Fake News cuts both ways: Left leaning mainstream media outlets should stop promoting wild conspiracy theories

Anyone that has read these pages over the past year should know we’re not big fans of Donald Trump. Then again we weren’t fans of Hillary Clinton either.

Here at Slabbed we’ve learned a thing or two about PHP security and malicious cyber-attacks through time. That knowledge caused us to question the veracity of claims currently being made by the “Intelligence Community” here in the U.S. about Russia hacking our elections, as reported in various mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times and the WaPo. We have no doubt those organizations were being leaked by the CIA and FBI about what they term Russian hacking including the side shots against Wikileaks, a bane of the intelligence community here in the U.S. What we question is how these media outlets are framing the story as this whole deal appears to be more an exercise in de-legitimizing the election of Trump by making it appear that he is a puppet to the Russian governments than a real news story.

There has been a group of journalists, lead by Glenn Greenwald, that wanted to see some proof of Russian involvement in hacking the 2016 elections. Greenwald’s media outlet, The Intercept has done a great job debunking some of the worst of the yellow journalism on this general issue. Continue reading “Fake News cuts both ways: Left leaning mainstream media outlets should stop promoting wild conspiracy theories”

The New York Times is about 10 years late to the party……

And they still don’t get it completely but it appears the lightbulb is coming on very slowly:

Hurricane Sandy Victims Say Damage Reports Were Altered ~ David Chen

Of course the problem down here wasn’t that the National Flood Program was too generous to its policyholders, no siree. The NFIP was too generous to the WYO insurers that dumped their wind claims on the Flood Program.

The paid shills and hired guns, however, remain the same.

My personal recommendation to Chen would be to speak with some journalists that actually know the score such as Anita Lee, Dean Starkman, Jeff Amy and Paige St. John.

Meantime I’m still trying to drag Nowdy out of retirement.

More media reaction to Theriot v the Blogosphere. TheRiot makes the New York Times.

TheRiot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council have gone national folks but before we get to that let’s highlight more local media reaction beginning with Louisiana political pundit CB Forgotson who composed a post titled Just a friendly little defamation suit that is very good. Here is a snippet:

I’m sure it was just a mix up in communications with Theriot’s lawyers. They thought he said “sue the bastards.” What Theriot apparently said was “invite those citizens to lunch so we can learn more about their concerns.”

We lawyers often get the terms lawsuit and lunch confused.

Theriot was brought in to restore confidence in Jefferson Parish government. If that is still the goal, it’s time to go to Plan B.

I’m sure I will be hearing from Theriot’s lawyers to get more of my input.

Next up is ABC Channel 26 which also chipped in with a great opinion piece by Jeff Crouere, host of Ringside Politics. Here is a peek:

Interim Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot obviously does not value the 1st Amendment and the right of free speech in this country. He used parish funds to file a lawsuit against anonymous bloggers who criticized his administration in Jefferson Parish. This is an irresponsible and outrageous use of tax dollars. Residents should demand that Theriot drop the lawsuit and focus on his real job, like fixing some of the problems outlined by the bloggers. Continue reading “More media reaction to Theriot v the Blogosphere. TheRiot makes the New York Times.”