I'm diggin' up bones, exhuming things that everyone needs to know…..

Yes I can verify the girls are quite the litigious bunch!

This book is typical of a lot of anti-gun attempts at literacy; packed with false claims and sloppy logic. The author has a poor understanding of US firearms law and an even worse knowledge of the facts behind gun politics in America. For example, he claims that the 1994 Crime Bill banned firearms dealers from selling high capacity magazines.

In fact, the law only restricted the importation and new production of such magazines. All high capacity magazines imported or made in the US before 1994 continue to be lawfully sold in America.

This may seem like an odd technicality, but the author is an attorney and should have been able to properly research and understand the law.

There are a number of compelling books that make arguments in support or opposition to firearms ownership, and groups like the NRA, this is not one of them.

If you are rabidly anti-gun and just want to be spoon fed lies that sound good, this is the book for you. If you are pro-gun or perhaps you’d like to know more before forming an opinion, don’t waste your time with this lousy book.

Let’s circle Mr Abel and guns for now and save the more there for later.

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