Garlandfill wants everyone to know he’s not a Heebe media shill

A billboard featuring Garland Robinette off the Pontchartrain Expressway in late 2011. Photo by Michael DeMocker, The Times-Picayune

The problem, of course, is I think only his wifey Nancy Rhett believes him.

Fred Heebe’s River Birch Inc. takes ownership of controversial Garland Robinette property ~ Manuel Torres

The reader comments sum things up nicely. I’ll add I contacted the FCC after the T-P put all the meat on the bones of a story Slabbed broke in December 2010 (on the down low) in the Robinette Federal grand jury subpoena as it is very clear the people at Entercom Communication’s WWL AM/FM are not to be trusted to report news in the public interest.

Garlandfill’s microphone cost a man of Fred Heebe’s wealth a relative pittance and at scandals end it is the briefcase boy that ended up with a lifelong case of the mookie stinks. It is a recurring theme in the human condition.

Nope we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto. Rich Rainey at the T-P reveals full list of Heebe’s “Lobbists”.

Come on everyone sing, sing sing…….

There’s no controlling the unrolling of your fate, my friend,
Who knows what’s written in the magic book.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief of staff, his coastal issues adviser and almost three dozen other people were identified as “lobbyists” whom embattled landfill owner Fred Heebe could use to promote his interests and stamp out competition, according to a copy of a list from Heebe’s private records.

The lobbyist list, which was seized in the raid, is marked as being revised in March 2007, indicating that other versions of it existed. Heebe’s attorney, Billy Gibbens, wouldn’t comment Wednesday.

Jindal’s chief of staff, Timmy Teepell, said he knew nothing about being on the list and that the FBI hadn’t contacted him. He also said he has no financial relationship with Heebe or River Birch. He did say that he considers Heebe “a friend” through his involvement in Jindal’s various political campaigns. Continue reading “Nope we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto. Rich Rainey at the T-P reveals full list of Heebe’s “Lobbists”.”

Garlandfill you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but here at Slabbed we’re immune from your cheap wordsmithing tricks.

There is a stereotype that people here down in the deep south are illiterate racist dumbasses that is sadly reinforced by the charlatans from the area we elect to higher office such as Texas Gov Rick Perry.  Appearances are often deceiving though as there is actually plenty of homespun wisdom that belies the stereotype such as that found on ‘Gate guest post on Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner. The people here know they are electing crooks to office, at least the minority that are engaged politically. It is accompanied by a sense of helplessness that nothing will change the system so you pick the pol that pays the most attention to your pecuniary needs knowing it means making a bargain with the devil.  IMHO this is also what turns off the majority of the voters – you know the ones that stay home every election day.

I mention all this because the fallout from Paul Rioux’s blockbuster story on Robinette taking payola from Fred Heebe could not be ignored on the backside of the long labor day weekend and judging from the comments left in the paper and the sentiments expressed in the blogosphere the locals know Garland is still trying to blow smoke up our collective ass.  Watching this scandal play out on the Tee Vee news was fun last night.  My expectations were low to begin with and frankly they were not exceeded with one exception as the majority of the coverage was along the lines of what appeared on Gambit’s website in a bland journalistic recitation of Garland’s prepared remarks that really lent no insight to the continued bullshit coming from Team Garlandfill. The exception was Kim Holden’s report for Fox 8 which had that bland recitation part but also contained the insights of a real estate specialized lawyer in Marx Sterbcow. For those that like connecting dots Marx is the son of Arthur Sterbcow. Arthur of course made the news last year when he was canned from Latter & Blum after he assisted the T-P in exposing some problems in property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish crossing Lawrence Chehardy (and Dutchie Connick) in the process. The Sterbcows know their real estate and Holden was smart to get reaction from Marx because Garlandfill’s story has  problems as I predicted when I said he was better off not saying anything (because once you get on the slippery slope of lies and buillshit there is only one place for the crap to flow).  Here is a snippet:

According to Robinette’s attorney, the loan from Heebe was backed by a vacant lot Robinette’s wife, Nancy Rhett, owns in Tchefuncte Club Estates in Covington.

FOX 8 searched St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court records and did not find any legal documentation to show the property was used as collateral.

Local real estate attorney Marx Sterbcow says it is highly unusual, given the amount of money involved. Continue reading “Garlandfill you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but here at Slabbed we’re immune from your cheap wordsmithing tricks.”

The market is getting hammered today but Entercom is really getting hammered.

Right now the broader markets are down around 2% while the parent company for WWL 870 is down over 8.5%. Folks one thing sold out whores like Robinette and those that employ such ethicless scudda beans understand is the benjamins which is why I’ll be posting over on the Yahoo Entercom Investor Board so that would be investors know exactly what kind of company they are buying.


All eyes on the Stink Tank

Last night Paul Rioux us gave the good word that Garland Robinette will be indeed taking to the airwaves on his show the Stink Tank to explain things this morning at 10:00AM CDT.  This is a must listen as Robinette is hanging it all out in order to salvage the tatters of his media reputation.  Luckily for members of the Slabbed Nation in far flung locales such as Nova Scotia and OxPatch, you can listen over the internet by clicking over to the WWL AM870 website and click the listen live icon on the left of the top toolbar.  I’ll update my thoughts in comments.