Saints talent evaluation watch: Smith County > Stockton

For those of you that are not pro football fans I will point out Donte Moncrief is a home boy. Through three games:

Donte Moncrief – 17 receptions, 200 yards, 3 TDs
Brandin Cooks – 16 receptions, 190 yards, 0 TDs

Meantime over NFL fantasy football central:

Since I’m making a fantasy mea culpa, I wish I could take a huge mulligan on Brandin Cooks. This was my biggest blunder of the fantasy draft season (so far). Ugh. Thankfully I had him in just one league this year. Yes, that is past tense. I already traded his (expletive). Thankfully it’s the NFL Fantasy LIVE league, so it’s really not an important league to me. But hot damn, that smarts. (To be fair, the guy drafting in front of me spent the entire summer saying how much he hated Odell Beckham Jr., and then drafted him right in front of me. Which caused me to take Jeremy Hill. Another mistake) I have no idea why I thought we could trust a single Saints receiver, but it’s not going to happen. Oh well, now I can move on. I replaced him with Donte Moncrief (for real), and I’m not going to think twice about it.

Ole Miss and LSU continue to win and Mississippi State is also fielding a decent team so at least we still have Saturdays. Consider this an open thread.

At the rate he’s going Tom Benson is gonna own us all, lock, stock and barrel…..

My early internet social media experience came with the national financial media, 99% of which are complete sellout corporate whores.  Is the sports beat any different?  I wonder and offer the following two Dave Walker articles on Jim Henderson’s semi-retirement as the exact reason Grand Master Wang exists over at Moosedenied excoriating Legitimate Media™ types on the sports beat:

He says his departure from the local CBS affiliate is a chance to “sample” retirement. He’ll continue as the play-by-play voice of the New Orleans Saints for WWL AM-870. There will likely be other work on the other side, too.

“It’s going to be a lot more freedom,” Henderson said last week. “Channel 4 was really nice to me and wanted to keep me in whatever role I wanted. I just think it’s time…………………

The nature of the work itself has changed over the years, too, and not necessarily for the better. Professional and college teams in all sports have become entertainment enterprises that strive to control their brand. Continue reading “At the rate he’s going Tom Benson is gonna own us all, lock, stock and barrel…..”