Heckuva job Brownie: Jeffrey at Library Chronicles sounds the "Brown note"

The Brown note book tour kicked off in New Orleans with Brownie himself on the throne sounding the horn. Jeffrey at Library Chronicles was there at the Garden District Book Store where he witnessed the entire movement and frankly his account beats everything I’ve read in the media about Brownie and his new book.

I must say I do agree with Brownie’s assesment that George Bush is a moron that was born with a silver boot in his mouth.


From the dangers of drinking too much of the koolaid files (Part 2): Heckuva of job Brownie! Jarvis DeBerry sets the record straight for Sid Salter

The real story in Nashville is not the federal government, it’s the people stepping up to help their neighbors, which is fitting for the “Volunteer State”.

This is where the Big Easy fell short after Katrina! Instead of help thy neighbor, it was every tv for themselves.

Folks this is the end result of an out of area talking head that listens too much to Glenn Beck pretending to be an expert on Hurricane Katrina and the botched federal response. Trust me when I say that educating that bunch of knot heads from upstate Mississippi is no easy task since they prefer to keep their own company (some folks call that inbreeding), remain ideologically pure and thus ignorant. Times Picayune columnist Jarvis DeBerry, like our own Editilla, is an upstate escapee that also wells knows the score since they happened to be around on August 29, 2005. DeBerry sets the record right in case ol’ Sid is interested in learning a few things:

If you’re tired of the gushing fount of oil under the Gulf being referred to as “Obama’s Katrina,” you should know that you’re in very good company. Continue reading “From the dangers of drinking too much of the koolaid files (Part 2): Heckuva of job Brownie! Jarvis DeBerry sets the record straight for Sid Salter”

Heckauva job Brownie! The Blowhard gets a job bloviating in talk radio.

Kevin Allman at Gambit has the skinny here is a snippet:

And here’s Brownie showing how he takes responsibility later in the same story:

“People get beaten up and thrown under the bus all the time,” he notes. “You’ve got the choice of letting the bus run over you three times, and wallowing in that, or getting up and moving. And my choice was to get up and keep moving.”

If your radio doesn’t pick up signals from Denver, you’ll have to wait until June, when Brownie’s book Deadly Indifference: Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Disease Pandemics and the Failed Politics of Disasters hits bookshelves. And if you’re shaking your head that Michael “FEMA” Brown would actually have the temerity or boneheadedness to write a Katrina book called Deadly Indifference, you don’t know Brownie.

Thank God I don’t live in Denver.