Meantime this Jacobus guy from San Fran will evidently put his name on anything…….

Looks like to me that on PDF page 16 Mssrs Abel and Jacobus, counsel for Trout Point Lodge, have breached a seal that Abel obtained on an ex parte basis from Judge Glenn Ansardi.   How quickly people forget Copeland v Copeland and Operation Wrinkled Robe.

Goatherder Motion on Truitt Intervention Goatherder Motion on Truitt Intervention

“Revenge is a messy business”: Martha Sassone makes courthouse news in St Tammany

Time is short folks so you gotta read the docs but what we have here is something along the lines of sex, drugs and rock and roll, especially the sex part. It’s a cesspool out there folks and Drew Broach knows it better than most as Sassone was the inside witness at the Gretna Courthouse feeding info to team Fed in Operation Wrinkled Robe. As a Judge, she was known as a tyrant, completely devoid of judicial temperament who engaged in retaliatory activity in abuse of her oath of office befitting the cesspool that spawned her.  The stories I have heard about Judge Martha and her battles with arch nemesis Susan Chehardy are the stuff of prime Louisiana courthouse legend.  No one in the legal community in Jefferson Parish will admit to missing Sassone. Click the pics to nab the pdfs.

Crestwood Retail Center v Salon Senoj and Sassone

Continue reading ““Revenge is a messy business”: Martha Sassone makes courthouse news in St Tammany”

That 24th JDC Division D race will be the death of me as the ghosts of Operation Wrinkled Robe haunt the race

I’ve been trying to stay away from the coming judicial elections in Jefferson Parish since Julie Quinn quit the Division D race a few months ago as the candidates did not excite me much nor did I see many clear cut choices. That is, until John Sudderth announced he would run in Division D. If you scroll down to the comments you’ll find my lawyer Bobby Truitt tied it up with Sudderth and/or his handlers as there are a few subjects that get Bobby fired up, Operation Wrinkled Robe being one of them.

Long story short Bobby’s client K-Mart was home cooked by former Judge Alan Green and the gang at team K-Mart did not take kindly to that. The investigation into Gretna courthouse corruption exposed many unsightly wrinklesincestuous relationships political and otherwise and included local icons like Al Copeland. It was one of the most expensive federal investigations in US history and it stopped way short though Federal Judge Tom Porteous ended up being impeached partially as a result of Wrinkled Robe.

So what does this have to do with John Sudderth running for Division D judge? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

USA v Green Indictment Screen Capture 1

And the participants? This lays it out: Continue reading “That 24th JDC Division D race will be the death of me as the ghosts of Operation Wrinkled Robe haunt the race”

Drew Broach continues slogging through the Wrinkled Robe papers, examines the infamous fight between Al Copeland and Bobby Guidry.

The posts I’ve done that contained the names Al Copeland and Bobby Guidry generally end up as excellent “muckreads” here on Slabbed as the Fried Chicken King was ass deep with several wrinkled robes and Guidry with the Edwin Edwards prosecution and surfacing on Slabbed in the Perdigao saga. So along those lines Drew Broach checks in again with another installment of his FOIA based examination of the FBI files in the wrinkled robe investigation into courthouse corruption in Jefferson Parish that profiles the fist fight between Guidry and Copeland inside Morton’s steakhouse.  Broach makes a bit of a leap in his identifying Bryan White as Copeland’s “Consigliere” that contacted Team Letten to have Guidry’s probation revoked after the fight.  Guidry sure did get a sweet deal in the EWE prosecution folks.


The Office of Disciplinary Counsel is right to seek permanent disbarment for former Judge Benge: An Imaangry guest post

I read the op-ed piece by James Gill the other day with some amusement. It was certainly a case of Mr. Gill trying to make the case for an apples vs. oranges comparison. But in this case, the subjects of his piece, former Judges Joan Benge and Hunter King, were both apples – bad ones.

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel has recommended that former Judge Joan Benge should be permanently disbarred as an attorney after she was removed as a judge in Jefferson Parish. Likewise, Hunter King was removed as a judge in Orleans Parish and was permanently disbarred. Benge’s dishonor came when she fixed a case for a lawyer who had a civil case in her court that had dubious merit. The attorney was a friend and campaign contributor. On the other hand, Hunter King required staff members to solicit campaign contributions for him, while working, then lied about it under oath.

How James Gill can find either of these former judge’s/lawyer’s conduct to be disparate is beyond me. In both instances, the judges used their position to corrupt the judicial system and obviously took the imperious view that they were above the law and would not be caught. Do we really want lawyers who admittedly cheat the system or lie to have the privilege of continuing to practice law among those who strive to stay within the bounds of the Rules of Professional Conduct and the law? I say “No.” Continue reading “The Office of Disciplinary Counsel is right to seek permanent disbarment for former Judge Benge: An Imaangry guest post”

Drew Broach takes a nostalgic trip down wrinkled robe lane as the Times Picayune profiles recently released internal FBI records.

