Law Enforcement on the move: A four pack of previous Slabbed topics.

As FBI moves in, Janus voted out as D’Iberville city manager ~ Mary Perez

Criminal investigation examining Jefferson Parish Housing Authority, sources say ~ Manuel Torres

Somethings tells me Slabbed will end up giving some of the Housing Authority types an “Alfortish Special”. ūüėČ

Louisiana attorney general passes on sanctions against Orleans judges for suspect spending ~ John Simerman

Slabbed played a very small role in the above when Judge Calvin Johnson used these pages to get in a word on the subject. Meantime disgraced former NOLA pol Sherman Copeland is back in the news:

Bond set at $10,000 for former New Orleans state Rep. Sherman Copelin Jr. ~ Michele Hunter

Criminal District Court Judge Calvin Johnson would like a word….

For those that read us from afar there has been a spat ongoing between the criminal district court judges in New Orleans and NOLA¬†DA/former criminal district court Judge¬†Leon Cannizzaro¬†over the use of the judicial expense fund (JEF) at the court.¬† The judges were receiving employment bennies¬†not authorized under the Louisiana Code paid for by JEF.¬† There has been lots of coverage locally of this controversy¬†including Cannizzaro’s involvement of Louisiana AG Buddy Caldwell and indeed I even chimed in¬†a couple of times¬†on the topic.¬† James Gill at the T-P has written extensively on the topic as well and Judge Johnson took¬†exception with this Gill column¬†from early November.¬† Feeling he did not get any satisfaction from his email to Sir James, Judge Johnson’s peeps contacted my peeps and the end result is the following email Judge Johnson sent to Sir James. Click the pic to get the entire 2 page pdf. ~ sop Continue reading “Criminal District Court Judge Calvin Johnson would like a word….”