

No links because I have not the time but last time I saw the legislature here in Mississippi was fixing to pump another $20MM of taxpayer dollars offshore to Mr Chaney’s reinsurance friends in Bermuda. Here at Slabbed we’ve made no secret of the fact we’d like that money spent here at home.

I did see James Gill tackle Tom Porteous yesterday and he did great work providing the background on why the Harahan boy made bad needs to resign from the bench before the US Senate impeaches his sorry ass.

Our researcher is out on medical. We hope he heals up quickly and pain-free.

I’ve resigned from the Allstate Board at Yahoo which in internet parlance means I’ll be back at some point in time later on. Continue reading “Nowdy sent me an email saying I needed to post……”

We’re asking for thoughts and prayers for our friend Editilla

We may know the sound of unbroken belief
with a bucket of seed and the pigeons beside us.
And we slide down the wet stones of the street
to a little cafe named for the goddess of flowers.
There the 8 Ball lines up with the Lucky 13
and Snake Eyes and Diamonds and Demons in Chains,
and the Angel waits for St Ann to begin
with her masque made of sorrow and her laugh made of sin.
So when I die…
please think of me down Royal Street
with a Brass Band and the 2nd Line beat
through the courtyards in the Marigny
and lay me down my soul to sleep.

May his body be mended.

We got your back brother.


Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..

IMG00109Yep no denying it, Slabbed has been a low priority lately. We even missed nabbing Gene’s WLOX interview on their Saturday news show. I hated to miss that one. Steve is similarily taking time away.

I mentioned here when the public first perceived the financial crisis that I loved bargain shopping, just not at a department store. For me it doesn’t get much better than DY; ol’ girl has been most kind to me since I met her in 2001. Vive la volatilité!

But that is not a chart on the right, rather part of my backyard. The pecan in the background Continue reading “Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..”

Slabbed Exclusive: Disturbing rumors swirling involving the arrests of several Hancock County officials (Updated)

I heard it first via the Beauty Shop Network and have confirmed the rumor with another well placed source. There is nothing on this as of yet in the press though I’m certain it is being looked into by the pros in the media. If true, this turn of events is most lamentable.


I’ve confirmed this with two different sources. There are 13 total indictments.