Bay-Waveland Schools earns an A on the latest MDE Accredition Results

Folks this never would have happened if Mike Favre had not cut the dead wood out of the school board (and central office) when he took office. Our readers may remember Mayor Favre took a whole bunch of heat when he made those changes. Today he gets to take a bow for doing the right thing and seeing it through. Superintendent Reed and her employees also deserve props for the major improvement.

Also of note was rural Stone County Schools also earned an A. The rural school districts in this state often do way more with less and that is the certainly the case with Stone.

The full results are on Scribd.

Best of the rest plus comment bump

We start with a comment bump because we have to put these rumors regarding the Vessel Mystic to rest:

In regards to the Mystic. No State or DMR money was used to purchase or fix the old boat. The Mystic was donated to the YMCA-Harris in 2008 by Ross Dodds, the boat set in ocean springs harbor in the front of the Harbor Landing for a year after that in disarray with no repairs to it. Matthew Hinton purchased the boat in July 2009. The Coast Guard Doc reflects this. Matthew hauled the boat out in April 2010 in Gautier, and began repairs on the boat. After digging further he discovered there was a lot of work to be done and was stuck on the yard for over 400 days with little help. He has done a grand job bringing this classic boat back!

Next up there was no way Jamie Miller would buck Phil Bryant and get in the way of Phil and his hard on to drill wells in the Mississippi sound:

DMR’s Jamie Miller OKs Mississippi Development Authority’s process for drilling leases in state waters ~  Gareth Clary

Meantime Cotton Mouth breaks down the Butler Snow Law Firm’s political connections including Hancock County’s own Heather Ladner.

Finally we have another piece on problems at the Mississippi Department of Education.

Board Member: State Superintendent admitted to School ratings fraud ~ Amy McCullough