Mississippi House Bill 44 clears House of Representatives, referred to State Senate

Folks all I can say is God bless the Mississippi House of Representatives, which voted 116-2 in favor of passage of Rep. Jeff Smith’s measure, which guarantees certain of our constitutional rights from the interference of activists courts located in Judicial hellholes like Nova Scotia Canada.  Yesterday House Bill 44 was sent to the Senate and now is awaiting action in the Mississippi Senate’s Judiciary A committee, where it is my hope it will be well received.

I’m very pleased to report

That House Bill 44 has cleared some very important procedural hurdles and remains very much alive, now assigned to the House Judiciary committee. On the not so good news front it appears Representative Richard Bennett of Long Beach may have snookered the Sun Herald last month. I mention this because in January the paper ran a story about Bennett working with Auditor Pickering to insure every state agency is audited. Heck, they even did an editorial on it. I know I’ve been checking periodically to see how Bennett’s legislation is doing and everytime I go to his legislative web page this is what I see on that issue:


That’s right folks, it appears Bennett was blowing smoke up Stan Tiner’s hiney which is likely why we got this OpEd today:

Rather than piecemeal accountability, require annual audits of all state agencies ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board Continue reading “I’m very pleased to report”

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