The Times Picayune went above and beyond in their FOIA based 4 year investigation into Team FBI and Operation Wrinkled Robe, a 9 year saga that concluded with the impeachment last year of Federal District Court Judge Tom pOrteous. We’ve written extensively on both the investigation and last year’s impeachment proceedings with my Bell Cow post on Wrinkled Robe itself found here with Nowdy’s combo Wrinkled Robe/Porteous/Shaved genitalia masterpiece here. Today T-P editor Drew Broach nicely adds to the extensive body of knowledge that is Operation Wrinkled Robe with his report on FBI investigation papers which includes some interactive graphics and the FOIA response itself. It is simply very well done.

Some of the names mentioned should be very familiar to Slabbed lifers in Kenner’s Skip Hand and Steve Mortillaro, later termed deadhead employees by Aaron Broussard’s replacement Steve Theriot. But we also learn that the investigation also went on location in Biloxi twice as the Marcotte’s bought the judges rooms at the Beau Rivage.

Most interesting is how the whole thing started with a tip from a disgruntled competitor of Louis Marcotte to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, the same folks that filed the ethics complaint against Aaron Broussard for making parish venders rent his vacation property at the Trout Point development in Nova Scotia.  Ol’ Aaron has since began selling his Canadian holdings including his beloved River Bend Lodge, which was sold earlier this year to Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge infamy.

I mention all this because all it takes is a tip to start something far larger. Continue reading “Drew Broach takes a nostalgic trip down wrinkled robe lane as the Times Picayune profiles recently released internal FBI records.”

Lipstick on a pig: The Porteous impeachment back in the news.

Folks we have arrived at the end game with soon to be impeached (and convicted) Judge G. Thomas pOrteous. Bruce Alpert has a report for the Times Picayune on this matter and the always self promoting lawyer Jonathan Turley tries to slather some last minute lipstick on the hog that is Porteous. All that said I’m partial to our coverage here on Slabbed which is chock full of insider insight and other details you just didn’t find elsewhere in the media.

Last time this heated up we had every major network pay us a visit, no doubt hot in pursuit of those hard to find details so y’all be sweet now.


Mister Mumblelides can you spell your name for the record? A Porteous impeachment update.

I had several emails yesterday inquiring if I was going to do another Porteous post, especially in light of the evidently illuminating testimony of former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides.  I did not find time to fit any blogging in yesterday but do have a bit of time today for this endeavor called Slabbed.

Before I put up some impeachment links I’d like to thank all our commenters on the last Porteous post, Slabbed goes on assignment.  From seeing the raw page view data via WordPress stats I feel pretty safe in saying it is being read across the country. The credit for that belongs to those moved to comment providing the inside story.

I have three links on yesterday’s proceedings, the first dealing with former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides, from whose office most of the judges involved in the Operation Wrinkled Robe scandal began their careers including Porteous.  In light of Mamo’s testimony I think our reasons for so vigorously backing Ray Steib in the special election to take Judge Benge’s place on the 24th Judicial District bench comes into sharper focus. We continue to hope Ray is able to stay away from Magnum’s corrupting influence. Continue reading “Mister Mumblelides can you spell your name for the record? A Porteous impeachment update.”

Catching up on the ironing – Operation Wrinkled Robe and the Impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous

The “good news” is Sop “saved the day” – actually, he “saved” and published my “Say not” post after my computer locked yesterday.  The “bad news” is that my post was missing a link – literally and figuratively!

“Missing links”  appear to be the hallmark of the impeachable conduct of Judge Thomas Porteous –  many, no doubt,  hidden beneath the wrinkles in his robe .

In the interest of “catching up on the ironing”, I’ll first set up the board; i.e., a chronology of events relative to the impeachment charges against Porteous:

He was a judge on the 24th Judicial District Court of Louisiana from 1984 to 1994…nominated by President Bill Clinton to a seat on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana… and confirmed by the United States Senate on October 7, 1994… In 2001, Porteous filed for bankruptcy, which led to revelations in the press about his private life, specifically the fact that he was alleged to have had close ties with local bail bond magnate Louis Marcotte III, at the center of a corruption probe, which has more recently led to his being the subject of investigation himself by federal investigators. In May 2006, Porteous, beset by the recent loss of his home due to Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 and the death of his wife a few months later, and still under investigation by a federal grand jury, was granted temporary medical leave and began a year-long furlough from the federal bench.

“On June 18, 2008 the Judicial Conference of the United States transmitted a certificate[8] to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives expressing the Conference’s determination that consideration of impeachment of Porteous might be warranted” and, on March 11, 2010, the House passed a four-article Resolution of Impeachment.

The outrage over Porteous’ current effort to “game the system”, defeat the impeachment charges and return to the bench is due in part to his past success in “gaming the system” as stated in Continue reading “Catching up on the ironing – Operation Wrinkled Robe and the Impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous”