Thursday Tease

The bat line has been ringing off the hook today with tips concerning public officials in a two state area that I would describe as simply Slabbed since it is information the public should know but which would never see the light of day in the main stream media. I am also pleased to report today that some of you guys that read these pages have stepped up in a big way today on the donor front. I appreciate the support including the very generous donation Slabbed received today from the Jackson area.

First things first, Slabbed has been covering two hospital disasters through time though one has been the slow motion variety that you good folks with SRHS reading Slabbed today are likely not familiar in West Jefferson Medical Center, its politically connected CEO Nancy Cassagne and the Parish’s attempt to privatize the Hospital.

It is a strange world at WJMC that over the last two weeks has seen a respected community hospital M&A expert smeared by a TeeVee outlet that took its tip from a politician that should have made the cut to be featured in the Peabody Award winning news series Louisiana Purchased but for whatever reason always seems to get a free pass from the TeeVee media in New Orleans. The hypocrisy is simply too much for Slabbed New Media to resist, especially coming out of a sweep month when the archives here are getting a workout and that has been the case over the past week here at Slabbed New Media with WJMC.  As a bonus we even have one of those pesky audit adjustments to examine to boot.

Finally I’m getting information on another Jackson County blast from the past that features all the usual suspects from Maxwell-Walker Consulting to the Jackson County Board of Sups and I am working diligently to source the leads.

General Hospital: The self serving bullshit in Jefferson Parish is getting deep.

West Jefferson Medical Center Chairman Chip Cahill evidently does not believe in classic American capitalism if we are to take the man at his word:

Jefferson Parish hospital boards philosophically opposed in lease deal ~ Ben Myers

Crony capitalism is another story lest we forget disgraced former Jefferson Parish Attorney turned self admitted felon Tom Wilkinson’s sister Nancy Cassagne got the top management job at West Jeff despite not possessing the qualifications for the low-mid 6 figure position. It should come as no surprise that Cahill would cite Children’s Hospital susceptibility to political persuasion as the reason he favors Children’s over HCA despite the fact HCA is offering the taxpayers a better deal financially.

The deal Elton LaGasse cut to support Children’s over HCA is what needs examination here folks.  Follow the money to the insiders enriching themselves at the expense of the public and the answer becomes clear. Stay tuned.

One of Byron Lee’s conprofits back in the news.

I managed to find a bit of internet here in the woods late this morning as this Byron Lee conprofit deal is back in the news.  I did the down and dirty on the Legislative Audit report via twitter and those wishing to catch up with former Jefferson Parish councilman Byron Lee’s association with taxpayer funded conprofits should click here, here and here.  All the usual suspects are involved in the latest including State Representive Girod Jackson.  Here is the link to the audit report and here is the link to the referenced “for profit business” seeded with taxpayer money. Finally my instant reaction via twitter:

After all none of this was a big secret. Continue reading “One of Byron Lee’s conprofits back in the news.”

Yes I can verify Jefferson Parish Council Clerk Eula Lopez…..

It is true, Eula Lopez is related to Tom Wilkinson, as Tom is married to Eula’s sister. Ms Lopez is one of 7, one of her other sisters being West Jefferson Medical Center’s Nancy Cassagne. The tea leavea tell me things are heating up.


I understand the FBI has been visiting Nan and the gang over at West Jefferson Medical center again….

I personally enjoy visiting with the good folks at the FBI but something tells me poor Nan and Baby Butler do not share that warm fuzzy feeling with the latest FBI site visits just last week. Remember folks Gambitman said Tim Coulon was squealing so we may well see the insurance portion of the scandal break wide open with this tentacle of the investigation.

Can someone help me remember what infamous Canadian Eco Lodge Butler, among other Broussard cronies, claimed to own a small slice in?


Lee Zurik again tackles favoritism in Jefferson Parish Government getting reaction from Chris “Mini-me” Roberts on John Young’s former secretary.

Ok folks two reporters go to a house to research a tip the house has a leaky faucet that wastes some water.  When they arrive they find the house engulfed in flames.  One reporter immediately files a report there is a major house fire in town.  The other writes a story about the leaky faucet……

This is the best analogy I can think of to describe Lee Zurik’s “investigation” into John Young’s former secretary folks.  Yeah the topic is newsworthy but given all the blatant favoritism that has been on display in Jefferson parish for years that he never reported on, starting off with Young’s secretary is a bit odd.  I mention this because after I posited that 2 different observers in Jefferson parish pointed to Big Dog Alario as the source of Zurik’s hot tip on Young’s former secretary taking a $53,000/year job to baby sit the Alario center I heard from others that said it was Mini-me Roberts, not Alario that fed Lee Zurik and this whole affair is just an other extension of the open warfare between the council and Parish President’s office. This makes sense especially since Robert’s was the star of part 2 of Zurik’s “investigation” into the topic of favoritism in Jefferson Parish government.

As I pointed out yesterday this is a target rich environment and I for one am happy Zurik has entered the fray and I look forward to the possibility he will drain the entire swamp beginning with Robert’s supported favorites in Deano Bonano and Peggy Barton. Of course after I opined as much in the post and in emails to readers, I heard from Margie Seemann at the Citizen’s for Good Government who pointed out to me yesterday that she gave Mr Zurik an extensive 12 page research report on the subject of the hiring of the unqualified Nancy Cassagne to be the mid 6 figure figurehead/CEO at West Jefferson Medical Center in early 2010 that Lee ignored, as is his prerogative. Continue reading “Lee Zurik again tackles favoritism in Jefferson Parish Government getting reaction from Chris “Mini-me” Roberts on John Young’s former secretary.”

The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.

Make no mistake folks, this scandal will end up leading not only to John Alario but also to Former Gov Mike Foster, Billy Tauzin, David Vitter and likely Team Landrieu.   Steve Theriot and daughter Wanda were last seen with doughnut glaze on their chins.

Let’s kick off the coverage with Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune who did a great job connecting Mouton to Fred Heebe. It is an open secret that former Gov Mike Foster’s administration was openly for sale so this little gem from Murphy himself at the end of Rainey’s piece was priceless: Continue reading “The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.”

Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)

Team Young leaked the news yesterday that the Parish is already studying ways to get out from the fraudulent and expensive contract with River Birch and naturally the T-P’s Paul Rioux garnered reaction from the other side, in this case River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith and discredited economist/River Birch hired gun Loren C Scott, who is sticking to his silly assertion that the thin air above JPL is worth a fortune.  Leaving aside for a second that in Scott’s world, his methodology could very well yield the absurd result that River Birch is better off not taking any additional trash due to the diminution of value of its air space, we also have Glenn Smith spouting nonsense that it is somehow better for River Birch take out of Parish trash next door to JPL than it is for JPL to accept the same. The sophistry and self serving gyrations are stunning. Here are a few snippets from Rioux’s report:

Roll me over and scratch my belly cause I’m elected to the JP Council, ignorant and aim to stay that way:

Councilman Elton Lagasse said he is still reviewing the 64-page report released Friday evening.

“I’m going to lean heavily on the administration and the Parish Attorney’s office for their recommendations,” he said. “It’s all kind of up in the air right now.” Continue reading “Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)”