Pro bono publico

Professionally I’m partial to poor widow ladies and the disabled but this is also Mardi Gras season. Parade Marshall/Slabber Michael Grimm will be performing along the route with his band. Sure would be nice if the Sun Herald could afford a Hancock County beat reporter.  (There are over 30,000 of us over here after all)

There is a new route this year necessitated by the ongoing Katrina rebuilding process that begins at US 90 and Waveland Ave east to and looping back to the west at the Hwy 603/US 90 intersection.


Somehow I missed this: Mark your calendars and come see Martina McBride and Michael Grimm.

Under Slabbed’s version of a day late and a dollar short I missed that Martina McBride is teaming up with homie Michael Grimm to perform concerts on November 19th and 20th at the Hancock County Multi-purpose Center on the Kiln-Delisle road.  The concert is to promote Mississippi’s West Coast according to the WLOX report on this subject but I am told reliably that it is the local Rotary Clubs which made the event possible, the proceeds of which are slated to benefit the Hancock County Food Pantry, an organization which I am very familiar. Mark your calendars and plan on attending.  Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.


Waveland’s Michael Grimm wins a cool million singing his grandparents out of their Katrina trailer in America’s Got Talent

Nowdy introduced the Slabbed Nation to Waveland guy Michael Grimm back in June.  Tonight his dreams came true winning America’s Got Talent. We can’t wait to see him back home at the Silver Slipper.  Congratulations Michael!


Slabbed news miscellany: Chip Merlin on the value of listening to other points of view, stealing beer and drinking what can’t be fenced, Swiss Re rings the Bell and the cash register, Michael Grimm to appear at the Silver Slipper in 2 free shows and “for sale” issue advocacy

I have a super busy day ahead but wanted to throw up a few links for the Slabbed Nation because I think we have another banner day shaping up here in cyberspace.  Let’s start with Chip Merlin’s blog where he writes about the value of listening to other points of view:

Slabbed is a blog that grates on those in the insurance industry, its legal counsel and proponents. My impression is that because those from the insurance industry do not like the criticism, positions and strong rhetoric, they stop reading Slabbed and read only those that criticize policyholder advocates, policyholders, and others who pander to the insurance industry. Nobody likes to be criticized or cast in the role of the villain. That is human nature. Yet, I agree with comedian Chris Rock, who stated that “anyone who makes up their mind before hearing the issue is a … fool.”

I was thinking of this while reading the August issue of the Insurance Fraud Letter by Barry Zalma. Zalma, like many in the insurance industry, takes great glee in publicizing when the well known consumer champions fall. I appreciate that those that make a living serving the insurance industry have an allegiance to it and a utilitarian need to pander to those that provide for their living. Still, those self righteous antidotes have worthy lessons and, within the rhetoric, there are often a few jewels. Zalma gave one in his recent newsletter

Chip may be surprised to learn that we are read religiously by certain insurers and insurance professionals though our industry traffic count did take a hit when they started filtering us in Bloomington.  His point is well taken though because we have experienced the other kind of reader as well; people so trapped by their beliefs and ideology they are incapable of seeing other viewpoints.  Chip has singled out Zalma in the past for doing just that, which is part of what makes today’s entry over at his blog so rich. Continue reading “Slabbed news miscellany: Chip Merlin on the value of listening to other points of view, stealing beer and drinking what can’t be fenced, Swiss Re rings the Bell and the cash register, Michael Grimm to appear at the Silver Slipper in 2 free shows and “for sale” issue advocacy”

Homeboy Michael Grimm taking it to da house in America's Got Talent

Nowdy introduced Waveland guy Michael Grimm to the Slabbed Nation back in June. The mission is to sing his grandparents back into a house,  replacing the one they lost to the storm almost 5 years ago. Into the quarter finals we go. (H/T The Sun Herald)



America's Got Talent – Mississippi contestant sings to get his grandmother out of Katrina trailer

“It is really not that important that I win the contest or not,” Grimm, 30, told the Sun Herald on Wednesday. “I just hope it leads to something, so I can raise enough money to help my grandparents move out of their small trailer in Picayune.”

Grimm’s grandparents, Tommy and Laura Butters, lost their home in Hancock County when Hurricane Katrina hit the Coast in 2005.“Since then they have lived in this little trailer in the woods and my grandmother is miserable there,” Grimm said. “Now the Coast is dealing with the oil issue and there is a lot going on there.“I think entertainers should bring more attention to what is going on in Mississippi. That is what I am doing.”  h/t Sun Herald