Greenlit: Speculation rampant on target of Killer Van

I’ll take the opportunity to point out the van and its occupants were arrested in Jefferson Parish so it is safe to assume the target was there. To set things up for the rest of ya’ll that have no clue what I am talking about:

Killer Ride: Federal sources say van designed to kill ~ Rob Masson

I saw and read Masson’s story and there is something that does not make sense to me in how police can get a tip about a van riding around with a stolen license plate. This is not the type of tip that can come from the general public which tells me there bis more to this story than meets the eye. Masson followed up with a second story on Monday:

Federal, local agents seek possible ‘assassination van’ targets ~ Rob Masson

The initial Jefferson Parish report said the van was reported by an unnamed source. FOX 8 has now learned that source was a camera programmed to spot stolen plates. Jefferson Parish deputies say they have nearly 100 such cameras looking for stolen cars.

I have heard such cameras in Mississippi helped solve the Jaren Lockhart murder. Big Brother has some utility folks but it still does not tell us the identity of the intended target(s) of the van’s occupants, Dominick Gullo and Joseph Gagliano, both reputed organized crime figures, Gagliano in particular.

5 Plead Guilty to Defrauding Bally Gaming ~ New York Times Archives

I do not see Gullo or Gagliano cooperating with the authorities here. I’ll be keeping an eye on the case

Slabbed sends an open letter to Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise

Via facsimile (902) 742-0678

February 6, 2013

Justice Leon Muise
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
164 Main Street
Yarmouth, NS B5A 1C2

RE: Yarmouth Action #328248
Trout Point Lodge et al v Louisiana Media Company LLC

Dear Justice Muise:

On Friday January 18, 2013 I was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding a security breach and/or hacking of my widely read legal affairs blog at by persons connected to or acting on behalf of targets of an ongoing Federal Investigation in post Hurricane Katrina political corruption on the Gulf Coast, specifically metro New Orleans. The above action is one of several defamation suits filed by Aaron Broussard’s American expatriate business managers in Canada1, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret over minute details of their self-admitted business relationships and management of an entity that United States prosecutors would later describe as an elaborate bribery scheme.2  The United States District Court for Southern District of Mississippi would later describe these Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation lawsuits filed by Broussard’s Canadian based business agents as the practice of “libel tourism”.3

The purpose of this letter is to address the use of perjured affidavits by Charles Leary in the above captioned defamation suit filed before your court to invade the privacy of US Internet commenters commenting on a US political corruption scandal. Attached to this letter is a motion made by Charles Leary under your local rule 14 filed on April 26, 2011 seeking a court order to obtain the IP address of 4 commenters on my blog including myself. Mr. Leary claimed in the court filing and at a later hearing before your court in May, 2011 that I was an anonymous blogger, that he did not know my identity and needed a court order to determine such in order to file suit against me and 3 other Americans for defamation in Canada.

Also attached to this letter is an affidavit sworn in United States District Court by Mr. Leary in Yarmouth Nova Scotia dated July 25, 2012 submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi in which Mr Leary swore:4

“On May 6, 2011, a process server named Chris Yount served a Notice of Intended Action directed to Doug Handshoe on Doug Handshoe’s wife at his residence in Bay St Louis, Mississippi.”

Less than two weeks later he was in your courtroom testifying he did not know the identity of the publisher of Slabbed. The effect of this was that I and 3 others were denied due process to contest Mr Leary’s wild accusations. Continue reading “Slabbed sends an open letter to Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise”

Must read: Yall Politics explores the hiring of former FBI agent Hal Neilson and his new company contains some very interesting Louisiana connections.

Folks I’d like to get some backgorund related to the ownership of Here Enterprises, which I highlighted in a post last week here.  I’ll let Yall Politics explain why:

These “microcap” stocks are sometimes affiliated with fraudulent “pump and dump” schemes where insiders accumulate large amounts of shares over time, manipulate trades and they pay internet marketers and boiler rooms (often overseas) to hype stocks and create a false market. Here Enterprises has issued (at least in the past) these similar Regulation S shares, which are targeted to trade overseas.

Something else that Here Enterprises shares is common ownership with a financial mastermind that has just been served an enforcement action by the SEC for $35,000,000 in securities fraud one week before Neilson was named CEO. Continue reading “Must read: Yall Politics explores the hiring of former FBI agent Hal Neilson and his new company contains some very interesting Louisiana connections.”

And you’re still outta here! Big D Fazzio’s lawyers remain disqualified and that’s all we’ll be hearing ’bout that for a while.

Late last week Judge Ginger made it official folks, Dominick Fazzio’s legal fee agreement with Team Heebe/Ward/River Birch Landfill made it impossible for him to get unconflicted legal representation. The good news is Big D gets federal public defender Sam Scillitani as his new lawyer, at least for the time being. The federal public defenders office did a great job with our own AROD against USA Letten’s trumped-up threat charges against him so Big D is in competent legal hands for now.

