Barack Obama on Multiperil Insurance: I was for it before I was against it….

Barack Obama is proving himself a typical lying sack of shit politician that will say anything to get votes and then break promises once elected by backtracking on Gene Taylor’s multi-peril insurance bill. Playing the candidates off each other, our good friend and occasional contributor Steve was instrumental in getting that email from Hillary in support of Gene Taylor’s Multiperil insurance bill in the process landing in the AP report after he confronted former Prez Bill Clinton during his March 2008 campaign visit to the coast.

There was another news report published the day after Mr Bills visit  by Anita Lee at the Sun Herald who interviewed Obama when he was in Mississippi campaigning. Lets go back in time to that old story and see if you don’t agree with me that Obama has hoodwinked us all and in the process revealed himself as a common politician more in love with Wall Street ca$h and the crooks at AIG than the little people who elected him. There is no link to this article but it is reprinted here with the permission of Ms Lee and the Sun Herald (who have our thanks for sharing this with us):

March 9, 2008 Sunday

Candidates have recovery plans;
Insurance, FEMA among issues addressed

ANITA LEE, [email protected]

SECTION: A; Pg. 10

Republican nominee John McCain is the only candidate who has visited the Mississippi Coast since Hurricane Katrina, but the Democratic contenders have turned their attention here in preparation for a competitive primary on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama previously offered passing references to the devastation in Mississippi as they outlined recovery plans for the New Orleans area, although Bill Clinton has visited and raised funds for the Coast. Both Clintons were campaigning in Mississippi at week’s end, with Obama planing a visit Monday. Neither scheduled stops on the Coast, but Bill Clinton did visit once again on Saturday. Continue reading “Barack Obama on Multiperil Insurance: I was for it before I was against it….”

While I’ve been out. Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds.

I’ve spent a few minutes catching up with the news this morning. Except for some confusing email exchanges with Nowdy I’ve largely been blissfully ignorant of nonfinancial currrent events in favor of work and the opportunity to spend most of yesterday outside in the freezing wind at the soccer complex.

First off the time stamps don’t work but I’ll invoke the work/blissful ignorance thing and lay claim to being Karnac the Magnificent with this comment I left last Thursday. For some reason this reminds me of the time MDOC screwed with Scott Favre back when. I’ll add there appears be to a very large segment of the populace in Oxford that seriously needs to be get laid or something. Thank Gawd I live on the coast.

Next up is the results of me searching “Anita Lee” at the Sun Herald website. We start with this story mainly because the lady who spearheaded this is an old neighbor of mine. Though not mentioned in the story, the story behind the story is it would not have happened unless an ordinary mother of two kids hadn’t gotten involved.

Looking up that story resulted in this find which was priceless as coast policyholder advocate Kevin Buckel has sued the Commish over a records request. I had to chuckle when I saw the story – we have no bad feelings for Mike Chaney here at slabbed though we give the Commish a good ribbing from time to time.  😉 I think more coasties need to let our Commish know what they are thinking just like Mr Buckel.

As for the lawsuit we wish Mr Buckel well but I noted he appears to be representing himself, the legal term for which is pro se. As Mr Gar once remarked the latin translation means “already lost” but you never know. (H/T Sun Herald for the pdfs). Continue reading “While I’ve been out. Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds.”

The Clarion Ledger Opines Again in Favor of Gene Taylor’s Multi Peril Bill

Slabbed is passing out a big attaboy to the editorial board at the Clarion Ledger today for helping spread the good word about Gene Taylor’s multi peril insurance bill HR 3121. I give Sid Salter grief from time to time but overall I find their opinions well reasoned as a general rule. As always we appreciate the continued support of the Clarion Ledger for their reporting on insurance and affordable housing. Here is today’s editorial:

When the U.S. Senate rejected the bill produced by the House that would add wind insurance to the National Flood Insurance e Program, senators said it wasn’t needed.

President Bush, who had threatened to veto the bill originating with Mississippi’s 4th District U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor, and backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said: “Government insurance would displace insurance that is already provided by the private market.”

He further said in a statement: “Expansion of the NFIP would also undermine economic incentives to mitigate risks because the program would likely distort rates from their market-determined values.”

In other words, the laws of supply and demand should determine insurance coverage, there’s plenty of insurance available – for those who can afford it – and government intrusion would alter the rates.

While that’s a fine argument in theory, this week, State Farm Insurance Cos. showed how that works in reality. Continue reading “The Clarion Ledger Opines Again in Favor of Gene Taylor’s Multi Peril Bill”