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"The Ultimate Hypocrisy" – so many options – but this hypocrite is Liberty Mutual

Sometime in early-2008, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company began a new advertising campaign called the “Responsibility Project”. The company calls it a place to discuss “doing the right thing”. I will get to the hypocrisy of an insurance company having the audacity to suggest that it wants to assist others in “doing the right thing”, below.

Before we go “below”, SLABBED points out it made a similar observation recently Liberty Mutual accepts “responsibility”.  Credit for this second perspective, Liberty Mutual’s “Responsibility Project”: The Ultimate Hypocrisy, goes to attorney Mark Bello with h/t to Mr. Liberty Mutual.

A recent entry to the “Responsibility Project” library is a short film entitled “Lawyers”. This is the story of two lawyers, a man and a woman, who are about to meet in a sushi bar. They have been dating awhile, and the man brings an engagement ring to “pop the question”. They begin a discussion about a case that the woman is handling. When the woman is not looking, the man places the ring on the carousel that carries a selection of sushi rolling past their location. His plan is that the ring will come around the circle, she will see it, and he will ask her to marry him. It is very romantic. Continue reading