In limine in limerick – Bossier v State Farm

A  lawyer by the name of Guice
has tried to play fair and be nice
but when State Farm raised her ire
she grabbed their personal voir dire
and asked the Court for ice.

If you recall State Farm puts the Court to the test in Bossier – files nine motions in limine UPDATED and the subsequent court order denying Bossier’s consent motion for an extension,  reported in a recent SLABBED Daily, you may find Bossier’s motion in limine as interesting as I did – and, yes, Bossier filed just one but counsel did indeed meet the Court’s deadline!

Plaintiff, by and through counsel of record…would request that this Honorable Court rule in advance of the trial excluding from evidence the following matters and directing counsel and their witnesses to not elicit testimony, argument, or evidence, directly or indirectly, regarding the following matters…

The first matter has been around the block so often, it shouldn’t be necessary to ask the Court to once again exclude testimony, argument, or evidence, directly or indirectly, regarding Bossier’s MDA grant; and, the second, to likewise exclude mention of the the Bossier’s SBA loan.  In fact, according to a footnote, Bossier attempted to avoid asking the Court to once again rule on these matter:

Counsel for Plaintiff has requested a stipulation from counsel for Defendant relating to the MDA/SBA evidence issues, in accordance with this Court’s prior rulings, in order to avoid the necessity of filing this motion. Counsel for Defendant has not responded to same. Moreover, as counsel for Plaintiff has still not received Defendant’s pre-trial inserts, it is unknown whether Defendant intends to introduce this evidence at trial. (emphasis added)

Bossier’s counsel has obviously seen Defendant’s counsel in action in other cases and the third matter the Court is asked to exclude is Continue reading “In limine in limerick – Bossier v State Farm”

SLABBED Daily – October 2

A short post – appropriately enough, it’s Friday and most everyone would like a short day to start the weekend early.

Then again, some of us need to start the weekend early.  I’m thinking my eyes could use the rest as it appears I prematurely announced the settlement of Lizana v State Farm.  You just can’t imagine my shock at seeing the case listed yesterday.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post anything other than a mention of the motion filed yesterday.  However, if my eyes did not fail me, this may be the only opportunity I have to post a resurrection:

The parties respectfully requests that the Court extend the Plaintiff’s deadline for designation of experts until October 15, 2009, and extend Defendant’s deadline for designation of experts until November 16, 2009…In support of said Motion the parties would state that the parties are in agreement that said extension will not affect any other currently pending deadlines, and is necessary for the parties to prepare their respective cases.

Counsel for Bossier in Bossier v State Farm is probably going to need to give her eyes a rest after what appears to be a busy weekend in the making:

TEXT ONLY ORDER denying Plaintiff’s Motion for Extension of Time to file motions in limine. Plaintiff shall file his motions in limine no later than October 5, 2009. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE. Signed by District Judge L. T. Senter, Jr., on October 1, 2009.

Geeze, one day into the month and the tricking and treating has already started.  Spooky!