2013 is going out with a bang: Drug related double murder in Metairie

But first a word from the good folks at Trip AdvisorTM:

Arrived Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Tub was filthy. Coffee pot had old coffee and mildew in it. One of two full beds had hair and dirt on sheets. Wound up having to clean tub before even taking a shower.

Told front desk and property manager Wednesday. Cleaning staff cleaned coffee pot but not the bed.

Told them again Friday. Property manager claimed sheets were not changed because “Do Not Disturb” sign was on the door. When I asked how the coffee pot got cleaned, he had no response.

Breakfast staff very nice and helpful. Actual fod(sic) items very poor Night shift desk person drunk (male) could not adjust water tempereture(sic)

This was not one of the finest hotels I have been accostumed(sic) to. The service was fine, but the hotel elevators smelled of urine, the actual room had a moldy odor. The comforters also, I just slept in the sheets. The shower was impossible to get to the temperature of my liking

Gunfire from Metairie double murder sends parents rushing for children; shooting is drug related, JPSO says ~ Naomi Martin

Other vital background here, here and here.

Saturday links

The rain and other circumstances have converged to make this one of those days when I’m tempted to break out the knife and hit the chop shop. Turns out, I’m woefully behind on recent developments in the Mississippi Coast TeeVee news congroovancy, such deficiency I made a point of curing this morning. The “cure” was almost a complete waste of time but before I get to that:

Sun Herald will get first look at Mississippi DMR records Monday ~ Paul Hampton

I’d give the Sun Herald Box diving gang some secret CPA auditor box diving tips but I’ll be keeping those trade secrets.  😉  I’m sure the gang will do a good job raking muck next week.

Federal judge dismisses most of remaining Katrina damage lawsuits ~  Mark Schleifstein

Welp, the two vagrants you’d see most at the Waveland Walmart have now been eliminated from the Highway 90 social scene.

Homeless man charged in Bourgeois murder ~ Dwayne Bremer

Moving right along…..

Football concussion lawsuits reach high school: Mississippi suit goes after NCAA and NFHS ~ Jon Solomon

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson back on A&E, network says ~ AP Story via NOLA.com

Finally, I missed the re-debut of Channel 25 TeeVee news a month or so ago.  This is good news because you lifers know I live to shoot spitballs at the TeeVee news although Hammerman is making it harder:

Toni Miles, former WLOX reporter, joins WXXV 25 News team ~ Patrick Ochs

Though I didn’t cover Miles unfortunate association with a cocaine distribution arrest I did make sure she could get a taste of home here on Slabbed anytime she wanted it after she Continue reading “Saturday links”

Friday Links

Just Swimming Around: OR…Just who’s Cesspool is this anyway? ~ Ignatius Jeff Reilly (That guy appears to knows way more than he lets on. 😉 Must read)

Where the donations are going ~ Jason @ American Zombie

Bay St. Louis police investigating possible murder ~ Donna Harris

Mississippi high court: Pardons are valid – Holbrook Mohr

Library will be quieter without her ~ Anita Lee (Everyone here knows Miss Ginny. She will be missed)

House Democrats moving faster than they did on Metairie judge ~ Drew Broach (Comparing Judge Cebull with the now impeached Tom Porteous is a bit of a stretch in my mind.)

5 charged with theft in NOAH house-gutting scandal ~ Hammerman

Can you say bankruptcy or what can we do with Citizens ~ Ignatius Jeff Reilly (Must Read)

Citizen Property Insurance plaintiffs to seize cash ~ Ted Griggs

Citizens board expected to discuss rate increase for policyholders at meeting today – Ed Anderson

Feel free to add your own links in comments. (It is a very wet day here 75 miles north of the coast 20 miles from the middle of nowhere so blogging on my part will be light today)