Slabbed New Media Intervenes in Bay Tech Civil Suit

Today, Slabbed New Media filed a Motion to Quash and/or for Protective Order in the civil suit styled Magnolia Group v O’Dwyer Realty et al in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. In the Motion and Memorandum of law in support, Sole Owner/Publisher of Slabbed New Media, Douglas Handshoe argued that certain discovery requests were being made for materials covered by the qualified reporter’s privilege applicable in the United States 5th Circuit.

“Slabbed New Media believes that off record communications should remain exactly that”, said Handshoe, who’s website is locally renowned for its coverage of the massive political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana which included bribery and money laundering schemes involving former Parish President Aaron Broussard and certain contractors for the Parish of Jefferson and other prosecutions which collapsed under the weight of the US Attorney Commenting Scandal.

“Trust is the only currency that is readily tradable in the field of investigative journalism. Sources take massive amounts of personal risk to leak information on public wrongdoing to investigative journalists, such no doubt part of the reason the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals created the qualified privilege for journalists.”, opined Handshoe. ”It is my hope to return to reporting the events of the Bay Tech case, instead of participating in discovery fights in the case itself.”