Where’s Waldo Part 1: Hiding in the no-bid DMR Consulting Contracts that’s where

What would appear at first blush to be a straight forward post has gotten a tad more complicated so what I am going to do is identify what the crackerjack Slabbed Investigative Journalism team found plus a bit more and then put some more meat on the bones in subsequent posts.

I guess the first question would involve identifying Waldo and for that we turn to this Google search string to accomplish that. I used Google instead of homegrown Slabbed links to illustrate that the gang at Frontier Strategies has attracted a good bit of statewide media attention and that attention has not necessarily been positive. I’ll let Wayne Weidie explain via this post on the Weidie Report dating back almost a year ago concerning the bruising primary battle between Senator Thad Cochran and State Senator Chris McDaniel that left the incumbent Senator in second place behind the newcomer McDaniel. Here is a snippet:

Poor campaign decision from the start

For his campaign leadership, Sen. Cochran had Kirk Sims and Josh Gregory fostered on him by Sen. Roger Wicker and Gov. Bryant. Sims was Bryant’s chief of staff before he was named campaign manager. No small factor is that Sims is Wicker’s son-in-law. Gregory has always been the man behind the throne for Bryant, and Gregory is already looking for his next horse to ride into the Governor’s Mansion after Bryant presumably is re-elected and serves his second term.

While the Cochran campaign had other able campaign professionals, by any measure, the management of the campaign was a disaster.

For people that make their living doing political coms consulting, the golden children of the Boss Hogg administration have not fared as well since Boss’s coattails departed the Govs mansion back in 2011 and the above criticism, from an well known, seasoned political operative had to sting.  And yet it is more than just giving bad campaign advice as issues involving the maturity certain of the GOP golden boys have also been raised right here on these pages but the focus of my search was for Frontiersman Joe Cloyd and his long rumored no bid contracts with Mississippi DMR that morphed into a long term project.

You see folks normally you’d head straight over to the Mississippi State Transparency portal and pull up all the contracts by state agency and then locate the one you’re looking for – wham, bam, boom its done. But nothing connected with Joe Cloyd ever came up thus the issue became one of resolving the information imparted to Slabbed by sources in the Bolton Building Janitorial Department, an impeccable source of information on all things DMR without cluing the General in as to which sanitation engineer was leaking Slabbed New Media. Continue reading “Where’s Waldo Part 1: Hiding in the no-bid DMR Consulting Contracts that’s where”

DMR Scandal Resurfaces during election season

We are under T minus 60 days until primary election day so I reckon it is only natural the Silver Dollar pictures would trickle back out:

Taxpayer funded charter fishing trips circa 2012 from DMR scandal.  Courtesy of a Reader
Taxpayer funded charter fishing trips circa 2012 from DMR scandal. Courtesy of a Reader

We have a new dress code at DMR but I’ll spare everyone those details for now. What I do not get is people using Twitter Hashtags on other social media. Here is the gang up on the 6th Floor celebrating Mardi Gras with a pot luck lunch. Continue reading “DMR Scandal Resurfaces during election season”

Slabbed takes the Ignatius challenge and writes one wayyyyy to the inside Part Deux

As Davichy55 would say on finance back in the the olden days


Now for a round of double jeopardy:

Question: Who else stepped financially for the former Goatherder in Chief back in February, 2011?

Answer: Same guy that was given the no bid legal services contract by the Jefferson Parish Council.

Jefferson Parish Council awards contract to lowest-ranked firm that gave most money ~ Adriane Quinlan

Must read folks as Chris Roberts waxes nonsensical justifying this sweetheart deal.

Next question: Is there a story behind the story on the selection of Bruce Burglass’ law firm by Roberts and company?

Answer: Oh yeah.

H/T: The Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government

Stay tuned.

Because it is a brother in law deal. DMR employee lets contracts to his own family

I’ve been chasing this lead for a week but it was the following email that best tells the story:

The sub-grant agreements from DMR to the Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc., specifically require compliance with the State Personal Board Contracts regulations requiring bidding and comparable pricing – much like the contracts with Elizabeth Rooks-Barber required.

