49% residential lots vacant in East Biloxi, “squirrel farts”, Commissioner upset USAA breaking wind – and other Saturday news

I’m going to go ahead and call in my power outage to Entergy now because it takes them that long to get out here and fix it when it does go out, which is often, even if a squirrel farts.. but of course they don’t care to fix that problem… but I better not be late paying my bill…

This reader comment on the Clarion Ledger’s story, Snow, freezing rain in weekend forecast for the state, had me ROFLMAO – and definitely disproves the notion that “only boring people talk about the weather”.

While Entergy may not “care to fix” the problem of “squirrel fart” power outages, the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio wants to know why 44% of East Biloxi still vacant from Katrina:

Nearly half the land in East Biloxi is still vacant more than five years after Hurricane Katrina, according to a survey by the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio.

The survey, released Friday, comprised land east of Interstate 110, excluding downtown. It showed 49.5 percent of the residential lots and 44 percent of all property was vacant in 2010.

“The reason people have for not returning is still a mystery,” said Stephen Crim, a community planner with the Design Studio and leader of the survey. “There are all sorts of anecdotal reasons we can cite to explain why vacancy persists,” he said. Some property owners may be waiting for a casino or other developer to buy the land at a premium, he said. The national real estate crash and recession are other factors, as is the cost of wind insurance near the Coast…

The good folk at the Design Studio could find a big clue to the mystery in Insurance commissioner wants answers from USAA, Anita Lee’s follow-up story on USAA’s decision to drop wind coverage for “at least 1,150 Coast policyholders”.

Despite years of MID assuring the post-Katrina Legislature proposed policyholder protection legislation wasn’t needed, Lee reports “there is no legal requirement for companies to contact the department for this type of action”. Oops! Would it pass if advocates renamed their oft failed proposal a “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights”? Continue reading “49% residential lots vacant in East Biloxi, “squirrel farts”, Commissioner upset USAA breaking wind – and other Saturday news”

Up to their necks in Possumneck – a tornado damage and “help needed” update

Let’s start with a big SLABBED “thank you” to all who have offered assistance.  Mississippi has an “official clearinghouse” for those who want to volunteer or make a donation.  However, I would be remiss not to mention the Red Cross as an option as virtually every news article on last weekend’s tornado has mentioned one or more assistance services the Red Cross has provided.

If you want to make a more personal donation, I suggest contacting a neighbor-helping-neighbors — the owner of the Black and White Department Store in Yazoo City.  A friend from Yazoo City who knows the store’s owner told me he was providing “gift certificates” to those who need new clothes.

I plan to purchase a gift certificate and ask that it be given to a high school senior who will be graduating next month.  You can purchase over the phone 662- 746-2571‎ or mail a check to 236 South Main Street; Yazoo City, MS 39194-4010.

Now, the story from Possumneck –TIMBER! Continue reading “Up to their necks in Possumneck – a tornado damage and “help needed” update”

higher and higher – the latest from the Sun Herald’s Anita Lee on the increasing cost of insurance

How many count a good credit rating among their losses from Hurricane Katrina?  Logic suggests more than just a few.  Everything in thousands of homes had to be replaced; income, and in some cases,  jobs were lost; and, as SLABBED readers know, there are insurance claims that have yet to be paid and untold thousands underpaid.

In a weekend Sun Herald story, Bad credit can mean higher insurance premiums, Anita Lee reports the latest bite-you-in-the-behind news that makes  Katrina, the Hurricane that keeps on giving to those on the Coast who saw their credit score go south following the storm.

Coastal policyholders are well aware a hurricane is guaranteed to hike insurance rates, but fewer realize their credit reports also are factored into homeowner and automobile insurance premiums.

Consumers who have suffered financial setbacks because of the economy are seeing higher homeowner and auto insurance premiums…

Insurance companies contend consumers with bad credit tend to file more property insurance claims. Consumer advocates question the accuracy of studies that find a correlation between credit and risk.

Stories like this are a reminder that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics – and that many insurers are guilty on all three counts – but for the moment, let’s just focus on the statistics used to justify credit-based premium increases. Continue reading “higher and higher – the latest from the Sun Herald’s Anita Lee on the increasing cost of insurance”

…and the score in the State Farm game was 45-19.5…Allstate 65-0 next game in town

Beginning in mid-February, State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. will raise homeowner insurance rates 19.5 percent in the three Coast counties…Allstate is requesting a 65 percent rate hike statewide.

Anita Lee has the story on rising insurance rates for the Sun Herald.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney approved the rate increase, rejecting State Farm’s request for a 45 percent rate hike along the Coast. New rates will apply only for current policyholders because State Farm is writing no new business in the three Coast counties…The Mississippi Insurance Department has asked for additional information from Allstate in reviewing the rate proposal. Chaney’s office did the same with State Farm before agreeing to the lower increase.

State Farm already had raised rates in the rest of Mississippi by 3.9 percent. Continue reading “…and the score in the State Farm game was 45-19.5…Allstate 65-0 next game in town”

The Scheme – fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city Mind Games (Chapter 3 Qui Tam)

Mind gamesI’ve been to meat city to see for myself…mind games fuck a pig mind games…fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city shookdown u.s.a…mind games

Anything can become a weapon. In mind games, words become missiles – hope killing daggers to the heart of an issue hidden among other words and as difficult to detect as a needle hidden in a haystack of needles.

Lennon wrote Mind Games during a period of separation from Ono that led to his involvement in a triangle with Ono and another woman. Sped up and backward tracked, his favorite expression fuck a pig is hidden in the song Meat City.

In the mind games insurers have played since Hurricane Katrina, fuck a pig translates to anti-concurrent causation played at any speed, tracked forward or backward, during the period of separation of damage from coverage – a period when words are mind games played with hope killing daggers to the already broken hearts of policyholders. Continue reading “The Scheme – fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city Mind Games (Chapter 3 Qui Tam)”