So that the working environment in the Executive Suite is Serene, Artwork is needed

$30,000 worth according to lore and the chirpin’ birdie. First up a couple of paintings hanging on the wall up on 6.

Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader
Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader

Next up a closer look:

Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader
Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader

DMR Miscellany: Public Notice plus meet the Marine Fisheries Employee of the Quarter

First I’d like to introduce everyone to Jeff Grant, who was recognized as Marine Fisheries Employee of the Quarter less than a year ago.

Courtesy of Jeff Grant
Courtesy of Jeff Grant

Jeff was even recommended for a promotion last October. Continue reading “DMR Miscellany: Public Notice plus meet the Marine Fisheries Employee of the Quarter”

Let the Midnight Special….

My experience is a semi-monthly payroll works best for salaried employees due to the vagaries of overtime calculations and such for hourly employees. Holding back two weeks of time is at least one week more than what I’d term normal in the local private sector (and the limits of what is legal in many states) but don’t take it from me:

Are you paying your employees correctly? A guide to payroll frequencies ~ Carla Savchuk

Holding back two weeks of time tells me it is either understaffed in accounting, the people in accounting are lazy and/or incompetent or that Jamie Miller and his executive team did not think this memo that he sent out completely through before he sent it. It was leaked here to Slabbed as DMR employees are too afraid to ask these very basic questions of their leadership. Make no mistake however, the new DMR payroll frequencies are within the limits of what few Mississippi laws there are in this area so you employees would be wise not to complain or you’ll get in trouble with the man.

Courtesy of Anonymous
Courtesy of Anonymous

Comment bumps: DMR Oyster Farm a Political Boondoggle for the Gov’s $$$$$ Supporters?

What I think is interesting is how the DMR is trying to present the narrative by comparing what they propose to do to a private company in Grand Isle that obtained its own aquaculture lease. That is not really a good apples to apples comparison to the state sponsored collective farm Comrade Miller is proposing to fund with your tax money. Some of the families being mentioned own copious amounts of marshland where aquaculture would only interfere with recreational fishing, which likely explains the water bottom grab off Henderson Point.

It is at this point I’ll add that about a year ago a source familiar with the operations of state government indicated to me that the entire DMR Oyster Council was a boondoggle. If the plan is to use tax money to grease the skids so some of Phil Bryant’s supporters can profit truer words were never spoken to Slabbed on that topic. In any event the comments from long time commenter Point Park and others begins here.

I have a bump of paying work to do before I can shake this tree but I will say the Harrison Sups resolution against the Bay St Louis site truly reflected the will of the local people that will be impacted. Also worth noting is the fact that a certain supervisor tried playing both sides of the issue thus the framing of the Sun Herald story of the local residents being NIMBY refusnicks to the idea of aquaculture overall when it is pretty clear that is not exactly the case.

Speaking of aquaculture, I happen to know a bit on the overall topic and it is not necessarily a panacea to all that ails the Mississippi Oyster Industry, which was virtually wiped out by the dual blows dealt by Hurricane Katrina and the Macondo well blowout. The first link contains some of the very latest information:

Infectious diseases in oyster aquaculture require a new integrated approach ~ Fabrice Pernet, Coralie Lupo, Cédric Bacher & Richard Whittington

Disease Management Strategies for Shellfish Aquaculture: The important role of hatcheries ~ Milford Aquaculture Seminar Slides 2014, Rhode Island University

Slabbed intends to monitor this matter.

Three year old tip unifies Northshore criminal prosecution and Ex Rel Aldridge

I often save what I’ll term a “fragmentary tip” because of the subject matter. From my standpoint writing for Slabbed this is a warm and fuzzy moment because almost exactly 3 years ago to the day I got a tip alluding to a connection between Northshore businessman Bay Ingram, Ted Cain along with certain high profile targets of a now defunct Federal criminal investigation that I will not name at this time. Armed with that fragmentary tip and with the magic of the right google search strings Slabbed can verify the connection Mssrs. Ingram and Cain mutually share. Let’s begin with some must read links:

Covington businessman Bay Ingram sentenced to 18 months for BP oil spill fraud ~ Katherine Sayre

A major contributor to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s campaign, Ingram was appointed by Jindal to the state Mineral Board in March 2008. A the time he was listed as being the president of Healthcare Holdings of Louisiana and Ingram Investments.

In 2006, Ingram was caught up in a controversy involving the sale of a former golf practice facility along Interstate 12 near Slidell to St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain’s office.

Ingram and frequent business partner Don McMath bought the property for $2 million, then sold it to the sheriff’s office for $2.4 million a few hours later. Strain defended the move as a good value for the money.

Ingram is a man that got around in metro New Orleans business circles and was very active in the healthcare industry on the Northshore including bringing Doctors’ Hospital in Slidell out of bankruptcy with a capital infusion. As a young man in his 20s he owned Bimini Bay in Slidell for those that remember that particular Slidell drinking establishment. Before I make the connection there is some additional vital background that is revealing IMHO:

St. Tammany Parish businessman Bay Ingram, guilty of BP fraud, was target of broader federal probe ~ Katherine Sayre

In the BP case, federal prosecutors say Ingram fabricated documents to grossly over bill the oil giant for a helicopter and helipads used to help the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office do recovery work after the April 2010 oil spill. Ingram invoiced BP for more than $1.4 million despite never receiving proper approval for use of the helicopter. Once BP denied payment, Ingram enlisted the help of then-Sheriff Jack Stephens to press the company and eventually sued BP. But according to the bill of information filed against him, Ingram had falsified flight logs and forged documents provided to BP.

A civil suit involving Ingram that was also frequently mentioned in the press during the his prosecution involved Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital. The following early account of the suit from the local Hammond newspaper is Joe Fridayesque with a strong emphasis on presenting “journalistic facts” at the expense of analysis: Continue reading “Three year old tip unifies Northshore criminal prosecution and Ex Rel Aldridge”

More DMR dirt leaking in comments

It has been unusually busy here today in advance of the holiday weekend but I’d like to take a second to let everyone know that I confirmed the recent incidents being cited in comments to yesterday’s post on Slabbed’s hacker. The comments in question start here which involve adultery, porn on state computers along with various and sundry other peccadilloes.

As for Slabbed that Horne contract has remained stuck in my craw since early June. We got to dig down on it just a bit deeper and we will.