A couple of sub-grantee agreements were posted documents at Sunherald. Page 417 of the 2008 Artificial Reef Project EDRP, Katrina Money of the publically posted documents is the applicable sub-grant agreement with MGFB, Inc. Section 8.27 of that agreement requires compliance with State Personnel Contract Review Board rules.

Mike Irwin Holmes, the owner/operator of Mike Holmes Construction, is Kerwin Cuevas’ brother-in-law (Kerwin’s wife’s brother).

And my new pen pal was kind enough to provide a link establishing the Brother in law relationship.  I invariably do a supplemental Google search of my own on tips and lo and behold Holmes turns up connected to KEBAWK Response Technologies which certainly worked the oil spill. He is listed as a partner to KEBAWK so what we have here is a brother in law deal with a side partnership (once removed).

Worth noting is the MGFB contracts with Mike Holmes Construction LLC since December 2011 are technically a nullity since Mike Holmes Construction LLC was administratively dissolved by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office back in December, 2011.

Since this is a brother in law deal we gotta drill down a bit on another Special Purpose Entity acting the part of middleman to what appears to be specious activity:

Even more curious is why DMR used MGFB for the reef building work.  DMR has the permits to build the reefs.  The posted records show that all MGFB did was act as a conduit to forward Mike Holmes and Matthews Marine’s invoices to DMR for payment.

Here is one page of many in the Sun Herald document dump that deals with Kerwin Cuevas and Mike Holmes. Click the pic to nab the PDF via the Sun Herald: Continue reading “Because it is a brother in law deal. DMR employee lets contracts to his own family”

Louisiana Legislator Girod Jackson back in the news and this time it is not for ripping folks off or getting no bid contracts from Jefferson Parish

You know it has to be an election year when the local crooked politicos start kicking up sand to make it look as if they care for the people instead of lining their own pockets. Such is the case with Paul Purpura’s story on State Rep. Girod Jackson’s efforts in the legislature to create a third minority judicial district in the 24th JDC. Jackson is a name we know well here on Slabbed as he runs earmark scams with outgoing Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee fleecing the taxpayers outta big money. And when he is not stealing from the local taxpayers Jackson scams ordinary folks like the poor Moss family who claims Jackson became the invisible man after taking their money to repair their house.

Meantime the folks in Harvey are getting just the type of representation in the legislature they deserve. Breaking the cycle of masochistic ignorance that leads to ascension of unabashed crooks like Jackson and fellow west banker John Alario to public office is the key here IMHO.


Making the case against the Jindal/Nungesser sand berm scheme: Rob Young appears in the New York Times. Slabbed highlights Billy Nungesser's double dealing with BP.

Editilla was very kind to stop in with us a few days back sharing a link to the Louisiana Coast Post which has been all over the folly of the sand berms. Let’s begin there:

Most residents of south Louisiana and the main stream media have swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the fish story from Governor Jindal and his staff that we can dredge our way out of the B.Pocalypse by constructing sand barriers around our sinking deltaic coast. The sand berm sales job has clearly been an outstanding success.

But wait, a new Robert Young has now emerged as a media figure, not an actor playing a salesman but a coastal scientist playing the critical role of a policy advocate. This modern Robert Young, a coastal geology professor at Western Carolina University, has weighed in on Governor Jindal’s sand berm solution for saving our coast.

Professor Young wrote an Op/Ed Column in The New York Times on June 11 about this controversial and curious concept, the idea of preventing BP spoilage of the Mississippi River delta, not with shrink wrap but with sand berms. His column lists the very same concerns about going through with this project that have been expressed in LaCoastPost here; here; here; here; and here.

Rob well makes the case in the NYT. Here is a snippet:

The state understandably wants to move quickly and on a large scale, and no one wants to stop a project like this simply because it is spending too much of BP’s money. The problem, however, is that the berms won’t work as promised, and their construction will monopolize resources that could be used more effectively elsewhere. Continue reading “Making the case against the Jindal/Nungesser sand berm scheme: Rob Young appears in the New York Times. Slabbed highlights Billy Nungesser's double dealing with BP.”