Week in Review: Shadrick Visits with the FBI, Issues a Press Release

There are a few different ways to look at the stealing of welfare money going on up in Jackson but the question I’ve had since almost the beginning still haunts me: Why did the State Auditor cut out the US Attorney’s office in this matter. Shadrick issuing the press release after the fact advertising the meeting with the FBI was a nice clue that eau de landfill smell we’re sensing is not a mirage. Add in former pro wrestler Ted Dibiase and his son and all the ingredients for a first class political clusterf*ck are present. This topic is certainly on my radar.

It will take arrests and convictions to change things at Hancock County DHS: Where is the FBI?

I’m pretty sure much of the funding for social services at the Mississippi DHS is federally sourced and it is clear a crime has been committed in the spoilation of case records. As well intentioned as Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adams is trying to bring the perpetrators to justice, IMHO only the resources that can be brought to bear by the FBI will crack this case and enable meaningful prosecutions. I know a few folks in the building off Drinkwater where it appears criminal acts were commissioned so I do not write this lightly but anyone with culpability including the supervisors should be immediately brought to justice.

Mississippi took their kids away — so this couple started recording everything ~ Wes Muller

The graft associated with removing children from their homes has to end.


Happy new year folks! Unfortunately 2015 went out with a bang:

Lawsuit: Toddlers sexually assaulted while in Hancock DHS custody ~ Margaret Baker and Wes Muller

This is no run of the mill sexual molestation folks, not when a 3 year old gets gonorrhea. With all the news of late that Gov. Phil will finally be tackling the cesspool that is the foster child industrial complex in Mississippi, albeit under the threat of contempt of court, maybe something will be done to clean up social services at DHS, which has been a major disaster in Hancock County especially.

Breaking bad????

Former college dean to plead in meth case ~ Robin Fitzgerald

I think an overdue 2015 victory lap maybe in order:

What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State In 2015 ~ Ryan Nickum

Speaking of the Ashley Madison Hack, the two posts Slabbed did linking the Pastebin data dumps in late August each nabbed in excess of 100,000 page views, easily making them the most trafficked posts ever here.

Earlier in 2015, Estately did an article on each States most embarrassing Google search and I though Mississippi had an interesting list.

MISSISSIPPI: Gonorrhea / chlamydia / feet photos (image search) / penis enlargement / male enhancement / R. Kelly (musical performer) / Aryan Brotherhood / Blind Melon (band)

And this brings us full circle to DHS:

Gov. Bryant Taps Justice Chandler to Lead Overhaul of Child Welfare System ~ R. L. Nave

Finally, the resignation of Angola Warden Burl Cain in the aftermath of some good investigative reporting by the New Orleans Advocate has the Louisiana muckraking community buzzing along the same lines we are here in Mississippi over the Chris Epps investigation. 2016 promises to be busy that way.

Monday Open: SRHS Retirees taking the road show to Jackson, JPSO caught stomping defenseless teen on camera plus the Congroovancy loses one

Links, links and more links folks. Add you own in comments:

SRHS retirees turned protesters trying to save pension ~ Anita Lee

Hospital retirees meet today to plan a rally at the State Capitol ~ WLOX

AG opinions say Biloxi can’t sell naming rights to ballfield ~ Mary Perez

New Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office report: High school student Brady Becker a drunken aggressor who threw punch, tried to strangle deputy ~ Jim Mustian

Yep, sure looks like the kid was strangling that deputy while the deputy was beating his face in.

Supers seek answers in DWSD controversy ~ Dwayne Bremer

Sheriff probes DHS fraud claims ~ Dwayne Bremer

Finally, for all the rocket scientists in the media and legislature that think movie tax credits are actually a good idea I have this from Lee Zurik:

Finally I note the passing of attorney/blogger Tom Freeland of Oxford over the weekend. Tom’s contributions to the online scene here in Mississippi were immense. He was a talented writer whose ongoing work online will be missed.