It’s a Boss Hogg Sunday! Jarvis DeBerry chips in on Haley’s foggy memories of the 1960s.

How telling that Mississippians would have to leave the state to find a newspaper pundit that is not high on the fumes from Boss Hogg’s rear end to accurately tell the story of Boss Hogg’s recent attempt to revise Mississippi’s sad civil rights history. Jarvis DeBerry is the man and once again he sets the record (and poor ol’ Sid Salter) straight as only Jarvis can, citing facts instead of political talking points. (Hat Tip the Opinionated Catholic via Twitter)


Turbulence in the Mississippi Windpool Association

Turbulence in the Mississippi Wind Pool Underwriting Association propelled its way into federal court in Hattiesburg last week.  The suit is over the Wind Pool Board’s decisions about 2005 reinsurance coverage.

Plaintiffs bringing suit are Association Casualty Insurance Company; Benchmark Insurance Company; Georgia Casualty & Surety Company; and National Security Fire and Casualty Company.

Allstate Insurance Company; Mississippi Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company; Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company d/b/a Nationwide Insurance Companies; State Farm Fire and Casualty Company; and St. Paul Travelers Companies are the Defendants.

The case was filed September 15, 2006 in federal court, Southern District Mississippi.  Here’s the docket report, the Complaint, and Amended Complaint.  The background quoted below is from the Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motive for Summary Judgment:

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused widespread damage to life and property when it made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Many of the most vulnerable properties on the Gulf Coast were insured by the Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (―the Association or ―MWUA). Continue reading “Turbulence in the Mississippi Windpool Association”

The SEC is hot!

No, not that SEC, this one!  Here in Katrina-land, we have four seasons – hurricane, football, recruiting, and spring practice – and today is the holy day of the recruiting season, Signing Day.

In the East, college football is a cultural exercise. On the West coast, it is a tourist attraction. In the Midwest, it is cannibalism. But in the South, college football is a religion, and every Saturday is holy day.

Rival’s ranked listing of the top 25 classes has shown LSU in the #1 spot all morning – leading both the nation and the SEC.  No doubt, the Honorable Trahant Esquire is a much happier man-fan today than he was November 22, 2008.

Last time I checked, 10 of the 12 schools in the SEC were also in the top 25.  Following LSU (#1) were Alabama (#3), Florida (#7), South Carolina (#11), Georgia (#12), Arkansas (#14), Auburn (#16) , Ole Miss (#18), Tennessee (#22), and Mississippi State (#24).  This we call reinsurance.

One SEC is kicking a$$; but, the other, well, it could turn out to be a great one, too, but let’s put it this way:  until he went out for football his senior year in high school, Walter Payton was the drum major for the band (and a hotty toddie to all of you).