This just in from Team Gill-Pratt….

By rights I shouldn’t know this given my previous cyber assault on Sandpaper Mike Fawer, lawyer for Renee Gill Pratt but his people have been talking to our people and this is what I can say for sure.

I can readily think of three bigger SOBs than your truly, Mike Fawer being one of them.  He honestly doesn’t give a shit what I post or think.  That is probably a good trait for someone in his line of work.

Like IMA said, Fawer isn’t scared to take a case into the courtroom, where the Times Picayune recently acknowledged his style as “feisty”. That pays benefits when an incompetent judge is involved in the proceedings such as Judge Lemelle.

The bottom line here is Team Fawer will take one which ever way they get one. Continue reading “This just in from Team Gill-Pratt….”

Change some of the names and you got Jefferson Parish…..

You know folks maybe I was being a bit hard on Mike Fawer for bringing the Renee Gill Pratt portion of the Dollar Bill Jefferson saga to trial.  Make no mistake, Fawer abrasive style will insure Gill Pratt gets the book thrown at her but the testimony this past week gives the public another good peek into the way business is conducted in the NOLA metro area thus the title of this post.

For our many readers that are not in this area who are hooked on our Jefferson Parish coverage we’ll start with a must read in the Times Picayune story Gill Pratt racketeering trial offers glimpse into inner workings of a political machine. The unbridled greed is breathtaking and provides probably the best reason for banning earmarks since it appears most of it is looted out by cronies of corrupt politicians who are incapable of making an honest living.

Next up is T-P columnist Stephanie Grace who wrote a column on the testimony of two DaimlerChrysler execs in Gill Pratt’s trial last week. This is also a must read as Grace describes the impact of these prosecution witnesses on the Judge and jury: Continue reading “Change some of the names and you got Jefferson Parish…..”

And Renee Gill Pratt is toast! Brought to you by Mike Fawer.

Folks I’ve never been shy sharing my opinion that Mike Fawer is wayyyyy overrated as a criminal defense lawyer.  I’m not a lawyer but man o’ man did Fawer just f*ck his own client over writing courtroom checks his overstuffed ego can’t cash?

Hey Mikey here is a clue for ya’ bubbie. Accentuate the positive and if there isn’t any cop a plea.