This one has all the signs of a first class crushing. I’ll note sentences like the one I think Big D will end up with qualify such felons for places like the prison in Marion Illinois where solitary confinement is the rule more so than the exception. The deleterious mental impacts of solitary have been well documented:

In addition, solitary confinement often resulted in severe exacerbation of a previously existing mental condition. Even among inmates who did not develop overt psychiatric illness as a result of solitary confinement, such confinement almost inevitably imposed significant psychological pain during the period of isolated confinement and often significantly impaired the inmate’s capacity to adapt successfully to the broader prison environment.

It is both tragic and highly disturbing that the lessons of the nineteenth century experience with solitary confinement are today being so completely ignored by those responsible for addressing the housing and the mental health needs in the prison setting. For, indeed, the psychiatric harm caused by solitary confinement had become exceedingly apparent well over one hundred years ago.

I hear even the Dapper Don, John Gotti ended up smearing his own feces on himself from the bad mental impacts of solitary before he died at Marion Illinois. File that one from the penthouse to the shithouse files.


“Something is definitely rotten in Jefferson”: The (non)Performing Arts Center Boondoggle in the news…

Folks the topic of the ongoing boondoggle at the Jefferson Parish (non)Performing Arts Center is one that has been mentioned a time or two on these pages and even more offline but it is also a topic I have personally avoided delving into here on Slabbed because despite the fact the subject matter of a construction project gone bad is right up my alley professionally I could never wrap my arms around the topic.  That changes today.

I noticed the emails coming in Friday that the subject matter was topical in the press beginning with Rich Rainey’s report for the T-P and the Wino even sent me a bat signal first thing Monday morning the Legislative Audit Report was up on the web.  The conclusion of tax season 2010 prevented me from boning up on the latest until yesterday and it was the legislative auditor that finally cleared things up for me and in turn I hope to now advance the discussion but first a hat tip to my brother CPAs at the Legislative Auditor’s office:

The short version of the press accounts is the end result of a major study on the development of the LaSalle Tract of land owned by the Parish resulted in the determination that its best use would include the inclusion of the Performing Arts Center on the site.  An architect was hired to design the facility, the project was first bid in 2005, ground broke after Katrina and in 2011 with over $18MM in cost over runs the project remains unfinished and there is lots of finger-pointing to this day. But the devil lies in the details and man o’ man have we accumulated details here on Slabbed (without completely knowing) since 2008.  Let’s start with a snippet from the Legislative Auditor Report: Continue reading ““Something is definitely rotten in Jefferson”: The (non)Performing Arts Center Boondoggle in the news…”

Illinois embraces video poker Louisiana style: Self serving politicians, crooks and organized crime is a match made in heaven….

The lede of Joseph Ryan’s Chicago Tribune story is compelling and the cast of miscreants I mean characters (or lack thereof) is stunning:

Nicky Nichols became a major player in the Louisiana world of video gambling while cutting key politicians in on the game. Now he has brought some notable business partners to his Illinois ventures: Louisiana legislators.

Folks it appears Robert Guidry is still a very busy man these days as the Guidry family’s move into emerging gaming markets in places like Pennsylvania and Illinois is well chronicled in the Joseph Ryan story linked above.  This is also a classic case study in self-serving double-dealing politicians rationalizing their greed.  You good folks up in Illinois that regularly read us (you know who you are) please visit our prior coverage of the Perdigao saga for a possible explanation why Guidry was allowed to keep his gaming license by former US Attorney Eddie Jordan in Louisiana despite the fact he testified to bribing Gov Edwin Edwards to get it. Video Poker in Louisiana is rotten to the core IMHO, a stench filled world where a corrupt and broke local sheriff can become a video poker magnet in his own right leaving the local taxpayers the legacy of his corrupt political hack daughter who is very ably filling daddy’s shoes in the criminal enterprise that is Jefferson Parish Louisiana.

I’ll add that Illinois Legislator Lou Lang from Skokie (aka Hoboken Midwest) appears to be as crooked as they come. In so many ways the marriage of crooked Louisiana and Illinois legislators is a match made in pay to play heaven.


“Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….

I tell you folks this last bit of Wiley Beevers inspired homecooking in Judge McCabe’s courtroom is the gift that keeps on giving. For instance we only need to take the Wayback Machine to May 16, 2009 to find this Mini-me Roberts inspired Allen Powell jewel that also causes some collateral damage IMHO to others with political aspirations in 2011:

So a buncha Sopranos stormed the Governor’s Mansion on Thursday. Funny thing was, though, they weren’t from Jersey. Try Jefferson Parish.

These guys are a bunch of politicians, long fans of the HBO television show, who got together every Sunday to watch it and stuff their faces with authentic Italian fare. “We all gained a little weight during that time,” Parish Councilman Chris Roberts said.

After years of faithfully following the show, they took to wearing black fedoras when they got together, especially when the fun spilled into a local bar or restaurant afterward. Soon they started calling themselves the Black Hats. Continue reading ““Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….”

Here is a hint…..

This past Wednesday when I revealed that I had again visited the Lafayette Square Wino I ended the post with a question the Wino insisted I ask the Slabbed Nation:

If the Kelvin Landfill (JPL) closes as part of a deal with River Birch, where will Team River Birch get the land to expand their landfill down the line? (Hint. Industrial zoned land sports the highest valuations.)

Here is a great hint courtesy of Steve.

Remember folks, the people pulling the strings of crooked pols like Chris Roberts think way far out in the future.