Coast friends and family corruption roundup, sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC

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Janus takes unpaid leave as D’Iberville city manager ~ Mary Perez

Folks the picture included with Perez’s story of Scott Walker and Michael Janus smiling big after taking their 6% cut off the top tells the entire tale IMHO.

Speaking of the Walkers it appears Mama Walker is out as Ocean Springs School Board Prez.

Series of votes outs Walker and puts in new school board member ~ Karen Nelson

Now at this point I would like to point out the following post I authored last December:

Sunday Slabb: Before we take another step….

I mention this because of the Land Trust Board members that are reaching out in response to the criticisms directed to the organization on these pages.  The power of the medium lies not in the ability to ostracize, though I suspect those on the receiving end of the criticisms would beg to differ.  That said, it is the ability to help guide decision makers as a reflection of public opinion and a wealth of community expertise is where the true power of the Internet medium is derived.

It is along those lines that I asked the following questions of the Land Trust Board: Continue reading “Coast friends and family corruption roundup, sponsored by JaWa Investments LLC”

From the publisher’s chair: Testing theories in a real world laboratory

Like that moral suasion thing I mentioned early this week. Some harbor doubt so we’ll term those folks “detractors”.

I’ve been here before and a select few of you folks have previously been “here” before with me. The detractors remain in denial, “ignorant to the very end“.

We have to talk OIG again because I submit the detractors only fool themselves.

Sunday Slabb: Before we take another step…..

Everyone that comments online should be on the same page or the power of the written word aka the force is not maximized. I’ve left a hint or two on these pages while Jason at American Zombie came right out and spilled everything in early June, 2010 via a post that should be on the must-read list for every aspiring politician.  The internet has brought secular change to  communication on the scale not seen since the printing press and those can harness the power of the medium can effect change.

The concept is found in economic theory and I am convinced it has application beyond the financial sector in Moral suasion, in the case of Slabbed the “pure” variety:

Moral suasion will be “an effective economic policy whenever the expected costs of noncompliance is made to exceed the cost of compliance”.[12]

There are 2 necessary conditions for this to happen.

  • First, citizens must support the Government’s policy,[13] thus entailing objective congruence between the promoter of moral suasion and the target whose behaviour should be changed. That support emanates from such factors that determine compliance as; potential illegal gain; severity and certainty of sanctions; individual’s moral development and their standards of personal morality; individual’s perceptions of how just and moral are rules being enforced; and social environmental influences.[14] …….
  • Second, the population of economic agent to be persuaded must be small.[16] Fewness entails the easy identification of economic agents to persuade, and increase the perceived likelihood that non-compliers will be identified and punished.[17]

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