Highway Robbery at the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office

Gusman agrees to pay lawyers who sued him $900,000 ~ Claire Galofaro

The $900,000 is not the highway robbery part. This is:

Gusman pays his own lawyers, the firm of Usry, Weeks and Matthews, a flat rate of $68,000 every two weeks. If that arrangement continues, in the five years it will take him to pay the Southern Poverty Law Center its $900,000, he will have paid his own lawyers about $8.8 million.

File this one under nice to be a good ol’ boy.

Because he is that incorrigible: Dean Kelly headed back to the pokey….

What can I say folks but the saga of Dean Kelly and the women from across the country who want to strangle him has no end in sight.

Dean Kelly files suit against Sheriff Gusman ~ Natasha Robin

I knew there was a development a few days ago because of the google searches from across the country that landed on these pages looking for the story behind the story on Kelly, a former male model that is well known here in the greater Soggy Bottom metropolitan area. Back to the post title and Dean being incorrigible:

Accused rapist, ex-model Dean Kelly ordered back to jail ~ Mystery reporter WDSU TeeVee

What we need now is another busload of pissed off Tulane coeds to hit the next hearing.  😉


For those of you that missed this last week. Rotten to the core in NOLA

And I get the urge to laugh hysterically when Mayor Malf Moon hints at dumping the tab for decades of neglect due to local thievery on the US Treasury.

Editorially, Slabbed New Media is resolutely against dumping, whether by a sleazy stock operator in Vancouver Canada, a large multinational insurance company outta Bloomington or the Mayor of arguably the most corrupt city it the entire country.

Watch and learn folks.